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PCW's 16th Anniversary Spectacular - Preview!

PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championships

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) vs ATM











Perhaps no match in recent Canadian history is as heated and intriguing as this one, pitting the dominant young champion against the hated but extremely talented challenger for both the PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championships!

Contributing greatly to the intrigue is the fact both Jackie Lee and Anderson Tyson Moore have taken decidedly similar career paths, the latter having blazed the trail the former now travels down.

Both men were trained by highly respected wrestling veterans who provided them the foundation for their success today.  Jackie graduated from the esteemed Storm Academy in Calgary where he learned from former ECW, WCW & WWE Superstar Lance Storm.

ATM was trained by Don Callis, the current Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling and former WCW & WWE Superstar and spent his early years under the tutelage of legendary wrestling promoter Tony Condello.

While Lee learned greatly from veteran Adam Knight, ATM was mentored, some might say corrupted, by Robby Royce.

As young men, both competed in cruiser weight divisions, with Jackie winning the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship on February 2nd 2013.

With several years more experience, ATM debuted for PCW in 2005 while Jackie debuted in 2011.  Moore's early time in PCW was decidedly unspectacular until being taken under the wing of lauded veteran Royce.  It wasn't long until they had gold around their wastes, capturing their first tag team championship of many, defeating Adam Knight & JP Kaos on February 1st 2007.

As Team Impact, Royce and ATM not only forged a personal and professional alliance that would last years, they became arguably the best tag team in PCW history.  Their four PCW Tag Team Championship reigns are the most by any duo and they spent over 800 days combined as tag champions.  

They solidified their claim as tag team legends with their final PCW reign in October 2009, winning the gold in a Fatal Four Way match against Kenny Omega & Donnie Dicaprio and Kevin "Steen" Owens & Samy "El Generico" Zayn and then-champions Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier.  

When they were finally defeated, ATM & Royce temporarily went their separate ways, Royce reigniting his years-long war with former World's Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino and ATM setting his sights on singles gold!

He didn't have to wait long.

Eight years ago, at PCW's 8th Anniversary Spectacular, ATM defeated then-champion "Average" Joe Dixon, Adam Knight & Chad Tatum in a Four Way match to become PCW Canadian Champion!  It was the first singles championship of his career and he had a dominant 154 day reign before losing in very controversial fashion.

ATM defended the Canadian Championship in a long-awaited contest against Nate Hardy on August 26th 2010.  He was accompanied to the ring by his Alliance of Defiance cohort Adam Knight.  The match was ferocious and heated and both men pushed each other beyond exhaustion and reason.  And it was in that moment of dubious consciousness of both men that Knight betrayed his friend, cashing in his Golden Ticket Open Contract mid-match and beating a defenseless ATM for the title.

Moore was so disgusted by the turn of events he quit PCW and quickly debuted with rival CWE.  Putting their friendship above all else, Royce joined him and the two men quickly established their tag team dominance once again, capturing the CWE Tag Team Championship.

But the call of singles success was whispering in ATM's ear and when he turned his attention back to that goal, he finally accieved a career pinnacle, winning the CWE Heavyweight Championship in a tremendous Fatal Fourway Ladder Match.

When Team Impact left PCW, there was no doubt that ATM was considered the rising young superstar, the top prospect and the man destined to be the top talent in the promotion.  When he left, it created a vaccum that was filled by a sudden influx of talented rookies, among them, Jackie Lee.

Debuting on August 18th 2011, Lee lost his first match against another young rookie who'd become forever linked to him as both friend and foe, Scott Justice.  Jackie continued to toil for the next year, winning some, losing more until being recruited by Kenny Omega to join the "Kenny Omega Experience" super clique.

It was Omega that gave Jackie his nickname of "The Jet" and teamed with him several times, imparting on the young man a priceless wisdom that would not go underutilized.

By early 2012, Jackie had won the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship and held that title until it was retired.  One month later, he challenged for the Canadian title for the first time, a match he narrowly lost.   Lee was one of the eight men selected for the 2013 Premier Cup tournament, nearly defeating Kenny Omega in the quarter-finals.

In July 2015, Jackie qualified for the tournament to crown a new PCW Heavyweight Champion and he seized the opportunity, making it to the finals against Antonio Scorpio!  The two men engaged in an incredible summer series before Jackie finally won the deciding match to become PCW Heavyweight Champion at the Back to School Bash in October.

