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PCW's #Sweet16 Celebration - Review & Analysis!

Saturday March 24th, 2018

WINNIPEG, MB - Premier Championship Wrestling made history by celebrating their 16th Anniversary this past Saturday night at Doubles Bar!  As the longest running independent promotion in their home province of Manitoba and one of the longest in North America, it was a momentous occasion that saw the return of some PCW alumni, tremendous action and a shocking conclusion!

You can read the in depth preview of this event HERE!

The evening began with PCW Founder Andrew Shallcross welcoming the crowd and reminiscing about the official company launch sixteen years earlier, an event that Kenny Omega vs Mentallo in the opening match and WWE Hall of Famer "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero vs "Playboy" Will Damon in the main event!

Shallcross introduced the first ever PCW Tag Team Champions, Moses Luke & The Big O - Perfect Balance!  While Luke had continued to be a regular with PCW over the years, The Big O had retired a decade earlier.  The crowd was thrilled to see them back together.

The Big O admitted he'd love to be able to wrestle again but could not.  He did, however, tell Moses that since he was one half of the greatest tag team ever, he should pursue the PCW tandem belts once again.  And O had the perfect partner, one half of one of the other best duos ever and former PCW Tag Team Champion, Dick Blood!

It was an intriguing development as Moses had competed against Blood and his long time partner Billy Blaze many times.  How O managed to pull of this coup was not revealed, but conspicuous by his absence was Blaze.


Moses Luke & Dick Blood vs Seeds of Evil (Trent Nash & EZ Ryder)

One month earlier, the reunited Nash & Ryder had defeated Moses & Spiker and Blood & Blaze in a triple threat match.  This match represented four of the most decorated tag teams in PCW.  Blood had a recent 210 day reign as champion with partner Blaze while Luke had four reigns, two with the Big O, one with Sabertooth and one with his opponent Ryder.

Fans were curious as to whether the make shift nature of Luke and Dick would function cohesively.  Clearly Nash & EZ worked like a well-oiled machine with their years of professional and personal friendship.

The match was hard-hitting and a competitive struggle as one would expect with four veteran superstars.  In perhaps a surprise, the energetic pairing of Blood and Luke upset the Seeds!

Winners: Moses Luke & Dick Blood

It remains to be seen if Luke & Blood will continue to team and what, if anything, Blaze will have to say about that!

As PCW's live event host "Filthy" Josh "MC" Hammerstein engaged in witty repertoire with the assembled masses, he was rudely interrupted by Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore!  Royce was incredulous that there was any talk of "the greatest tag teams ever" with Team Impact in the building since it was quite clear they were the great duo of all time.  

But, Royce explained, they were also the two greatest singles wrestlers of all time and ATM was going to prove it by beating Jackie "The Jet" Lee for the PCW Canadian & Heavyweight Championships tonight!  And to top it off, Royce wanted to settle all old debts by slapping Shallcross across the face.

The previous month, he had demanded the PCW Founder enter the ring and look him in the eye and take the "bitch-slapping he deserves" but Shallcross refused.  On this night, Royce once again attempted to goad him into a fight and Shallcross once again refused.  Royce called him a coward and told him they were not finished and when ATM won the championships, Shallcross would have no choice but to give in to their demands.

Jak Lydon vs Kevin O'Doyle

Up next was a great example of what has kept PCW great over the past sixteen years - a consistent influx of new young talent trying to work their way up to the top!

Fans werent sure what to make of the Boston Bully O'Doyle, as he slowly made his way to the ring clad in a leather biker vest and dark shades to the rock classic, Bad To The Bone.  But as he bellowed "O'Doyle Rules", they roundly disagreed.

The young, athletic Lydon entered to a far more positive response.  But he was giving up an awful lot of size and weight to the larger O'Doyle.  Driving Lydon into the corner with a series of knee strike - The Boston Knee Party - O'Doyle was in complete control.

Lydon fought back utilizing his superior quickness and agility.  But the Olde Towne Tyrant hit his patented O'Doyle Slam for the victory.

