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PCW's Hall of Fame Welcomes Jason Geiger!

Friday March 21st, 2019

WINNIPEG, Mb - The Premier Championship Wrestling Hall of Fame welcomes it's newest inductee, Jason Geiger!


Known professionally as "Vicious" Donny Dicaprio, Geiger had a long career, establishing himself as one of the most accomplished and respected athletes in and out of the ring.  


A noted wrestler, fighter, athlete & model, Geiger captured numerous championships and accolades in professional wrestling, shoot wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts and always represented his promotions - and country - with pride & professionalism.


Geiger was trained for a career in pro wrestling by Don Callis, known to many fans from his time in ECW & the WWE as well as being the current Executive Vice President for Impact Wrestling.


Debuting in 1999, Geiger had only a few short months on his resume before capturing his first title, the River City Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Championship.


Shortly thereafter, he began teaming with "Playboy" Will Damon, a man he would be linked to for much of his career.


Joining Top Rope Championship Wrestling in 2000, Geiger and Damon quickly captured the Tag Team Championship and immediately influenced the local wrestling community in ways still being felt today.


In June 2001, TRCW debuted at a new venue, The Palladium Nightclub, attracting a new demographic of fan.  The University-aged crowd demanded more realism, more athletics, an edgier product & serious talent and Geiger, along with partner Damon, were among the top wrestlers giving them just that.


When the duo were joined by "Mecca" Shane Madison to form the clique "MVP", it was instant magic.  Crowds to the Palladium Nightclub grew week by week and the venue became known as "The House That MVP Built".


The three were involved in numerous renowned story-lines, rising to the top of the promotion with their unique combination of look, fitness, in-ring ability, mic skills and the X factor - undeniable presence and charisma.  


For much of MVP's early run, Geiger settled into the role as the strong, silent member, boasting a muscular physique and becoming the in-ring workhorse of the group.  But this belied his true nature - a wicked sense of humor and an organic connection with the fans.


When MVP began falling apart in early 2002, the focus may have been on Madison & Damon coming to blows, but it was Geiger who became the break-out star when he finally stepped to the forefront to implore his two cohorts to "think it over" before disbanding.


Geiger had little choice but to do something he thought he'd never have to do - he serenaded his friends with the song, "Think it Over" by Wave in a segment that has become one of the most iconic in PCW history.


That moment cemented Geiger as a true fan favourite and he continued to show off this endearing side to his personality, even engaging in another beloved moment - The Karaoke Cup.  He and "Karaoke Cowboy" Adam Knight, then-engaged in a dispute over gimmick infringement, settled their differences with a remarkable singing performance, the highlight of which was Geiger's rendition of "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin.


As one of the original members of PCW, Geiger was a key performer at two historic events in 2002 - "Commencement of Cool", which drew a record-setting 1700+ fans in March, and "Boiling Point", where over 1200 fans attended Shaw Park.


At the latter event in particular, Geiger was tapped for a key role, wrestling special guest "Deadline" Doug Lunney, a writer with the Winnipeg Sun newspaper.  The contest garnered mainstream media attention and Geiger continued his journey as a rising star.


In November 2003, Geiger ventured to Action Wrestling Entertainment where he experienced a career highlight, putting his mixed martial arts skills to the test against former UFC World Heavyweight Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn.  


Geiger eventually added two PCW Tag Team Championships to go with his two TRCW Tag Team Championships.  In 2018, his duo with Will Damon was named the 6th best tandem in PCW history and his team with Rawskillz landed at the #8 spot.  Undoubtedly making Geiger one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in Manitoba history.


Perhaps the most legitimately credentialed fighter in Manitoba pro wrestling, Geiger amassed an impressive athletic resume outside the squared circle.


A 7-time Provincial Wrestling Champion, Geiger became the 2010 Canadian National Champion and placed second in the United States.  


A Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Geiger holds a 2-1 professional record in Mixed Martial Arts fights.


Geiger currently splits his time between Canada and Japan where he wrestled and worked as a model for GUESS Clothing.


Though his wrestling career is mostly in-active, his long time friendship with All Elite Wrestling's Kenny Omega has seen Geiger appear at his side for several PCW appearances.


Most recently, Geiger attended PCW's birthday bash for Omega in 2018, arranging a tremendous celebration that included his original trainer Don Callis.


The close friendship with Omega saw Geiger selected to provide his unique insights for the documentary "Omega Man: A Wrestling Love Story", a featured part of TSN's "Engraved On A Nation" series, airing March 27th.


For all of his accomplishments in and out of the ring, his beloved character of "Donny Dicaprio", and his contributions to PCW as one of our best, brightest, most professional and most genuine superstars, we proudly invite Jason Geiger to take his place in the history books.


Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Jason Geiger!

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