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Commish Makes Ladder Match, Royce Hires Agent & Damon Denies The Dynasty

May 24, 2003

Winnipeg, Mb – Premier Championship Wrestling presented another action packed event in front of 185 screaming fans at the Stratosphere nightclub this past Thursday, May 22nd 2003! Commissioner Tom "The Man" Manos made several shocking decisions, Shawn Houston’s partnership with Chris Raine came to a violent end and "Playboy" Will Damon denied The Dynasty his services, but did not embrace Madison. Here it is, In Case You Missed It!


For several weeks since a controversial finish, "Outlaw" Adam Knight has been carrying around the PCW Heavyweight Championship claiming to be the rightful title-holder. The champion, Chi Chi Cruz has continued to defend the title, while demanding his belt back. After a successful victory last night over Pete Chee, Knight was celebrating in the ring when Commissioner Tom "The Man" Manos’ music hit and he entered the ring and demanded the belt be turned over to him. Chi Chi Cruz then hit the ring, expecting the belt to be returned to him. It was then that Manos made the first of two major announcements. He announced that PCW’s Boiling Point II was coming soon and that the main event would be Chi Chi Cruz Vs Adam Knight in a ladder match. And until that match took place, the PCW Heavyweight Championship would be locked in the Commissioner’s safe. Knight reluctantly agreed before Cruz nailed him with a stunner


Three weeks ago, "Showtime" Robbie Royce debuted in PCW and immediately set his sights on the top spot in the company, taking on PCW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz. Since then however, he has been relegated to low card status. This past Thursday, Royce addressed the fans, reminding them of his legacy in the business, that he has defeated a former World Heavyweight Champion! To ensure that he received the proper respect from the office, and especially Mike Davidson, Royce introduced to his new agent, Scotty Styles! Styles pledged to get Royce to the top of PCW and for starters, Royce would be facing the "poster child and franchise" of PCW, "The Mecca" Shane Madison in the nights main event.


Last Thursday night, The Dynasty – "Right Stuff" Ronnie Attitude, "Red Hot" Ryan Wood and Darren "The Bomb" Dalton – made a shocking announcement. Dalton told the fans that "Playboy" Will Damon would be joining the Dynasty! During the thrilling Royce/Madison main event, Darren Dalton hit the ring and handcuffed Madison to the turnbuckles, leaving him prone in the corner. Suddenly, Damon’s music hit, but a smile appeared on Dalton’s face. Damon hit the ring and ridiculed Madison and shook Dalton’s hand, before dropping him with the Player’s Drop! The fans erupted into wild cheers as Madison was freed from the corner. But the anticipated reunion never happened as Damon again, walked away.


In other action, the tag team of Shawn Houston & Chris Raine appeared to come to an end as Houston, mistakenly believing his partner had struck him from behind, violently attacked Raine and left him lying.


Here’s the rest of what you missed:


Antonio Scorpio Jr beat "Diehard" Greg Romijn by submission… "Outlaw" Adam Knight defeated Pete Chee… Ukrainian Sex Mafia, Sugar Daddy Dixon & The Gigolo beat Shawn Houston and Chris Raine… PCW & RAW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz & Kenny Omega defeated Darren "The Bomb" Dalton & "Right Stuff" Ronnie Attitude… "The Mecca" Shane Madison beat "Showtime" Robbie Royce by disqualification


There was no Rookies Event due to the long weekend


Visit for more details and – the official home of the PCW Heavyweight Champion!

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