Lee spent the next year establishing himself as a fighting champion, defending the title against all challengers from multiple promotions across Canada.  He won a hellacious, violent lengthy feud with Canadian Legend Mentallo that saw the latter eventually leave PCW.

In November 2016, Jackie traveled to Calgary where he had been trained, to challenge RCW Champion Scott Justice in a title vs title match.  While Scott was victorious on that night, the rematch was held in Winnipeg one year ago in front of a packed Doubles Bar, where Jackie regained the PCW Championship.

It was that very night that Team Impact shocked the world by returning to PCW.  

Surrounded by the 15th anniversary celebrations and all the hype and hoopla, it was expected that Royce & ATM's return was simply a one night "guest appearance", but as they watched Jackie Lee regain the PCW title and declare himself the best wrestler in the country, they stewed...and they plotted.

ATM had cemented himself as one of the best singles wrestlers there was during his time in CWE, having a long reign as CWE Heavyweight Champion before losing the title in another Fatal Four-Way to his old nemesis Adam Knight.  But ATM had not been pinned and he claimed to be the rightful champion.

Perhaps that controversy contributed to his desire to return to PCW, the place he had established himself as "future heavyweight champion".  Maybe it was the comparisons between he and Jackie Lee as many early observers called the then-rookie a "young Anderson Tyson Moore".  Surely the fact Jackie claimed being PCW Champion meant he was the best with seemingly no regard for ATM's own singles success antagonized him.  

Regardless, the proverbial gauntlet and had been thrown down even if "The Jet" had no idea he'd done it.  And as they had always done throughout their career, Team Impact went to war together.

It was Robby Royce who effectively said "Ill shut the kid's mouth", when, on May 26th 2017, he hit the ring during the Golden Ticket Premier Rumble, attacked Jackie and threw him from the ring, eliminating him.  It was a shock to everyone since Team Impact had not been seen since their "guest appearance" that March.  So shocking, in fact, as PCW officials swarmed the area, Royce dropped PCW Founder Andrew Shallcross with a right hook and ran out of the building with security in hot pursuit!

While Royce managed to evade security after a two mile foot chase through the neighborhood, his invitation to return was issued by Jackie himself one month later.

At Premier Cup 2017, Jackie issued a scathing retort to Royce's attack, daring him to "face me like a man" and disrespectfully declaring "I don't even know who Robby Royce is".  

At Boiling Point in July, Jackie defended his title against Mike Angels, but spent his pre-match interview time once again berating Royce who wasnt even there.  Angels, a veteran in his own right, warned the young champion he was being disrespectful and his arrogance would be his undoing. 


Post-match, a victorious Jackie once again dared Royce to face him man to man.  Royce finally appeared, standing face to face with Jackie and telling him "you wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face" and then did just that, slapping Jackie hard leading to a wild brawl.

In September, at the Back to School Bash, with Royce seemingly not accepting Jackie's invitation once again, the champion felt confident that the matter was settled in his favour.  But in the main event 8-Man Tag Team Match, Gentlemen's Club member Antonio Scorpio succumbed to a sudden and suspicious injury and the Club's leader Alix Vanna announced a surprise replacement...

Robby Royce!

This turn of events appeared to rattle Jackie and Royce got the better of him during much of the match, even pinning the PCW Champion to claim victory for his team.  Royce told Jackie to find a partner and face him and his partner at the next event.  The betting odds favoured ATM as Royce's partner but the two savvy veterans weren't done manipulating the champion yet.

On October 27th, Royce revealed his partner as Darren "The Bomb" Dalton!  Jackie countered by choosing young Jak Lydon.  As talented as Lydon was, he was still a rookie and many saw this as another example of the champion not taking seriously the challenge from Royce.

If Jackie needed a wake up call, he quickly got it as the match started hot and heavy, with a ferocious intensity.  On this night, perhaps it was fate intervening on behalf of "The Jet", as Royce suffered a sudden serious injury.  Buoyed by the turn of events, Lydon and Jackie made quick work of Dalton with Jackie scoring the pin and declaring the war was over.

But it had only just begun.

Before Lee could finish congratulating himself, ATM attacked him and beat him unconscious.  When officials tried to intervene, they were assaulted too, with Minority Owner Chris Marxwell being laid out, ring announcer Josh Hammerstein being chased from the building and Founder Shallcross once again laying in a heap on the floor.

The strategy was now revealed.  Royce may have kicked in the door at PCW but he was clearly a sentry of sorts, controlling the master plan from the beginning, pulling the strings and setting Jackie up for defeat.

On November 25th, PCW celebrated the Homecoming of Kenny Omega but the historic night ended in a shocking outcome.  It was the largest crowd to ever attend Doubles Bar for any event, wrestling or otherwise, and they witnessed a classic war-like battle between Jackie Lee and ATM for the PCW Championship.

When the smoke cleared, ATM was declared winner and new champion and the record-setting audience was stunned into momentary silence before erupting into a near riot!  Royce & ATM celebrated and taunted the crowd even as they sought cover from the heated response.

PCW officials, however, had a surprise in store for Team Impact.  

Marxwell reviewed the finish of the match and observed Royce's blatant interference.  Still hurting from the attack he suffered the previous month, though he claimed it had no bearing on his decision, Marxwell reversed the result in the locker room and returned the belt to a distraught Jackie.

Furthermore, Marxwell told ATM if he wanted another title shot, he'd have to earn it.  On January 13th 2018, he did just that, beating Antonio Scorpio in a close match to officially become #1 Contender. 

ATM began wearing his own championship belt, declaring he had never been beaten for the CWE title and had rightfully won the PCW title.  He claimed he was the uncrowned, undisputed, unified Heavyweight Champion.  Royce was heavily critical of the "PCW politics" that created this situation, demanding Shallcross answer his criticism face to face.  When the PCW Founder would not, Royce said it was typical and called him a coward.

But on the night ATM called into question Jackie's legitimacy as champion, "The Jet" added to his impressive legacy by defeating Scott Justice in a title vs title match to capture the PCW Canadian Championship and become the first ever dual singles champion in PCW history!

Royce & ATM congratulated Jackie in February by beating the hell out of him.  ATM stood tall, holding all the belts - his own and Jackie's - over the fallen champion.

The match was now set - Saturday March 24th at Doubles Bar - Jackie "The Jet" Lee vs ATM for the PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championship!

I Quit Match

James Beaver vs "Social Media Superstar" Jay Walker





It's entirely possible that no two men have beaten the hell out of each other more over the past years as James Beaver & Jay Walker.  And truly its been a unique, often times perplexing relationship between the two men who have been both allies and enemies.

Our story begins five years ago at the 11th Anniversary Spectacular when the over-achieving and under-respected Jay Walker won his first PCW Canadian Championship in a Triple Threat match defeating Scott Justice & Jackie Lee.

The Ballad Of Jay Walker was always one of a young man punching above his weight and too often being under-appreciated by his peers, usually at their own peril.  But early in his career he received the best education a wrestler can hope for - multiple matches against Kenny Omega.  

Those experiences prepared him for a career in a profession that would never gift him anything.  It instilled in him the clear fact that if he was to achieve his dreams, it would be a long, hard road and he'd have to claw and scratch for everything he wanted.  

In short, Jay Walker would do anything to succeed.  Anything.

In his early years, it meant breaking every rule he could, taking every short-cut, embracing every unfair advantage.  But a heated feud with an unlikely person changed his outlook.  On March 15th 2012, Jay faced the "Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time"  The Honky Tonk Man!

And while HTM was victorious, the match was closer than some might have expected.  And HTM publicly endorsed Walker as a rising superstar.  The two became close friends outside the ring to an extent that when Jay needed a partner in his war with Scott Justice & TJ Bratt, he called the Honky Tonk Man, who immediately hopped on a plane and returned to Winnipeg!

Walker & HTM teamed up to defeated Justice & Bratt on September 20th 2012 and suddenly, the sky was the limit for the "Social Media Superstar".  

His long feud with Justice evolved into gang warfare as Scott assembled the similarly cultured London Dynasty & James Beaver to form "The CommonWealth" super clique.

In fact, it was June 2013 when Beaver first challenged Jay for the PCW Canadian Championship, a match Walker won but was then the victim of a Commonwealth assault.

The odds were certainly against him as Jay fought valiantly to defend his title.  In August that year, his luck ran out as Beaver defeated him for the Canadian title.

A lesser man who had seemingly over-achieved as much as Walker had might be satisfied with his 161 day reign and call it quits.  But the taste of success only made Jay hunger for more.  He persued Beaver and his cohorts all over the Province.

Finally, one year after losing the Canadian Championship, Walker regained it.  It was a magical night at the Back to School Bash 2014 as Jay first defeated his mentor "Outlaw" Adam Knight before defeating Beaver to regain his title.

Cementing his name in the history books was an achievement.  Cementing his legacy in the annals of time was another matter.  And Jay Walker slowly became obsessed with the goal of infecting the wrestling industry with his own greatness.

The fans began to turn on Jay as his methods and madness became more depraved.

At the 13th Anniversary Spectacular in 2015, Walker took his feud with Beaver to the limits of violence and debauchery, defeating the "Cock-eyed Cockney" in a Bar Room Brawl match that left Doubles Bar in shambles.

As his title reign grew longer, he began to think he was unbeatable.  He began to entertain delusions of grandeur.   He openly challenged some of the very best including Kenny Omega and Canadian Legend Mentallo.  

At the Back to School Bash 2015, Walker's world came crashing down, the flames of its destruction lit by the fuse of his own braggadocio.  First facing Omega & Stevens in tag action, Walker then faced - and defeated - Alix Vanna in a Canadian Championship title defense.


As he proclaimed himself the master of all he surveyed, he was suddenly brought crashing down to earth by rookie sensation Shao Ming!  Ming cashed in his Golden Ticket Open Contract and defeated Walker in mere seconds, ending his 408 day reign as champion. 

The shocking defeat drove Walker even more into the depth of his own depravity.  Not only was he consumed with reclaiming past glory, he was now consumed with capturing lost souls.

He first targeted young part-time wrestler Adrian Burton, a man he defeated and then inspired to join his cause.   It was no surprise when his brother, long-time official Rocky Tunes knelt before him.  But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

James Beaver was about to sell his soul to the madman, Jay Walker.

It was the culmination of a long road for James Beaver when he debuted for PCW in 2011.  Trained in Nottingham, England, the talented young behemoth sought to make a name for himself in North America.  His PCW debut was a successful one, aligning with Leo London to defeat veteran "Seed" Trent Nash in a handicapped match.

He enjoyed moderate success early, including a long feud with The Experience (Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens) and challenged for the PCW Heavyweight Championship in his first year of competition.  He went on to have more tremendous matches with The ExperienceThe Old School Outlaws (Steve Corino & Adam Knight) and Jackie Lee & The Honky Tonk Man among others.

Beaver's alliance with Leo London expanded to include Leo's brother David and Scott Justice.  As "The Commonwealth", they began asserting themselves throughout PCW.  The strength in numbers and the support of his new cohorts pushed Beaver to his greatest heights as he captured the PCW Canadian Championship from Jay Walker on August 24th, 2013.

His reign was long and prosperous.  Everything was coming up roses for James Beaver.  Until everything fell apart.

First, "The Commonwealth" broke up leaving Beaver on his own.  However, he had been a fighting champion and was prepared to stand alone.  But his 362 day title reign came to an end at the hands of Jay Walker and resulted in a serious knee injury. 


Beaver lost his friends, lost his title and possibly lost his career as he was sidelined for months.  He sunk into a deep depression.  He refused to return calls or text messages.  In all likelihood, James Beaver was retired and would never be seen again.

Enter Jay Walker, master manipulator.  

For weeks, Walker both taunted and cajoled Beaver, at the same time reinforcing his self doubt and daring him to rise to his challenge.  Pushed to the mental breaking point, Beaver returned in violent fashion..and Jay Walker could not have been happier!

At the 13th Anniversary Spectacular in 2015, Beaver challenged Walker for the PCW Canadian Championship in a Bar Room Brawl!  Every ounce of anger, bitterness, depression and self doubt manifested itself in rage directed towards Walker.

But when Beaver had given everything he had, when he finally fell to Walker and lay in the ring bloody, broken and exhausted, he felt free.  And Jay Walker was the reason.

Sacrificing his own body to be a vessel for Beaver's deepest fears, Jay recognized the resulting emptiness within the British Behemoth and sought to replace it with his own perverted sense of morality.

