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New Years Knockout!   Review & Analysis!

Saturday, January 18th 2020

Winnipeg, Mb - Doubles Bar

PCW Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing

The event began with a the official contract signing between PCW Heavyweight Champion Antonio Scorpio and challenger Jason Geiger.


Geiger was accompanied to the ring by former PCW Heavyweight Champion Jackie "The Jet" Lee.  As the men sat behind a table displaying the championship belt, PCW's live event host "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein presented them with the match contract.


Before they signed, Geiger addressed the audience and Scorpio by saying he respected him but he had to defeat him and become champion.  He said it was bigger than just a match, bigger than PCW and that important people were watching.  "I think you can figure that out," he said.  He reminded Scorpio of his Mixed Martial Arts credentials and suggested if he wanted to, he could end Scorpio's career in moments.


Scorpio replied that he used to respect Geiger but not anymore.  He insinuated that Geiger was walking in the shadow of Kenny Omega and that's why he wanted to win the championship, to prove something to Kenny.


Geiger said it was true that he was Kenny's best friend, but Kenny was not his best friend.  "I'm my own best friend!".  


Scorpio replied that he had nothing left to say, and signed the contract, tossing it to Geiger.  Jackie Lee then took the mic and announced he had something very important to reveal...and then struck Scorpio in the head with the microphone.  


Geiger feigned shock as Jackie laid Scorpio out with a Curb Stomp. Geiger signed the contract and stood above Scorpio holding the championship belt aloft.


Antonio Scorpio(c) vs Jason Geiger for the PCW Heavyweight Championship is official for the 18th Anniversary Spectacular on March 28th!



Pure Power Wrestling Championship

Sammy Peppers d. Sydney Steele(c) via DQ


As Sammy Peppers entered the ringside area, there was an apparent confrontation with Jackie Lee as he exited to the locker room area.  The two had faced each other at the previous event in December as opposing sides of the tag team main event of Scorpio & Peppers vs Geiger & Jackie.


Shaking off the encounter, Peppers entered the ring to a large ovation, focused on the biggest match of his young career, challenging for the highly respected Pure Power Wrestling Championship, held by veteran Sydney Steele.


Steele had made his PCW debut defeating "Tasty" Travis Cole in December.  On his return at New Years Knockout, he brought his championship and demanded a challenge.  Peppers quickly stepped up to the plate.


Steele remarked that Peppers clearly had guts...but not brains and would be defeated.  But after referee Jordan Garber was struck by Steele, seemingly by accident, Sammy was able to capitalize on a distracted champion and lay him out.  Replacement official Lori Lavis quickly slid into the ring to count the three, declaring Sammy the new PPW Champion!


By this point, Garber had recovered and rescinded Lori's decision, claiming he was struck on purpose and disqualified Steele.  Sammy got the victory, but Steele escaped with his championship.

Winner: Sammy Peppers



4th Of July in January Celebration


Out next was "The Big Bastard" David Dixon and the new PCW Tag Team Champions The American Psychos (JP Spiker & Kevin O'Doyle).  They were roundly jeered by the crowd.


Dixon revealed that their celebration was off because it was very difficult to get 4th of July items in Winnipeg in January and the audience didnt deserve it.  He knew they'd be disrespectful and he wouldn't allow it.  He said the American Psychos were the greatest tag team in PCW history and had defeated Sweet & Tasty (who he called Sour & Shitty) and that the London Brothers (who he called the Loser Brothers) didnt even bother to show up last month.


Dixon then demanded everyone stand up, remove their hats, and sing the Star Spangled Banner.  While the music played, fans boo'ed unmercifully.  Dixon, irate, stopped the US National Anthem and demanded silence before the anthem began playing again.


Moments later, they were interrupted by the London Dynasty, Leo & David, who entered to a sensational ovation.  They said they were not afraid of anyone and were not on-hand last month after Leo suffered an injury at the hands of the Pyscho's in November, ruining their title match against then-champions Sweet & Tasty.


But now they were back and issuing a challenge to the winner's of the tag team title contest, saying they were sure it would be Sweet & Tasty and that was fine with them!  They further told the champions to get lost as they had a warm up match.


