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Scott Justice Defeats Jackie Lee - Captures PCW Heavyweight Championship!

CALGARY, Ab - In an outcome that cannot be considered an upset but can certainly be considered shocking, Scott Justice defeated Jackie Lee to become the new PCW Heavyweight Champion!

What makes the result so surprising is that it occurred not on a PCW live event, but as the main match at Real Canadian Wrestling in Calgary, Alberta where Justice was already the holder of their top title, the Canadian Heavyweight Championship.

Adding to the drama, in perhaps his greatest career victory, Justice's ascension came at the expense of his best friend Lee.

The historic champion vs champion contest, a coup by RCW in securing the match at the behest of both men, was seen as a climactic pinnacle of the intriguing drama between Scott & Jackie, two wrestlers so similar, their careers might run parallel for many years to come.

Both men graduated from Lance Storm's "Storm Academy" in Alberta, but not in the same class.  Their paths first crossed shortly after debuting in PCW.  Justice had been a hand-picked member of the Kenny Omega Experience but when Lee came along, Omega replaced Scott with "The Jet".


















The rivalry of youth soon gave way to the respect that comes with life experience and the two men forged a bond within the wrestling business and a friendship that transcended it.

Ofcourse, both men idolized Kenny Omega, following his enormous footsteps in PCW, challenging themselves to live up to his lofty standards.  With no better example to follow than that of Omega, both men had a clear goal to achieve greatness.


But then Scott Justice left it all behind.

In his own words, he lost everything he held close and was driven to near insanity.  Looking to reinvent himself, his traveled to where it all began - the home of Storm Academy and where he took his first steps on the journey of wrestling enlightenment.

While Scott pursued self discovery and reinvention in Alberta, Jackie Lee picked up the mantle left by Omega and rose to the very top echelon of PCW.

Jackie became the number two contender to the Heavyweight Championship, engaged in a thrilling three-match series with veteran Antonio Scorpio en route to capturing the gold for the very first time. 

He met the challenge of Omega's former protege Mentallo, defeating him several times and ending his PCW career in the process.

He took on all challengers, adding trophy's and accolades along the way.  Surpassing one year as champion, Jackie looked dominant.

Until the ghost from his past reappeared to change everything.

While Scott Justice was more familiar to Jackie than any other man, his return was shrouded in mystery and cloaked in riddles. 

It was Justice that warned Jackie about the threat of Mentallo, correctly informing him that the veteran masked man could not be trusted. 

It was Justice that saved Jackie from an attack by the young and vicious Alix Vanna.

It was Justice that claimed he was back to save Jackie from himself, an odd claim since "The Jet" was the dominant champion.

While Jackie rose to the top of PCW, Scott's personal journey led him to what he called the one-winged Angel and a new identity as The Prodigal Son.

And like the Biblical parable, the return of the Prodigal Son to PCW did result in celebration among the fans and, perhaps, his friend Jackie. 

At the Back to School Bash, both men shook hands, showed respect and agreed they would challenge as competitors for the PCW Championship.  Rather than wait until PCW's next event, however, Scott offered up his own sacrificial lamb - his RCW Heavyweight Championship - to lure Jackie to Alberta for the climactic battle.

Jackie accepted, as everyone knew he would, and the title vs title match was set and no one knew the outcome...except Scott Justice.

Creating his own story of redemption, writing his own ending to the parable, Justice warned his friend that the Jet would fall from the sky at the hands of the one-winged Angel.

Though never a fool, perhaps a foolish act born of confidence and pride, Jackie rushed in, not where the angels feared to tread but where the One-Winged Angel was waiting.

The exceptional contest, in front of a large and boisterous crowd in Calgary, saw both men unleash their full arsenal.  But the Prodigal Son knew something no one else did, that the One-Winged Angel was no mere riddle or myth but the very real embodiment of the journey of Justice.














Her appearance in the ring provided Scott the opening he needed.  And three seconds later, he was the new PCW Heavyweight Champion while a shocked Jackie Lee was left to ponder the betrayal of the man who claimed he had returned to save him.

Jackie immediately invoked his re-match clause but this time it will happen in PCW, January 7th at Doubles Bar for New Years Knockout!

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