Winner: Kevin O'Doyle

The Gentlemen's Club was out next for an interview with "Filthy" Josh.  Self-professed leader, "Kid Dynamite" Alix Vanna led the new PCW Tag Team Champions, The London Dynasty, to the ring.

David & Leo London bragged about regaining the gold two weeks earlier in Swan River, derisively referring to former champion "Sweet" Bobby Schink as "Bobby Stink" and vowing to defeat him this evening to end their feud and be rid of him for good.

Vanna noted that fellow Gentleman Antonio Scorpio was not in the building and had not been at the previous events either.  He said not to worry, that they had sent Scorpio to finishing school to become a proper gentleman.  And while he had not yet arrived, he anticipated he'd be there shortly.  He called him "Squire Scorpio" and suggested this new outlook would make him a far more effective professional wrestler.

Vanna then took time to repeat a familiar strain - that he felt robbed of "his" PCW Canadian Championship.  He pointed out that since former champion Scott Justice had announced his sabbatical, that it made him the active former champion and he had not received a rematch!  He demanded to know why Jackie Lee was allowed to hold the title at the same time he was PCW Heavyweight Champion and said it was not fair.

That brought out PCW Commissioner & Minority Owner Christopher Marxwell!  Marxwell admitted that Vanna had a good point and that he, as Commissioner, was ready to announce a decision concerning the PCW Canadian Championship.  He said that Jackie was still the champion and would defend both titles in the night's main event.  Should he win, he'd remain dual champion.  Should ATM be victorious he'd win both championships.

But, at the next event, April 28th, the reigning champion would surrender the PCW Canadian Championship and present it to the winner of a Triple Threat Match!  Marxwell announced that the first participant in that match would be "Sweet" Bobby Schink since he became #1 Contender by defeating Jay Walker in Swan River.  The second participant would be Alix Vanna, the active former champion.

The third participant would be revealed later this night!  And, Marxwell, noted, Vanna had better hope Scorpio arrives soon because they were going to team up to face two hand-picked opponents of Marxwell's choosing!

I Quit Match

"Social Media Superstar" Jay Walker vs James Beaver

This match was an absolute war that one would expect as these two engaged in the final battle of a years-long feud!  Over that time, they fought over many things, primarily the PCW Canadian Championship.  Beaver had defeated Walker for that belt on August 24th 2013.  One year later, Jay regained the title from the "British Bruiser".  

The insane rivalry turned to respect and a sort of cultish devotion as Beaver eventually aligned with Walker to help keep him champion.  But as Walker gained a fan following, Beaver succumbed to his madness and became a violent extremist!

With no championship to fight over, this intense rivalry was stripped down to his most personal and intimate dynamics - hatred!

Walker had experienced an impressive swing from being one of the most hated men in PCW to one of the most beloved.  A young man clearly living his dream, never the biggest, strongest or most athletic, but often times the most driven, the audience embraced the fact he was just like them...if they had all chased their dream as he did.

Beaver was easy to dislike.  Uncouth, loud and demanding, the Cockeyed Cockney made no apologies.  Ever.  He did and said exactly what he wanted and people's feelings and consequences be damned.

This match was exactly as you'd expect - a car crash between two men equally determined to put a violent punctuation mark on the end of their feud.

Before the bell rang, historically quiet senior official Shane McLovin ran down the rules in one of the most intense and passionate "referee instruction" moments of all time.  The fans were suitably hyped by the time McLovin called for the bell!

The match barely started before both men were exchanging blows on the floor.  And it continued from there as they fought all over the venue.  Mclovin carried a live mic which he placed to the mouths of both men repeatedly asking them if they Quit.  The answer was always a resounding no.

Beaver smashed a full pitcher of water over Walker's head and they fought into both washrooms.  Walker climbed a vending machine and flew off with a body press.  Beaver replied by power bombing Jay on the cement floor.  

