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The Dynasty Expands, "Beautiful" Bobby Unmasked & Omega Becomes # 1

March 29, 2003

Winnipeg, Mb – 92 CITI FM and Budweiser Presented another thrilling night of Premier Championship Wrestling action! 187 screaming fans turned out to witness a classic night! Mike Davidson’s Dynasty expanded, PCW & RAW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz continued his winning ways, “Beautiful” Bobby Jay made a shocking return and Kenny Omega became the number one contender! Here it is, In Case You Missed It!

The night began with PCW Creative Director Mike Davidson leading Dynasty members Darren “The Bomb” Dalton and “The Mecca” Shane Madison to the ring. Davidson informed the crowd that they had lost a member, but he had been the weakest link and the Dynasty was stronger without him. That prompted the tag team of “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude and “Red Hot” Ryan Wood to hit the ring and offer their services to the Dynasty. After a short discussion with Dynasty enforcer Dalton, Davidson agreed and Woody and Ronnie celebrated. The celebration continued as Dalton then destroyed “DieHard” Greg Romijn in singles action. It was short lived however, as Woody and Ronnie walked out on their match with “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio and Kenny Omega, losing via count-out after what had been to that point an incredible match.

The final Dynasty member, “The Mecca” Shane Madison has been hearing the cheers from the fans in recent weeks as he battles an obvious case of depression since losing the Best of Seven Quest of the Best Tournament for the PCW Heavyweight Championship to Chi Chi Cruz. Dejected and distracted, Madison has seemed more interested in drinking then wrestling. Surprisingly, this has captured the positive attention of the great PCW fans who have been cheering Madison wildly over the past several weeks. This past Thursday, Madison was given a chance to avenge his Quest of the Best loss against his former Dynasty teammate and PCW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz. Once again, Madison came up short, losing the match and raising the ire of Mike Davidson and Darren “The Bomb” Dalton.

Several weeks ago, “Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens announced his intention to challenge Tom Manos for the Commissionership of PCW! Lead by his campaign manager the very callous “Don”, Stevens promised victory. It was then, that a mysterious masked man began interfering in his matches, even costing Stevens a near victory against PCW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz. This past Thursday, the masked man interfered again. An irate Stevens announced to the crowd that he knew who it was and demanded that the man unmask and show the world that it was in fact, “DieHard” Greg Romijn. To Stevens’s surprise, Romijn appeared at ringside behind him to prove he wasn’t the man responsible. That gave the masked man the opportunity to attack again. He then unmasked to reveal it was “Beautiful” Bobby Jay all along! The owner of the now defunct TRCW announced he would destroy Chris Stevens and that Mike Davidson was next! The crowd went wild as Bobby Jay celebrated in the ring!

The main event was a Rumble-Style Battle Royal to determine the number one contender to the PCW Heavyweight Championship. The winner would face Champion Chi Chi Cruz the following week. The match came down to “Outlaw” Adam Knight, Kenny Omega and Darren “The Bomb” Dalton. Dalton and Knight double-teamed Omega as the fans broke into several loud chants of “Kenny, Kenny”. Dalton was eliminated first after being back dropped over the top rope by Omega. As “The Bomb” held onto the rope, Kenny pushed Knight into Dalton, knocking him off the apron to the floor. Knight and Omega then engaged in a thrilling match before Knight was eliminated and the crowd erupted into a massive ovation for the new number one contender! Kenny Omega, who had already wrestled a thrilling tag team match earlier in the evening, will now face PCW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz next week in the main event for the title!

The Order of entry was as follows:
“Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens, Pete Moss, “DieHard” Greg Romijn, “The Mecca” Shane Madison, Shawn Houston, Darren “The Bomb” Dalton, Rawskillz, Kenny Omega, “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude, “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio, “Outlaw” Adam Knight, Chris Raine

Here is the rest of what you missed:
Darren “The Bomb” Dalton beat “Diehard” Greg Romijn… PCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Rawskillz defeated Shawn Houston… “Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens pinned Pete Chee… “Outlaw” Adam Knight beat Chad Ripley… “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio & Kenny Omega defeated “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude & “Red Hot” Ryan Wood by count-out… PCW & RAW Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz pinned “The Mecca” Shane Madison… Kenny Omega won a 15-man Rumble-style Battle Royal to become the number one contender.

Rookies Sports Bar
Pete Chee defeated Sugar Daddy Dixon… “DieHard” Greg Romijn beat Chris Raine… “Red Hot” Ryan Wood pinned Shawn Houston… Nate Hardy beat Antonio Scorpio Jr…. Darren “The Bomb” Dalton & Rookies manager Rob beat “The Mecca” Shane Madison & Kenny Omega… Rookies Manager Rob won a 15-man battle Royal to capture the vacant Transcona Heavyweight Championship…

Check out PCW this Monday, live at Rookies Sports Bat at 10:30 PM sharp. Already signed, “The Mecca” Shane Madison & Kenny Omega in a Bra & Panties match…Rookies Manager Rob vs Darren “The Bomb” Dalton for the Transcona Heavyweight Championship

92 CITI FM Presents PCW live at the Stratosphere, every Thursday night at 9:30 PM!! Already signed for this coming Thursday: State of the Company Addresses by PCW owners Mike Davidson, Andrew Shallcross and Tom Manos, The PCW debut of the Legendary Kerry Brown & the 17 year veteran Chi Chi Cruz vs the 19 year old superstar Kenny Omega for the PCW Heavyweight Championship!

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