Beaver once again disappeared, this time for a year.  But where previously he suffered alone, this time, unbeknownst to anyone, Walker had insinuated himself into Beaver's life.  His words and deeds became the fuel of Beaver's recovery.  And when he finally returned, in 2016, it was to serve the mad machinations of Jay Walker.

Still stinging from his surprise loss of the Canadian Championship to the upstart Shao Ming, Walker had assembled a family of acolytes to drink from the Kool-Aid of his distorted wisdom.  He was well prepared for the rematch.

On March 5th, 2016, Walker regained the Canadian title from Shao Ming when James Beaver made his shocking return, destroying Ming and delivering the belt to his new spiritual mentor, Jay Walker.

Walker was now truly unstoppable.  And as much as the fans hated his methods, they began to embrace his madness.  Debaucherous but entertaining, outrageous but effective, the question everyone asked was...

Is Jay Walker insane, or brilliant? 

Regardless of the answer, his acolytes served him well until Walker no longer had a use for them.  Burton was dispatched.  Even his own brother Rocky was sent away.  But never far from his side, always loyal was James Beaver.

When "The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum tried to cash in his Golden Ticket Open Contract, it was Beaver who immediately interjected, taking the ticket into his mouth and consuming it!  Unfortunately, that was not the only thing Beaver took in his mouth as Tatum revealed a second ticket, cashed in, 'blew his load' at Beaver and defeated Walker for the Canadian title.

Walker was upset at the loss and entered a self-impost exile.  But the result seemed to drive Beaver even more unhinged then he had been, manifesting as violence towards all who opposed him.

When Walker returned in November 2017, the record-setting crowd gave him a heroes welcome!  Last month at PCW's Highway to Hell, Walker defeated former PCW Canadian Champion Alix Vanna.  And then, James Beaver suddenly re-appeared.

He embraced his former mentor...and then attacked him!  He assaulted Jay with a steel chair and thrust it into Walker's throat.  Officials managed to convince the wild monster to back off but he accused Jay of using and manipulating him for years.

By the end of the night, Walker had recovered, mostly, and returned the favour. 


He battered Beaver with a chair, placed it across his throat and sat on it while he verbally assaulted him.  He told Beaver that all he had ever done was try to help him succeed.  But now he was going to make him QUIT....this Saturday night at Doubles!

PCW Tag Team Championship

The London Dynasty(c) vs "Sweet" Bobby Schink & Mystery Partner



This hasn't been a long feud but it has been heated!  "Sweet" Bobby Schink burst onto the local scene in late 2016 and captured the hearts of fans.  He quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers in PCW.  

On May 26th 2017, Schink engaged in a trilling one on one match with Jay Walker.  The savvy Walker got the victory but the night was not over for Schink.  He returned for the main event - the Golden Ticket Premier Rumble where he got quick revenge on his earlier opponent by eliminating Walker.

When James Beaver entered the match he gave his spot to his then-mentor, Walker, who made it to the final two before Schink nailed him with a picture-perfect Superkick to send him flying from the ring.  Schink, a rookie, was now in possession of the Open Contract which he could cash in any time he wanted.

Meanwhile,  The London Dynasty was chasing the PCW Tag Team Championship, a title they felt rightfully belonged to them.  Leo London had been in PCW for several years, teaming at first with James Beaver.  But it was when he was finally joined by brother David, that they two began making a case for one of the best duos in the territory.

They finally achieved the pinnacle of their careers when, at the 13th Anniversary Spectacular in 2015, The London Dynasty defeated The Experience (Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens) and Tag Sciences Faculty - two of the most talented duos of all time - to capture the PCW Tag Team Championship!

It was night of celebration and the London's made it known they'd be fighting champions.  They travelled the nation, adding the Gold Dragon Tag Team Championship to their resume as well, routinely defending both titles.  They followed up that impressive victory with an exceptional defense in July against Team Flex Appeal and The Experience.

The London's were well on their way to one of the best tag team title reigns in recent memory...until they ran into the unstoppable duo of Michael Clarke & Mike McSugar - Team Flex Appeal.

While the London's had defeated Team Flex Appeal in a three way match previously, things changed when Clark & McSugar added Vinko, The Ukrainian Sex Machine, as their manager.  They quickly established dominance in their home promotion, capturing the High Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship.  

