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Halloween Hijinks, many new faces debut and Damon shocks the crowd

Friday November 8, 2002

Winnipeg, Mb – Premier Championship Wrestling presented the most unique Halloween event ever last Thursday, October 31st at the Stratosphere Nightclub. Nearly 200 screaming and costumed fans turned out to witness an awesome night of action! The PCW superstars engaged in Halloween hijinks, Adam Knight proved he is the Game, guests from ECCW debuted, a face from the past arrived to haunt Mike Davidson and “Playboy” Will Damon shocked the crowd! