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PCW's "Thunderstruck" Results & Analysis!

Friday, May 5th 2017

WINNIPEG, Mb - Kenny Omega returned home for Premier Championship Wrestling's "Thunderstruck" event, May 5th 2017!  An exceptionally boisterous audience packed Doubles Bar for a wild night of action.

The London Dynasty defeated Trent Nash & JL Spiker

The first man through the door was newest rookie sensation JL Spiker.  Accompanied by his mentor, the legendary veteran EZ Ryder, Spiker was scheduled for a singles contest to open Thunderstruck.

However, The London Dynasty & Alix Vanna attacked both men as they made their way to the ring.

Leo London angrily stated that they could not sit back while a "rookie" got time on the event but they did not.  He challenged Spiker & EZ to a tag match, knowing full well that Ryder was not medically cleared to wrestle since under-going several serious back injuries.

Leo insulted the veteran with vile verbiage until EZ confronted him and agreed they could have a tag team match against Spiker and....Trent Nash!

Ryder pointed out that once a "Seed of Evil", always a Seed.

Nash & Spiker looked tremendous as a duo.  But with Vanna on the outside causing numerous distractions and the underhanded tactics of the London's, the "Dynasty" were victorious, keeping their new found winning streak alive and well.

Post Match, Vanna called out the man who was his tag team partner on the previous event, PCW Founder Andrew Shallcross.

Shallcross entered the ring to a very mixed reaction.  He and Vanna shook hands.  Shallcross told the crowd that he was facing them "a humbled man".  He explained that while he had teamed with Vanna at the 15th Anniversary Event in a 2 on 1 Match against Chad Tatum with the intent of capturing the PCW Canadian Championship, they had lost fair and square.

Shallcross reiterated that he had 16 years of experience and felt that Vanna was one of the brightest prospects in the business.  He told Vanna that sometimes you learn by losing.  And there was no shame in losing to a man as talented as Chad Tatum.

Vanna replied that "they" did not lose...Shallcross lost!  And with that, he smashed a kendo stick into Shallcross' abdomen.  As the Londons held Shallcross by the arms, Vanna viciously smashed the Kendo across his head.

They pulled Shallcross up again and, again, Vanna brutalized his skull with the hard Kendo stick.  And again...

Finally, Vanna said his biggest mistake was trusting Shallcross.  He said the London Dynasty were the only people he could rely on and it was HIS time.

"Sweet" Bobby Shink defeated Moses Luke

Veteran vs Rookie!  The increasingly popular an impressive Bobby Shink took on the long-time veteran "German Juggernaut" Moses Luke!

Luke has been making a very strong name for himself across Canada in recent months, holding championships in various promotions.  Revitalized, Luke has been eager to rise to the top of PCW, a promotion he was an original charter member of.

Shink has been well embraced by fans since making his PCW debut.  This was a rematch from PCW's "Highway To Hell" event in February, a match Luke won.  But Shink defeated the talented James Beaver last month and was looking to keep his streak alive!

It was hard fought, but Shink pulled off the upset victory following his Sweet Shink Music super kick.

PCW Tag Team Championship - Non-title Match
William Jennings Blaze & Richard Blood III(c) defeated Jay Walker & James Beaver

The brand new PCW Tag Team Champions received a huge ovation as they entered the ringside area, draped in gold from their multiple title wins across Canada.

Walker & Beaver were heavily boo'ed as expected.  But they were hopeful of a victory in this non-title match to earn themselves a championship shot in the future. 

As the match broke down to a wild brawl, the charismatic Shink showed up and laid out Blaze & Blood, the long time allies of Shink's earlier opponent Luke.  That earned Walker & Beaver the DQ loss, but perhaps a moral victory.

Moses hit the ring to help his friends and a challenge was made for later tonight - six man action!


PCW ring announcer "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein introduced the new Minority Owner of PCW, Christopher Marxwell!  Marxwell said he was honoured that PCW Owner Tom Manos had gifted him common shares in the company as a show of gratitude for his years of loyal service.  


He said, unlike former minority owner Shallcross, he would not let ego get in the way of doing what's right.  He announced that the night's main event would be to determine the first and final entries in the Golden Ticket Rumble scheduled for May 26th.


Marxwell also announced there would be a new senior official...himself!


Then he introduced PCW Canadian Champion "Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum to officially retire and surrender the title.


Tatum thanked everyone for their support over the years.  As the fans chanted "One More Load", Tatum confirmed he was really retired and there would be no comeback.  Sadly he handed the beautiful new Canadian championship to Marxwell and exited the ring.



Kenny Omega & "Canadian Idol" Chris Stevens


Fans erupted as the #1 contender to the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship entered the ringside area with his long-time tag team partner "Canadian Idol" Chris Stevens.

Kenny Omega immediately bemoaned the fact that Chad Tatum retired, saying it was a waste of time having any sort of segment devoted to his final speech.  Omega said Tatum simply wasn't good enough.

They were interrupted by the PCW Heavyweight Champion Jackie "The Jet" Lee! 

Lee entered the ring wearing the brand new championship belt and engaged in a tense stare down with Omega.  For many people, the prospect of these two facing off was a dream match scenario.

Jackie took exception to Kenny's remarks about Tatum, calling him one of the greatest PCW superstars of all time.  Omega responded by admitting that he had heard from "a lot of people" (including rival promoters apparently) that Jackie was the top guy in the Country...the best of the best.

Kenny said if that was true, he wanted to face Jackie right then and a test of strength!

Jackie readily agreed and the two clasped hands in a Greco Roman Knuckle lock.  Kenny had an apparent size and leverage advantage but not overwhelmingly so.  Both men had tremendous physiques and muscularity.

Omega gained the early advantage, forcing Jackie to his knees.  But the never-say-die spirit of The Jet was clear and he fought back from his knees to turn Omega's knuckles and begin driving him down to his knees.  But Stevens struck Jackie over the back of the head with the mic.

Kenny said to the shocked crowd "I never said it would be one on one".  He demanded a referee and declared it a 2 on 1 tag team match!

Jackie fought valiantly against insurmountable odds, regaining the advantage before being overcome.  As Omega & Stevens attempted a double suplex, suddenly the music of Chad Tatum erupted and the "Grizzled Veteran" entered the ringside area one last time!

Tatum was wearing randomly constructed ring attire as he explained to the crowd he was wearing "whatever I could find" and announced he was there to help Jackie, telling the champion, "Im coming!  I'm coming!".


Jackie Lee & Chad Tatum defeated Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens

The match became an easy Match of the Year candidate, not just for PCW but for anywhere in the territory. 

At one point, Omega took his partner Stevens into the Battering Ram position and slowly pursued Tatum from the ring to the floor and around ringside.  Desperate to escape, Tatum pulled unsuspecting fans into his path and they were "rammed" by OmegaStevens, leaving bodies strewn about the ringside area!

With Tatum slumped in the corner, Omega took the Grizzled Veteran's customized Kendo Stick and began priming it to explode.  Stevens provided a helping hand and they spewed the Kendo's contents into Tatum's mouth.

Omega called for the One Winged Angel but with Tatum on his shoulder, he countered by kissing Kenny and slipping the Kendo's liquid substance back into his mouth.  A roll up later and Tatum had scored the shocking pinfall on Kenny Omega!

Tatum celebrated his final match (again) saying he was really retired this time as he and the champions exited together.


William Blaze & Richard Blood & Moses Luke defeated Jay Walker & James Beaver & Bobby Shink

While the capacity crowd hated the AntiGen duo of Walker & Beaver, they still loved "Sweet" Bobby Shink!  Conversely, they embraced the no-nonsense PCW Tag Team Champions, Blaze & Blood but detested the "German Juggernaut" Moses Luke.

The dominant champions along with their long time ally Luke were successful in six man action.  Post match, Shink booted Jay Walker in the face!


Alix Vanna defeated Antonio Scorpio

Winner Earns Final Slot In Premier Rumble, Loser Receives First Slot

Alix Vanna had placed a lot of of pressure on his own shoulders by declaring that PCW was now all about him.  And he had a major challenge in the night's main event, taking on former Grand Slam Champion Antonio Scorpio!

The London Dynasty was at ringside and PCW's Minority Owner & Senior Official Chris Marxwell appointed himself referee. 

But even with Marxwell calling the action, the numbers game was too great and the Londons liberally advised Vanna.

Scorpio rallied and attempted his patented Tombstone Piledriver but with Marxwell distracted, Leo shoved Vanna on top of Scorpio and held Antonio's leg for the three count!

Alix Vanna earned himself the final spot in the Golden Ticket Rumble.  Scorpio, by virtue of his loss, would enter #1.

Scorpio was incensed and verbally assaulted Marxwell following the match.

Full Results:

The London Dynasty defeated Trent Nash & JL Spiker (with EZ Ryder)

"Sweet" Bobby Shink defeated Moses Luke

William Blaze & Richard Blood(c) defeated Jay Walker & James Beaver - Via DQ

Jackie Lee & Chad Tatum defeated Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens

Blaze & Blood & Moses defeated Walker & Beaver & Shink

Alix Vanna defeated Antonio Scorpio


Next Event:

PCW's "Defiance" Featuring the Golden Ticket Premier Rumble

Friday May 26th 2017

Doubles Bar - Travelodge Hotel

20 Alpine Av

Doors Open: 8PM, Bell Time: 9PM

Tickets: Only $15

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