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Mike Angels Defeated Kenny Omega

Won:  March 6th, 2008 - 6th Anniversary Spectacular - The LID Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

Lost:  March 20th, 2008

How: Lost to Kenny Omega

Length: 14 days (2nd shortest)

Cumulative Length: 343 days (2 reigns)

Mike Angels made his position clear - being PCW Heavyweight Champion meant you were the best in the country, but beating Kenny Omega to win the title put you down in the history books as one of the greatest of all time.  And he was determined to make that his endearing legacy.

Angels' 329 days as champion had not just engraved his name in the record books as the then-longest reign ever, it had captured the hearts and imaginations of PCW's fans and opened the eyes of wrestlers and promoters everywhere.  Angels had gone from a talented second-tier star to a bonafide top guy, a mega-star considered one of the finest technical wrestlers and most charismatic talents in the business.

Consumed as he was with being respected, Angels heard the whispers when he lost the PCW Championship to Omega, that Kenny was the real champion, that Angels was merely a place holder.  That assertion was, on its face, ridiculous.  

While Angels was often ruthless and would disregard the rulebook to his advantage, his championship reign was considered by many to be the finest one in PCW's six year existence.  He was on top as the promotion experience a reserchence, putting on an unparalleled string of critically acclaimed live events and increased attendance significantly.  He defended the title against all challengers and did so with no allies or super-clique backing him up.

Everything Mike Angels achieved, he earned.  

But to so many, Omega was still the standard-bearer of young talent in North America.  And Angels knew he not only had to regain the PCW Championship, he had to beat Kenny to do add a gold star to his sterling career legacy.

With that in mind, following his loss on January 31st, Angels wasted no time in triggering his re-match clause and it would take place at the historic 6th Anniversary Spectacular!  

There was one wrinkle, however.  At the last moment, PCW made the match a Triple Threat, adding "Prime Cut" Jon Cutler to the contest.  

Cutler was, in many ways, the prototypical can't-miss top prospect.  He was young, athletic, good looking and muscular and was considered by many to be a future international superstar.

Angels' could have disputed the change, demanding his right to a rematch be one on one, but he didn't care who it was or how many, as long as he got his chance at Kenny Omega and the PCW title.

On March 6th, 2008, the LID Nightclub was once again packed to the rafters!  And the main event was, once again, a tremendous contest.  It became the second time the title changed hands in a Triple Threat as Mike Angels pinned Omega to win his second PCW Heavyweight Championship.  

There should never have been a doubt about the talent of Angels, but had there been, those questions were now erased. 


But in the aftermath of Angels' victory, PCW made a shocking announcement - that their long time home - The LID Nightclub - was closing.  The final event ever at the mecca of wrestling in Manitoba would take place two weeks later on March 20th.

And the feature match would be the culmination of PCW's most storied rivalry - Mike Angels vs Kenny Omega for the PCW Championship!

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