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Davidson Wrestles, the Dynasty Wins and Mentallo/Knight Thrills

Winnipeg, Mb – Premier Championship Wrestling presented another exciting event live at the Stratosphere Nightclub this past Thursday night, November 7th. Mike Davidson stepped into the ring with his former best friend, the Dynasty was victorious in the main event and Mentallo continued to impress against Adam Knight. Here’s what happened, In Case You Missed It!

Last week, the Commissioner’s office uncovered the truth about Mike Davidson’s claims that he is a creative genius. Commissioner Tom Manos revealed that Davidson received most of his ideas via e-mail from his best friend Steve Stryker. Manos then brought Stryker to the ring, who confirmed that he was the real brains behind the operation and was responsible for such creative gems as Perfect Balance, Bikini Twister and MVP. Although the fans did not embrace Stryker, they certainly were in agreement with his desire to confront Mike Davidson.

This past Thursday, PCW Creative Director and Dynasty leader Mike Davidson opened the show by admitting that he steals creative ideas but blamed Stryker for freely giving them to him. Before he could go much further, Stryker headed to the ring and challenged Davidson to a one on one match later that night. Davidson angrily accepted the challenge. The match saw Stryker employ a series of submission moved to weaken his smaller opponent and Davidson seemed on the verge of giving up when Dynasty member “The Mecca” Shane Madison struck Stryker with a chair and placed Davidson on top for the win.

PCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Mentallo has been undefeated since capturing the title from Rawskillz in a Fatal Four-Way match in September. This past Thursday, he accepted a match against the 280 lb “Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight. This was an exceptional, fast-paced, high flying affair that kept the fans on their feet the entire match. Several times, both men came close to victory. In the end, as Knight had Mentallo locked in a painful submission move, the 20-minute time limit expired. In a rare show of sportsmanship, the two superstars shook hands after the match.

In the night’s main event, Dynasty members “The Mecca” Shane Madison and RAW Champion Chi Chi Cruz defeated Perfect Balance (Moses Luke & The Big O). This was a tremendous 20 minute match that went back and forth and had the fans on their edge of their seats the entire time. Cruz scored the pin for his team after delivering two incredible powerbomb’s to the Big O. After the match, Madison and Cruz continued beating down their opponents until “Class Act” Chris Parys made the save and promised Madison that he would be coming for him.

In one of the most entertaining intermissions ever, ring announcer Andrew Shallcross played the try-out tape of a not-so professional wrestler who claimed he was too good for PCW. The fans in attendance unanimously voted it “Worst Match Ever”.

Here is the rest of what you missed:
“Diehard” Greg Romijn beat Pete Chee (with his prisoner Mike Hammer)… “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio defeated “Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens… Mike Davidson beat “The Dynasty” Steve Stryker with outside help…The PCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Mentallo and “The Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight went to a thrilling 20 minute time limit draw… “The Mecca” Shane Madison & RAW Champion Chi Chi Cruz defeated Perfect Balance – Moses Luke & The Big O.

Monday, November 4th at Rookies Sports Bar, In Case You Missed It!
“Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens defeated “Diehard” Greg Romijn… “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude beat The Big O… “SugarDaddy” Dixon got the win over Dean Richtor…Pete Chee beat mike Davidson…RAW Champion Chi Chi Cruz defeated “The Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight

PCW returns to Rookies Sports Bar this Monday night, Remembrance Day November 11th. Bell time is 10:00 PM and features a Sexual Positions contest between Sunshine Girl Tracy and Michael Davidson.

PCW returns to the Stratosphere next Thursday, November 14th at 9:30 PM, featuring the Miss PCW Bikini Challenge!

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