Back in the ring, Walker emptied a container of thumb tacks but as they battled, it was Jay on the receiving end.  As he climbed to the top turnbuckle, Beaver cut him off and threw him across the ring.  Walker landed on the tacks as the audience gasped.  Jay's back was covered in tacks!

They fought around the building and Beaver was straddled across a ladder.  Walker climbed onto a barside railingbut Beaver tried to quit!  Jay was having none of it and leaped off with a beautiful flying elbow onto Beaver through the ladder as Mclovin called for the bell

Winner: Jay Walker

Alix Vanna & Antonio Scorpio vs "Tasty" Travis Cole & Mentallo

The Gentlemen's club entered, complete with "Squire" Antonio Scorpio sporting a glittering addition to his attire and a classy top hat.  Scorpio looked less than amused but the fans cheered loudly.

Commissioner Chris Marxwell explained that in choosing their opponents he wanted it to celebrate PCW's #Sweet16 Celebration, so he brought back a PCW Original - Mentallo - and a PCW newcomer - Travis Cole!

The audience cheered wildly for both Mentallo & Cole as they entered the ring.  It was Mentallo's first appearance at PCW's home venue since the 15th Anniversary Spectacular one year ago and Cole's debut there.

Mentallo was well acquainted with both men, having trained Scorpio and been both a tag team championship partner and long time foe.  Two weeks earlier, Mentallo had narrowly lost to Vanna in the latter's hometown of Swan River.  It was no surprise the fierce competitor would be looking for revenge.

The wild card was Travis Cole, the young star making his official PCW debut.  Athletic, charismatic and talented, he had the potential to be highly successful.

With the veteran experience of Scorpio & Mentallo and youthful enthusiasm of Vanna & Cole, it was no surprise that this was an evenly contested, back and forth match.  Both sides were close to victory numerous times.  And while Vanna was the 'junior' member of his team in terms of years in the business, he embraced his status as "Gentlemen's Club" leader to call the action for his side.

Vanna seemed in control of a prone Cole but Scorpio pointed out he was not the legal man.  Undeterred, Vanna instructed Scorpio to follow his instructions.  As the veteran bounded off the ropes, he was grabbed by Mentallo and pulled to the floor.  Cole used the momentary distraction to nail Vanna with a ripcord forearm.  Mentallo quickly followed up with a sliding baseball knee to the face to secure the victory.

Winners: Travis Cole & Mentallo

Post Match: Vanna & Scorpio strongly disagreed over what happened at the conclusion of the match and argued intensely.  Scorpio even shoved Vanna down.  This brought Commissioner Marxwell back out who announced that the third man in the PCW Canadian Championship Triple Threat on April 28th would be Antonio Scorpio!

Vanna was shocked but then smiled.  He took the mic and said it meant the odds were in the favour of the Gentlemen's Club and he knew that "when the time is right, Scorpio will do the right thing".

PCW Tag Team Championship

The London Dynasty(c) vs "Sweet" Bobby Schink & "Playboy" Will Damon

When Bobby Schink entered the ring alone, it appeared he was without a partner.  That development would have been fine with the London's as Leo dared the challenger to face them alone.  While Schink had defeated them by himself previously - and become the first ever One Man Tag Team Champion - that was by cashing in the Golden Ticket Open Contract and taking the London's by surprise.

Surely the arrogant champions would not be taking Schink lightly on this night as the apparent 2 on 1 match began.

The crowd was solidly behind Schink, cheering wildly for his every move.  The London's were technically proficient and worked extremely well together, however, and with their quick tags and tandem maneuvers, were in control for much of the match.

Every time Schink would recover and make a comeback, the London's would use their advantage to overcome him.   Finally, they locked in a tandem submission move and the lanky Schink tried desperately to reach the ropes.  Unable to do so, he was on the verge of tapping out when his plan came to fruition and PCW Original "Playboy" Will Damon entered the ring!


