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Welcome To The New!

Welcome to the new online home of Premier Championship Wrestling.

It was Grey Cup weekend 2001 when Mike Davidson and I (along with Shane Madison and Mike Silver) met with John Nguyen at the Round Table on Pembina Highway to present our plan (then called Premier Wrestling Alliance) and the rest is history.

And it is that history that forms the cornerstone of this website. The advent of social media has certainly changed how indie promotions use the internet but I believe a traditional website is the best home for the vast archives of results, photos, videos and minutia that creates a legacy.

I hope you will enjoy it. While aspects of the website are still under construction, if you choose to do a deep dive of the site, you will find a lot of information to explore.

What we have currently online is quite extensive but only the tip of the iceberg. I continue to digitize my video catalog and while PCW never filmed every show, we did film a lot, including some hilarious backstage vignettes (and out takes).

From a young, nervous (and terrible) announcing debut of yours truly in Minnedosa, filmed by a camera sitting on the lower ledge of a stage, to the bloody formation of the Dynasty, the crowning of our first Heavyweight Champion, the kidnapping of David Dixon, "Think it Over", Bikini Twister, Guerrero vs Damon, Omega vs Styles and so much time goes on, the video will be added to the website.

If you're a newer PCW fan, perhaps you've never even heard of the "LID Era" or even the "Dylans Era" (two former primary venues we ran at for several years). We have the results, event posters, photos and more.

I'd like to thank a few people before I continue.

Firstly, to Jay Walker. Most fans know him as the smarmy and hated "Social Media Superstar", our current Canadian Champion. But behind the scenes he's the most talented graphics designer in the business. I'd stack his graphic design work against anything else out there, including WWE. You will see many of his designs throughout this website on event posters, photos and other items.

Prior to Jay's involvement, many of our event graphics were designed by a variety of people, even myself. So if you notice a marked improvement in graphics when Jay came on board, that's why!

His knowledge and expertise of website design and social media has been invaluable.

I'd also like to thank Jordan Nepon. An inspirational and immensely talented photographer who has become a fixture at ringside of PCW live events. He has graciously allowed us use of his work on this website. You'll know which photos are Jordan's - his are the really good ones.

I can't single out individual wrestlers or else this would become quite lengthy but I certainly want to extend my gratitude to Kenny Omega. Those of us that always knew he'd make it (and believe it or not, there are some who doubted him) are very happy for him and proud of his accomplishments. He's the best wrestler in the world.

We always knew it and now he's being recognized for it.

We're very fortunate that Kenny enjoys coming home to PCW whenever he can. If anyone had earned the right to be difficult to work with, it would be him, but in fact, he's incredible easy going. He always takes an interest in what is happening on the show and provides input and feedback.

Im sure I will have many Kenny Omega stories to tell as time goes on but I will touch briefly on one that is important to me.

In August 2003, when Mike Davidson and I were in the midst of severing our working relationship, Kenny was the first of the wrestlers to e-mail me. He gave me the right words of encouragement and support to make me excited about moving forward. And he's been just as encouraging and supportive ever since.

I'd like to encourage you to provide your feedback, suggestions, questions and comments. Send me a message on our Contact page or a direct email (or facebook message). I'd love to hear it. And if there is a story from PCW's past you'd like to know about, let me know! I love talking about our history and will do so in this space as we move forward.

Some blog ideas include the formation of PCW, discussing the behind-the-scenes details of every import superstar we brought to PCW over the years, my favorite historical moments, the best (and worst) ideas never used ("We'll call it a Bris Kit") and more. Your suggestions are welcome!

We continue to improve and enhance the website. Please let us know if there are errors, broken links etc. If you have any content you can provide or missing information to fill in, please let us know that too. I've been compiling information from many sources including some talented PCW alumni (we'll be honoring them too) and its been a lot of fun reminiscing.

We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!


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