History was made at the Back to School Bash 2015 when Team Flex Appeal faced The London Dynasty in a PCW vs HIW, title vs title match.  Whomever won would have their names cemented in history forever.  Unfortunately for the London's, it wasn't them!

Team Flex Appeal won the match and captured the PCW Tag Team Championship.  The London's lost their contractually obligated rematch and seemed to fall down the rankings.  They began taking singles matches while still occasionally teaming, with Leo even challenging for the PCW Canadian Championship.

By the time they focused on regaining the gold, it had been two years since they lost the title.  Team Flex Appeal had lost the PCW Tag Team Championship to Billy Blaze & Dick Blood on March 31st 2017, ending their historical 545 day title reign.  


Conspicuously, The London's were not scheduled to wrestle on that show and they were not happy about it.

They threatened to hijack the show as a protest of their treatment, accusing PCW of not respecting them.  When they refused to leave the ring, daring "anyone" to make them, they were confronted by PCW Original "Playboy" Will Damon!  As one of the founding members of the PCW roster and the man who faced "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero in the main event of PCW's official company launch in 2002, Damon was on hand to celebrate the 15th Anniversary.

He ran down the London's for their behavior and told them respect was not owed, it was earned and that they should show PCW and their fans more respect.  Smugly, the London's pointed out that there were two of them and only one of Damon and challenged him to a fight.  

Damon was nobody's fool, informing the London's he didn't come alone, bringing out his MVP partner "Mecca" Shane Madison.  And the fight was one.  And it was mostly one sided as the two PCW legends beat the hell out of the arrogant London brothers.

Fast forward to October 2017 and The London's had earned a shot at PCW Tag Team Champions, Blaze & Dick.  It had been a long two year struggle to get back into the title hunt and the London's made the most of it, regaining the title.  They bragged to the fans that "we told you so" and vowed they'd be champions "forever!"

But, for the London's, 'forever' lasted three minutes.  "Sweet" Bobby Schink's music hit and he entered the ringside area and cashed in his Golden Ticket Open Contract.  Moments later, he was the one-man PCW Tag Team Champion!

Certainly in the London's defense, they had just wrestled a long and very difficult match though Schink had also wrestled earlier on the card.  Regardless, he made history becoming the only person to ever hold the PCW Tag title by himself and the fans could not have been more pleased.

The sudden loss was a near-tragedy for the London's who, while strongly disliked by most observers, had worked very hard to earn that opportunity.  They responded with an even more intense focus, upsetting the PCW Dream Team of Heavyweight Champion Jackie Lee & Canadian Champion Scott Justice in January 2018 at New Years Knockout!

Bolstered by that impressive victory, they physically attacked Schink later in the evening and absconded with the tag team belts they claimed were rightfully theirs.

They followed that up a month later with another impressive victory over Fil Deadly and Ella Blake.  The young rookie Blake had entered the PCW Golden Ticket Rumble the previous May and done very well but Leo objected to a woman competing with men and violently eliminated her.  While Blake got a measure of revenge in this tag match by holding her own against Leo, she and Deadly were ultimately defeated.

Following the match, Schink returned to reclaim his belts, successfully laying out both London brothers and holding the championships aloft proudly.

With that, it seemed the London's were done playing games.  They had been awarded their contractually obligated rematch for the #Sweet16 Celebration Saturday March 24th at Doubles Bar, but they instead sprung a challenge on Schink two weeks early in Swan River.

The event began with a Canadian Championship #1 Contender's match between Schink and Walker.  It was a great contest between two competitors that respected each other.  The back & forth match was intense but the young Schink upset the veteran Walker.

At the conclusion of the match, the London's appeared on stage and demanded their rematch that very night.  They told Schink to find a partner and if he couldn't, he'd have to defend the title alone.  Schink, ever the competitor, readily agreed.

Before the match began, The London's felt pretty good about their chances facing a tired champion.  When Schink entered alone, they felt even better.  But the champion had a surprise...a man the London's knew all too well...Fil Deadly!  He entered to an enormous reaction from the Swan River faithful and Schink handed him one of the tag team belts.

The London's were irate but it was the deal they had made and they quickly settled down and focused on the match at hand.  To their credit, the Dynasty put on a tag team wrestling clinic in the vein of Tully & Arn and Bobby & Stan, quick tags, fast strikes and utilizing the count to their benefit.

Leo & David regained the PCW Tag Team Championship, though on further review, they had illegally swapped places without tagging.  Bending the rules or smart tag team wrestling?  Either way, they had regained the title for the third time, a feat matched only by Tag Sciences Faculty and surpassed only by Team Impact's (Royce & ATM) 4 reigns.

Undoubtedly, this accomplishment puts the London Dynasty into the history books as one of the best duos in PCW history.  However, while winning a championship match might seem like a sprint, successfully retaining the title is a marathon.

The London's must now defend the gold against Bobby Schink this Saturday night at Doubles Bar.  As per the original contract, Schink will choose any partner he wishes and he's keeping his pick a mystery until bell time!

Other Issues:

- Antonio Scorpio was very conspicuous by his absence at the last event though his "Gentlemen's Club" cohort Alix Vanna said he simply took a well-deserved vacation.  It was July 2017 when Scorpio surprised everyone by joining with Vanna & The London Dynasty, saying "If you cant beat 'em, join 'em"  and donning a Gentlemen's Club T-Shirt and raising the the trademark pinky salute.

When last seen, at New Years Knockout!, Scorpio had lost a #1 Contender's match to ATM via a vicious low-blow.  He looked extremely upset about the result, storming out of the building.   Vanna explained that Scorpio had not fully embraced the "Gentleman Culture" but would do so and would have nothing but success, promising the Grand Slam champion would appear at the #Sweet16 Celebration

- The resurgence of the "German Juggernaut" Moses Luke in 2017 was a sight to behold.  His regular destruction of his opponents caused fans to sing in unison that "Mo's gonna kill you" and it was damn near accurate as he left several broken bodies in his wake.

He eventually focused on the tag team division, an area of expertise for the 4-time former PCW Tag Team Champion, auditioning several partners including JL Spiker, Jak Lydon, DRAGNEEL, even James Beaver.  But his matches with Blaze & Dick and The Seeds of Evil always ended in defeat...and usually ended with his partner receiving a beat down by the 400 lb Luke!

When Moses appears, the one guarantee is someone getting their ass kicked.  Who's number will be called this Saturday Night?

- Canadian wrestling legend EZ Ryder made his inspiring return to PCW in February after missing much of last year with a serious back injury.  He and long time partner Trent Nash were victorious against Blaze & Dick and Moses & Spiker.  What's next for the infamous "Seeds of Evil"?

- Last year, Robby Royce delivered the slap heard 'round the world, when he stood face to face with PCW Heavyweight Champion Jackie Lee and smacked him across the face.  It was the opening shot in a war whose latest battle takes place this Saturday Night as Royce's long time protege, partner & friend challenges Jackie for his title.

But Jackie isnt the only man on Royce's "bitch slap list".  He's made it clear at recent events that the reason they left PCW in 2010 was two fold - they had accomplished everything they wanted, and PCW Founder Andrew Shallcross was an "a$$hole".  

The first point is hard to argue.  Royce had one of the most impressive resumes in PCW history.  Seven Tag Team Championship with four different partners, 2 PCW Heavyweight Championships, the first "Unified" Champion uniting the PCW, TRCW & ICW Heavyweight titles, a slew of awards and a list a mile long of breath taking matches against some of the very best in the business.  His years-long feud with former World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino was an absolute epic!

Everywhere Royce went, gold followed.  And when he returned to PCW in 2017, it was no surprise the first thing he did was confront the champion.  Pulling the strings, igniting the war, advising ATM and stirring up the drama, one might expect the "Pissed Off Pitbull" to be content.  But he isn't.  Not by a long shot.

The veteran is in PCW with a list of grievances.  And at the top of that list is Shallcross.  Thus far, the PCW Founder has ignored the taunts which is very likely a wise decision.  

No doubt Royce will be in ATM's corner this Saturday Night at PCW's #Sweet16 Celebration...will he have even more chaos to unleash?

PCW's 16th Anniversary Spectacular!

Saturday March 24th 2018

Doubles Bar - 20 Alpine Ave - Winnipeg, Mb

Tickets: $15 (Available at the door)

Doors Open: 8PM, Bell Time: 9PM

Food Menu, Fully Licensed!

Must be 18+ to attend (I.D. Required)

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