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PCW's Swan River Success - Results & Analysis! 

Saturday, March 10th 2018

SWAN RIVER, Mb - It was an historic night in Swan River for PCW's "Giver Giver!" as athletes from multiple promotions united to give the great fans a tremendous live event!

"Sweet" Bobby Schink vs "Social Media Superstar" Jay Walker

#1 Contender's Match - PCW Canadian Championship

This was a huge test for the big youngster, Schink as he battled 3-time former PCW Canadian Champion Jay Walker.  But Schink was certainly no slouch, entering the match as the first ever One Man Tag Team Champion.

The clever veteran, Walker chopped his larger opponent down, working on his legs to set up his excruciating Figure Four Leg-Lock.  When Schink missed a top rope maneuver, Walker appeared to be in control, attempting his picture-perfect Top Rope Flying Elbow Drop.  The incredible height he achieved proved to be his undoing as Schink rolled out of the way, sending Walker crashing to the mat.

Schink leaped to the top turnbuckle and connected on his "Oak Bluff Jam" flying leg drop for the victory.

Winner: "Sweet" Bobby Schink

Schink is now the official #1 Contender to the PCW Canadian Championship, a title currently held by PCW Heavyweight Champion Jackie Lee.  A decision on the status of that title is expected to be announced at PCW's #Sweet16 Celebration on March 24th!

Post Match: The former PCW Tag Team Champions, The London Dynasty addressed Schink from the stage and demanded their PCW Tag Team Championship match tonight, rather than wait until March 24th at Doubles Bar.  They told Schink that if he was not a coward, he'd find a partner and defend the title later this evening.  Schink agreed.

Non-Title High Impact Wrestling Central Canadian Championship

"Skyflyer" Jeff Tyler(c) vs Shaun Moore

These two newcomers to Swan River were met with a polite response from the audience.  But it soon grew to a massive reaction as Jeff Tyler and Shaun Moore tore the house down with an incredible contest!

Both men were regular wrestlers for Saskatchewan-based High Impact Wrestling and did the promotion proud with their performance.   While they started off shaking hands, Moore quickly asserted a more aggressive style, eager to defeat the HIW Champion and earn a future title opportunity.

The match climaxed in a series of near-falls that had the enormous crowd on the edge of their seats.  Tyler, the champion, lived up to his "Skyflyer" nick name and finally secured the victory.

Winner: Jeff Tyler

"Hot Shot" Danny Duggan vs "Tasty" Travis Cole

Regular followers of PCW knew they were in for something special when the introductions began for this contest.  Travis Cole was making his PCW debut while Duggan was stepping foot in a PCW ring for the first time since January 2008!

Two of the top CWE wrestlers, Duggan and Cole engaged in an absolute battle!  The young "Tasty" Travis received an immediate reaction with his charismatic persona and sparkling attire.  He garnered a reaction from his opponent too, with his antics throughout the match.

But it was the veteran stacked & fanny-packed Duggan who secured the victory to the roaring approval of the fans!

Winner: Danny Duggan

PCW Tag Team Championship

"Sweet" Bobby Schink(c) & Phil Deadly vs The London Dynasty

The rivalry between Schink and the London's had become one of the more heated in memory.  The London's first ascended to the pinnacle of the tag team division on February 28th 2015 when they became PCW Tag Team Champions beating two of the greatest duos of all time - Tag Sciences Faculty & The Experience (featuring Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens).  


They seemed on top of the world as they toured the country but ran into the devastating roadblock of Team Flex Appeal - Mike McSugar & Michael Clarke.  Flex Appeal, the HIW Tag Team Champions defeated the Londons in a Title vs Title match and went on to set a longevity record of 545 days as champions.


It was all downhill from there for Leo & David London.  On October 27th 2017, their two year journey to regain lost glory was finally complete as they once again won the PCW Tag Team Championship, defeating the seemingly unbeatable Richard Blood & William Blaze.  The London's made history that night...but not the way they expected.


As they gloated about their victory and vowed to be champions forever, "Sweet" Bobby Schink hit the ring and cashed in his Golden Ticket Open Contract, upsetting the London Dynasty and ending their reign at a record-setting low of 3 minutes.


Schink made history himself, becoming the first person to ever hold the tag team championship all by himself.  The incredibly popular and talented Schink was scheduled to defend the title against the London's on March 24th at Doubles Bar, where he would choose a partner to team with.  Perhaps the London's impromptu challenge was designed to catch Schink without a suitable partner as the night's event took place in Swan River, away from his home base of Oak Bluff, Mb.


If that was the strategy, it appeared to back-fire as Schink announced he had found a partner - a lethal partner...a DEADLY partner - Phil Deadly!


Schink handed the second PCW Tag Team Championship belt to Phil and they entered the ring together to a huge ovation as the London's angrily protested.


But their sneaky plan ended up a success as Leo & David used every underhanded trick they knew to overcome the odds.  They switched out behind the ref's back and pinned Schink to regain the PCW Tag Team Championship as the audience boo'ed!

Winners: The London Dynasty

Ring Announcer "Filthy" Josh "MC" Hammerstein thanked all of our tremendous sponsors for making the Swan River event possible!

NXW Championship

"Kid Dynamite" Alix Vanna(c) vs MENTALLO


There was a buzz through the crowd and electricity in the air as announcer Hammerstein called for the Main Event!  This match was for the NXW Championship, representing a promotion based in Somerset, Mb that had distinguished itself with phenomenal live wrestling events throughout rural Manitoba!


The challenger, Mentallo, was out first, making his first appearance for PCW/NXW since August 27th 2016.  The veteran appeared to be in the best shape of his life and his eyes peered out from his trademark mask with a focus of a man determined to do anything he had to to bring home the gold!


When Swan River's own Alix Vanna was introduced, the crowd erupted into sustained adulation!  It was September 30th 2016 when PCW last came to Swan River and on that night, Vanna defeated Jackie "The Jet" Lee to capture the NXW Championship.  Undoubtedly Mentallo represented his toughest challenge since capturing the title.


Vanna paused at the top of the catwalk ramp, at the edge of the stage in front of a large video wall that flashed the main event match graphic - an image of both men slowly engulfed in flames.  As he surveyed the roaring crowd, the anticipation grew.  


The Champion finally entered the ring and stared sixteen feet across at his highly decorated challenger.  Referee Rick Schwiftly presented the belt in front of Mentallo but his gaze never left the young champion.  There was, perhaps, no man better prepared for a championship match then this man.


Mentallo's accolades were seemingly endless.  A long career that spanned Canada, the US, Japan and Mexico with feature matches against the likes of Kenny Omega, Christopher Daniels, Daniel Bryan, Ultimo Dragon and so many more, more championships than one could even count, including being a PCW Grand Slam Winner - holding every PCW Championship - and collecting belts in a multitude of promotions!


The Sponsors, the promotions involved and even the champion himself wanted a world-class challenger and in Mentallo, there was none better.  For Vanna, the challenge of Mentallo was daunting and the opportunity to face him was almost as glorious as holding the title itself.


Without a doubt, this was the biggest match, and greatest challenge of Alix Vanna's young career.  Trained by former WWE/WCW/ECW Superstar Lance Storm, Vanna's confident - arrogance - was usually viewed with disdain by fans.  But in Swan River, he was a rock star, the conquering hero returning to be lionized by the fans who shared the dream of achieving ones ultimate goals.


But even these fans, his fans, expressed a tense foreboding as they watched Mentallo prepare to begin.  Finally the two men locked up and the crowd erupted.  


There was a clear feeling-out process in the early stages as they traded wrestling holds, Vanna being cautious while the experienced challenger countered everything thrown at him.  It wasn't long before that cautious dropped to the wayside and both men opened it up with speed and athleticism.


The match not only pushed both competitors to the point of exhaustion, but the fans too, as they reacted to every near fall like it was the end and it was the challenger executing the majority of close calls.  Perhaps out of frustration, perhaps a veteran maneuver from a man willing to do anything to win, Mentallo hoisted the champion up in a Powerbomb position and threw him from the ring.


Vanna landed on the ramp with a sickening thud, cracking the wooden catwalk around his prone body like the chalk outline of a corpse at a crime scene.  And it might as well have been to the assembled throngs who reacted with horror!


But Mentallo was not done dishing out the punishment.  Sensing victory by way of medical stoppage or simply determined to teach a valuable lesson to the young champion, Mentallo carefully climbed around the carnage and dragged a barely conscious Vanna to his feet.  Standing on the unbroken part of the catwalk, Mentallo again hoisted Vanna into a Powerbomb and drove him down through the ramp.


Vanna crashed through the wooden platform, disappearing into an eruption of debris.  The initial muted reaction of shock quickly turned into one of horror and anger.  As officials swarmed in a panicked excitement, many in the audience disregarded barriers and rushed to the scene, attempting to check on Vanna who was now located deep within the frame of the damaged catwalk.


Mentallo stood in the center of the ring, motioning to the officials on the floor as if to demand they waive off the match.  Vanna's friends and family in attendance were irate, his mother even climbing onto the apron and trying to get into the ring as officials held her back.


The referee began his ten count, the crowd incredulous that the match wasnt being stopped.  But as the count passed 6, signs of life began to appear from within the catwalk's destruction.  First a hand...then an arm...and then Alix Vanna appeared, slowly pulling himself from the wreckage.


It was an impossible scene and the crowd's hostility turned to hope as they chanted for the champion, willing him to somehow recover...


The referee's count hit 8 as Vanna crawled along the remnants of the ramp, his body covered in bleeding scrapes and puncture wounds.  He looked like a car crash victim as, at the count of 9, he fed on the energy of the fans and leaped towards the ring, falling through the ropes and beating the 10 count.


The match would continue.


Or would it?  Mentallo punched on the fallen champion and covered him for the pin, but Vanna kicked out at 2.9.  For just a moment, the veteran Mentallo gazed down upon his victim thinking, perhaps, what more do I have to do to beat this man?


But Vanna did not just survive, he fought back.  And the contest went from a wrestling match to a street fight as both men exchanged blows.  The action spilled to the floor where the ring barriers were used to inflict more punishment.


They fought through the crowd.  They fought up into the bleachers, exchanging punches while perched dangerously on the edge of disaster.


Back in the ring, Mentallo took the advantage yet again, coming off the top rope.  But Vanna caught him and turned it into a guillotine and then muscled him over into a slam in an impressive display of power.  But Mentallo would not stay down as it was his turn to fight back from the disadvantage.


Exchanging moves, the crowd stood in unison as the action reached a dizzying peak of maneuvers and reversals before Vanna was able to catch Mentallo coming off the ropes and execute a desperate suplex slam for the three count!

Winner: Alix Vanna


Post Match: Both were down for quite sometime, understandably so.  The referee presented Vanna with his belt and he managed to rise to his knees.  Mentallo did as well and they stared at each other, a hush falling over the crowd.  Finally, Vanna & Mentallo shook hands and helped each other to their feet in a sign of mutual respect as the crowd gave both men a huge standing ovation.


Quick Results:

Bobby Schink defeated Jay Walker

Jeff Tyler defeated Shaun Moore

Danny Duggan defeated Travis Cole

The London Dynasty defeated Bobby Schink & Phil Deadly

Alix Vanna defeated Mentallo

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