The fans erupted for Damon's arrival!  He took the mic and expressed his happiness at being there and having Schink's back if he needed it.  It was one year ago, at PCW's 15th Anniversary Spectacular, that Damon had last appeared, being confronted by the London's leading to Damon and his MVP partner "Mecca" Shane Madison physically dispatching them.  One year later, the Playboy was back and he was gunning for their gold!


Damon's arrival shocked the London's allowing Schink to recover.  He and Damon quickly took control and laid out both London's for the victory.

Winners & New PCW Tag Team Champions: "Sweet" Bobby Schink & "Playboy" Will Damon



PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championship

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) vs Anderson Tyson Moore

It was now time for the long awaited main event!  The challenger, Anderson Tyson Moore, was out first accompanied by Robby Royce.  Royce took a moment to once again berate PCW Founder Shallcross and pointed to the championship belt that ATM was wearing.

Royce explained that the belt represented the "Unified Heavyweight Champion" because ATM had beaten Jackie Lee 1...2...3 and won the PCW title but had it taken away by Commissioner Marxwell and he had been the CWE Heavyweight Champion and was never pinned for that title either.  Royce said ATM was the uncrowned unified champion and would prove it once and for all by beating Jackie - again - for the PCW Heavyweight and Canadian titles!

The champion was out next, to a rousing ovation, looking to be in the best shape of his life.  Carrying both championship belts, he entered the ring, focused intently on his very worthy opponent.

The bell rang and both men immediately tore into each other, exchanging strikes.  The fight spilled to the floor as they brawled throughout the assembled fans.  And moments later, referee Matt Burns had completed a ten count and called for the bell, signalling a Double Count out!

The shocked silence in the building was broken by the defiant voice of Marxwell, ordering the match restarted and adding that it would be no count out, no disqualification.  The bell rang again and the fight was back on!

Buoyed by the new stipulation, Royce interfered liberally.  And then he introduced a table!  ATM placed the table against one set of turnbuckles and attempted to smash Jackie through it, but the champion recovered.  Lee was on fire, fighting both men.  But ATM had a resume to back up his words.  The 4-time former PCW Tag Team Champion and former Canadian Champion took over again and brutalized "The Jet".  

Royce & ATM double teamed Jackie on one corner, but he recovered.  Undeterred, Royce began climbing the opposite corner.  But PCW Founder Shallcross ran from the audience, leaped onto the ring apron and shoved Royce off the top turnbuckle, sending him flying through the air and crashing through a second table to the concrete floor below!

ATM saw what happened and super kicked Shallcross, sending him sprawling from the apron to the floor.  Jackie took that moment of distraction and drove ATM through the first table.  As the challenger struggled to get up, Lee leaped up and connected with a devastating Curb Stomp to win the match.

Winner: Jackie "The Jet" Lee

Post match, Shallcross climbed into the ring to celebrate with Jackie when they were both attacked from behind by Royce & ATM.  Moore held Shallcross prone while Royce smashed one of the championship belts across his head. 


Shallcross was busted wide open and literally gushed blood everywhere!  Royce pulled him to his knees and began pounding on his torn flesh!  Blood splattered everywhere and streamed down Shallcross' face as Royce seemingly took pleasure and rubbing it all over his hands!

Officials swarmed as panic set in!  The vile scene finally ended as several people managed to pull Shallcross from the ring and rush him to the locker room for medical attention.

Quick Results:

Moses Luke & Dick Blood defeated EZ Ryder & Trent Nash

Kevin O'Doyle defeated Jak Lydon

Jay Walker defeated James Beaver - I Quit Match

Mentallo & Travis Cole defeated Antonio Scorpio & Alix Vanna

Bobby Schink & Will Damon defeated The London Dynasty(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Jackie Lee(c) defeated ATM - No DQ/Count-Out - PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championships

Next Event:

PCW's "Thunderstruck!"

Saturday April 28th 2018

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Doors Open: 8PM, Bell Time: 9PM

Food Menu, Full Liquor Service 

Tickets Only $15 

Announced Matches:

Bobby Schink vs Antonio Scorpio vs Alix Vanna - PCW Canadian Championship

Plus Much More!

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