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Mentallo Defeated Rawskillz

Won:  May 25th, 2006 - The LID Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

Lost:  June 30th, 2006

How: Lost to "Priceless" Chad Tatum

Length: 36 days (20th longest)

Cumulative Length: 183 days (2 reigns)

Rawskillz came to be known as the great unifier for his success in unifying the PCW. TRCW, ICW & NWA Canadian X Division Championships as one title.  No longer would the championships be represented with separate belts or designations.  Skillz had truly become the most decorated champion of his era.

His pinning of the AWA World's Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino, though not for that title, did not go unnoticed as Skillz was widely considered one of the best in the world.  His victory took on an even greater historical significance when Kenny Omega had made a shocking appearance, the first since his acrimonious departure from PCW the previous September, to announce he had signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and, before he left, he wanted one last match against Skillz.

But that was dependant on contractual obligcations.  In the meantime, Rawskillz had little time to celebrate.  One week after his championship victory, he defended the PCW title against Mike Angels.  Though he was victorious, Rawskillz received first-hand experience as to how his reign would do now that M-Assignment existed!

Formed by manager (and former PCW Deputy Commissioner) Vinko the Ukranian Sex Machine, M-Assignment consisted of leader Mentallo and new PCW Tag Team Champions Angels & "Priceless" Chad Tatum.    They made no secret of their desire to see the PCW Championship around the waist of Mentallo and they took every opportunity to physically inform Skillz.

But the former champion, "Showtime" Robby Royce, had not given up either.  Both his and M-Assignment's desires were alligned and on March 2nd 2006, they united in the Eliminator, with a shot at Rawskillz on the line.

The Eliminator was a unique multiple-man tag team elimination match where the surviving members from the winning team would then face each other.  On this night, it pitted M-Assignment (Mentallo & Angels & Tatum) teaming with AJ Sanchez & Royce to face Rawskillz, Nate Hardy, Donny Dicaprio & the returning Kenny Omega!

Team Rawskillz was victorious with Skillz & Omega as the sole survivors for their team.  They then faced each other, with Rawskillz' PCW Heavyweight Championship on the line, in the night's main event.  Skillz won the match and both embraced as Omega shortly departed to report to WWE.

Rawskillz followed up that impressive night by defeating the tag team of Shock & AWE (Danny Duggan & Don Douglas) in a handicapped match while Royce & Angels battled to a DRAW in a Number One Contender's Match.

So, one week later, Rawskillz faced them both in a Triple Threat Match and was victorious once again!

AJ Sanchez then put forth a career performance in winning the Premier Rumble to secure a title match.  On April 6th, he got it, putting his PCW Open Rules Championship on the line against Rawskillz and his PCW Heavyweight Championship.  Skillz defeated Sanchez, beating him in three seconds to unify both titles, adding another item to his long list of accolades.

On April 20th, he defeated Mentallo in singles competition and followed it up with a victory over Mike Angels on May 18th.  But his luck finally ran out as the tenacious Mentallo made good on his title opportunity on May 25th.

M-Assignment was full engaged though Mentallo had never needed help in his career.  He defeated Rawskillz to win his second PCW Heavyweight Championship!  

That match did not end the feud as it quickly evolved.  Skillz would reunite with his former Assisted Suicide partner Chad Tatum, who left M-Assignment and together, they continued to battle Mentallo and his cohorts, culminating in Tatum capturing the top title himself!

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