Shaun Martens & Dean Richtor d. The London Dynasty


The "warm up match" for the talented London's didnt go as planned.  Understandably, they were, perhaps, looking beyond this contest and passed the talented duo of Shaun Martens & Dean Richtor.


Richtor, in particular, was no stranger to tag team wrestling, having entered PCW in 2002 as the partner of Mike Angels.  He made his return to PCW after nearly 18 years at the PCW Back to School Bash last September, teaming with O'Doyle to challenge then-champions Stweet & Tasty.  Though a losing effort, Richtor re-bounded with a singles victory of Josh "Cheeks" Peterson the following month.


He was now back, bringing the tremendous Martens with him.  They two men seemed well acquainted and frustrated the 4-time former Tag Team Champion London brothers.  

Winners: Dean Richtor & Shaun Martens


Post match, Richtor addressed the crowd making it clear he was back in PCW looking for his retired former friends Angels, Chad Tatum & Rawskillz and would continue to call them out and defeat PCW wrestlers until they showed up.



Number One Contender's Match - PCW Canadian Championship

ATM d. "Outlaw" Adam Knight


A lot of drama, as well as stakes, surrounded this contest as controversy swirled around ATM and his vicious attack on long-time partner & friend Robby Royce in December.


The assault was a shocker as ATM & Royce - Team Impact - had a mostly successful 2019, even capturing the PCW Tag Team Championship for a record-setting 5th time.  And ATM seemed more than supportive as Royce announced he wanted to capture the one title that had alluded him, the PCW Canadian Championship.


Royce put forth an inspiring performance on November 2nd to win a battle royale to earn the title shot.  And in a tremendous match against Jay Walker last month, Royce appeared to be turning back time....until ATM's sudden attack directly led to his loss.


Following that event, ATM left the building and refused all attempts by PCW, or anyone, to reach out for an explanation.  And Royce was certainly conspicuous by his absence at New Years Knockout!


This match represented an opportunity for both men to regain a past accolade.  ATM had previously been Canadian Champion in 2010, defeating former title-holder David Dixon, Adam Knight & Chad Tatum in a Fatal Four Way.


"Outlaw" Adam Knight is a two-time former Canadian Champion, first winning the gold in 2009.  He won it for a second time in 2010 defeating non other than ATM.  That victory was itself a shocker as Knight & ATM had been aligned and the "Outlaw" was even in ATM's corner that night for his title defense against Nate Hardy.


But Knight had the Golden Ticket and shockingly cashed it in mid-match to win the championship and, for a time, chase ATM from the promotion.


The 20+ year veteran had, in recent years, been focused mainly on tag team wrestling, even securing a victory over Team Impact last year alongside partner Darren "The Bomb" Dalton.


But when Dalton was forced to retire following a serious injury, Knight re-focused on his singles career.  In September, after an impressive victory over Cheetabear, Knight prevented JL Spiker from cashing in his Golden Ticket on a prone Canadian Champion Jay Walker (delivering a measure of revenge against Spiker who had a count out victory over the "Outlaw" via nefarious means the month prior).


Knight had long been a mentor to the young Walker and publicly lauded him as the greatest Canadian champion of all time, saying Jay would hold the title as long as the "Outlaw" had anything to say about it.


In a sense, this contest most directly represented that vow, as Knight was a big roadblock for ATM's title aspirations.  


And in the early going, Knight dominated, beating ATM from pillar to post.  A veteran himself, ATM fought back but seem stymied at most turns.  Perhaps cocky, Knight set him up for the pin, but it was ATM who surprised his larger opponent for the victory.

Winner: ATM


With the victory, ATM earns a PCW Canadian Championship match against Jay Walker in February.



Special Interview with Josh "Cheeks" Peterson


Event host "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein introduced young Josh Peterson.  Affectionately known by the fans as "Cheeks", he hobbled towards the ring on two crutches, ably assisted by Dr. Marty Gold.


Peterson had only recently begun his in-ring career after completing training.  


His professional wrestling debut occurred in September when he teamed with Moses Luke in a losing effort against Sammy Peppers & Ella Blake.  An irate Luke viciously attacked "Cheeks" following the contest.


Still feeling the affects from that encounter, Peterson put on a brave challenge in November as he faced Dean Richtor.  Though impressive, it was another loss.  


In December, Cheeks finally earned an opportunity for revenge as he faced Luke one on one.  Badly outweighed and with an immense disparity in experience, Moses held the upper hand for much of the match, even pulling Peterson up from a sure pinfall.


When Cheeks surprised Moses with a near fall of his own, the 400lb German Juggernaut immediately began brutalizing him.  The violence was so beyond reason, it brought to ringside Dr Marty Gold who implored Luke to show mercy and end the contest.  


Moses finally defeated Peterson but continued his beating, injuring the young man's knee in the process.


At New Years Knockout!, Marty accompanied Peterson as he provided an update to the audience.  He revealed a partial tear in his knee but would not require surgery and would be able to return in 4-6 weeks.


A clearly passionate Peterson then issued a challenge to Moses for a singles match at PCW's 18th Anniversary Spectacular in March.


That brought a smiling Luke to the ring.  Marty attempted to block Moses' from entering the ring but was shoved away.  Moses told Marty to mind his place, calling him "old man" and patting his head condescendingly.  When Gold objected, Luke threw him to the mat and then turned his attention to Peterson.


Moses told him he learned what happens when you get into the ring with the Juggernaut and then kicked him in his bad knee as officials swarmed.  Laughing, Luke mimed washing his hands.


An anguished Peterson was helped to the back by Marty and several officials.


Unfortunately, PCW released a statement earlier this week indicating that Peterson's partial tear was now a complete tear.  He would be out of the ring for at least six months.


Luke's night was not over however, as he dared anyone to come to the ring and stop him.  Marty re-appeared and said he had someone who would do just that, Cheetahbear!


Cheetabear d. Moses Luke


The audience was solidly behind the impressive young Cheetahbear and routinely chanted for Gold who remained at ringside.  Still obviously irate at what happened to Peterson, Marty repeatedly jawed with Luke.


This allowed Cheetahbear to surprise the German Juggernaut for the victory.

Winner: Cheetabear



Angelica d. Kylie Morgan


The rematch the fans demanded!  Both Angelica and Kylie debuted in December, facing each other in a tremendous match.  While the PCW fans were unfamiliar with them at the start, they were wildly cheering them on by the end.


In that contest, Kylie came out on top.  Both women had faced each other numerous times since and a very angry Angelica was determined to avenge the loss.


Upon her entrance, Angelica insulted the crowd and complained that she risked her life on the trip to Winnipeg due to the horrible weather conditions, but noted she was transported in an Audi.


Kylie was, once again, the crowd favorite, and impressed with her enthusiastic athleticism.  The match was aggressive, playing to the strengths of Angelica and she evened the score, securing the pinfall victory.

Winner: Angelica



PCW Tag Team Championship Street Fight

The American Psychos(c) vs Sweet & Tasty


The new PCW Tag Team Champions were accompanied by their adviser "The Big Bastard" David Dixon.  Himself a former tag team & Canadian champion, his guidance had quickly elevated Spiker & Odoyle to the top of the division but the bottom of the fans' approval rankings.


To be clear, the American Psychos were absolutely loathed by the audience.  And for good reason as they viciously attacked the former champions on their entrance.


Sweet & Tasty had dominated the tag team ranks for the past year as they engaged in an unabashed love-fest with fans.  The fun-loving, syrup drinking duo were interacting with ringside spectators when the Psychos jumped them.


This was a violent brawl, living up to its Street Fight stipulation.  Steel chairs, kendo sticks, brass knuckles and even curling brooms were utilized. 


At one point, "Sweet" Bobby leg dropped Spiker through a bar table!  The end came when a long conference table, used earlier for the Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing, was introduced.  


O'Doyle attempted to muscle Sweet & Tasty through it, but was cut off and shoved onto the table, shattering it.  He was then driven through the remnants of one piece before Schink hit the Oak Bluff Jam on O'Doyle, through the remaining table pieces to score the fictory.

Winners: Sweet & Tasty


With the win, Sweet & Tasty become three-time PCW Tag Team Champions.  Bobby Schink becomes a 5-time tag champion!


PCW returns Saturday February 22nd for "Highway To Hell!"

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