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Mike Angels Defeated Mentallo

Won:  March 8th, 2007 - 5th Anniversary Spectacular - The LID Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

Lost:  January 31st, 2008

How: Lost to Kenny Omega

Length: 329 days (6th Longest)

"Seven more days, that's all that separates me from my destiny. 


It's been a long road Mentallo.  I've known you a long time.  I know when we started this thing, M-Assignment, we agreed that there were two guys in this business that could get the job done night in and night out, two guys in this business that no one could ever take anything away from, no one could ever say didn't give 100%, no one could ever say they weren't the best. 


Two guys.  "M" for Mentallo and "M" for Mike Angels. 


M-Assignment was about being the best and in my heart, Mentallo, I don't think you're the best anymore.  I think I'm the best.  And that's why I needed to do this. 


I've been in this business for seven years.  Seven years!  Have I ever been Heavyweight Champion?  No.  When fans go to the website they see 'champion: Mentallo'.  When the boys in the back talk about the champion, it's Mentallo.  Who else has been the champion?  Skillz, I beat him!  Tatum, I beat him!  Royce, I beat him!   I beat 'em all.  But I haven't beat you. 


Next week, I will.  And Ill have the belt and Ill have the respect I deserve! 


Nobody talks about me like they talk about you!  Nobody talks about me like they talk about Kenny Omega!  Nobody talks about me like they talk about Rawskillz!  Why, cause I don't tan enough?  I don't have huge biceps?  Is that what it takes to make it in this business now, you have to be a male model?! 


I'm not a male model.  And I don't give a @#$% what the fans think of me.   Next week Mike Angels will finally become the Heavyweight Champion...and I WILL be the most respected man in this business in this country TODAY! 


See you in seven days, old friend."

 - Mike Angels 03/01/07

Ever since the inception of M-Assignment, Mike Angels had been the perfect friend, colleague, ally and partner, enjoying the benefits of their elite group but understanding it was all for one, the one being PCW Heavyweight Champion Mentallo.  He had been the ultimate enforcer, physically imposing the will of the champion on any wrestler who would dare step up to challenge him.  

When fellow M-Assignment cohort Chad Tatum wanted a fair chance at the Premier Cup: Fighting Spirit event on June 8th 2006, it was Angels that ordered him to concede the match to help pave the way for Mentallo's eventual victory.  When Tatum refused, Angels put him down physically.  

But his service was not without its benefits.  On August 3rd 2006, Angels defeated Nate Hardy to capture the PCW Canadian Championship, his first singles title.  He recruited Rawskillz to M-Assignment and helped ensure Mentallo's historic championship reign was a rousing success.  But when he lost the Canadian Champion to Antonio Scorpio in October, he suddenly disappeared.


As Angels later explained, he went home to Dauphin to find himself.  2006 had truly been a remarkable year for him.  At the outset, fans had voted 2006 would be his year and although he eventually won Most Hated Wrestler of the Year, Angels rise towards the top was unmistakable.  

He entered the year as PCW Tag Team Champion, had a 77 day reign as Canadian Champion, wrestled Samoa Joe in a match of the year candidate and began hearing vociferous cheers from a segment of the fans.  For most men, those accomplishments would be enough. For Angels, it made him wonder how much more he had to do to earn the respect of his peers and fans.

And as he sat at home, he didn't like what he saw from his M-Assignment colleagues.  

Though Mentallo's record third PCW Championship reign was dominant, he and newly recruited M-Assignment member Rawskillz often got bogged down in issues Angels felt was beneath them.  At one point, they even attempted to break into the venue of the Canadian Wrestling Federation (CWF) due to remarks made by CWF owner Ernie Todd.

They challenged CWF's champion Ryan Wood to face Mentallo in a title vs title match and when Wood, not surprisingly, didn't appear, declared Mentallo to be a dual champion.  On November 9th, he would become a dual champion for real, when he defeated Live Pro Wrestling (LPW) Champion Zack Mercury at the LID Nightclub, in a rare inter-promotional match.

The one stumble for Mentallo happened as PCW held a tournament to determine who would face former World's Heavyweight Champion "Phenomenal" AJ Styles.  Mentallo lost a semi-final match to the young Anderson Tyson Moore, but it turned out alright for M-Assignment as Rawskillz defeated ATM in the finals to earn the match.

Unfortunately for Skillz, his arrogant bravado was his undoing when he dared anyone who felt worthy to challenge him for the Styles opportunity.  He, and the wrestling world, was shocked when Kenny Omega returned from WWE to accept Skillz' challenge.  He defeated Rawskillz and went on to beat Styles too.

Mentallo ended his exceptional 2006 by defeating TNA Superstar "Hot Shot" Johnny Devine in impressive fashion.  But 2007 started off on an odd foot as he lost to journeyman Michael "Bubbles" Draven via count out.  The loss aggravated Mentallo who became obsessed with destroying Draven, taking his pride and taking his wife, Charity.

Draven had the best three weeks of his life, defeating both Mentallo and Rawskillz before the PCW Champion finally destroyed him in the ring.  Adding insult to injury, Charity revealed she had left Draven, moving out of his house in the middle of the night to take up with Mentallo, explaining that the champion was much more well endowed than "Bubbles".

In fact, Draven was so pathetic that the fans did not embrace his underdog role, instead rejecting him and actively cheering for Mentallo.  M-Assignment went from hated to beloved as a result and both Mentallo & Rawskillz were wildly cheered heading into the 5th Anniversary Spectacular.  

This fact did not sit well with Angels who was consumed with what he felt was a lack of respect for his talent.  He felt Mentallo was now enjoying the positive attention from fans and took for granted how beloved he was.  To Angels, Mentallo had it all and he had nothing.

When Angels returned, it was for one reason only - sink or swim, be banished to obscurity or cement his legacy.  He immediately challenged Mentallo, brutally assaulting him and stealing the PCW Championship belt.  But Angels said the belt was just a symbol and while he possessed it, he did not have the respect that comes with it.  Only by beating Mentallo could he finally have that.

On March 8th 2007, at a packed LID Nightclub, Mentallo & Angels put on a wrestling clinic.  The match would go on to be voted as the best Match of 2007 and it wasn't even close.  Although Mentallo entered the match as the odds-on favourite and hero of the fans, when Angels beat him, there was an audible positive reaction from the crowd.

They knew they had just witnessed history and realization of a dream.  Mike Angels was PCW Heavyweight Champion


Mike Angels was respected.

And he would go on to set the then-record for longevity at an incredible 329 days as champion, build up a reputation as one of the greatest wrestlers in PCW history and ignite the most heated rivalry of all time with Kenny Omega!

For his part, Mentallo did not rest on his laurels following the loss.  He immediately went to Mexico for an extended stay, wrestling for internationally acclaimed promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL)!

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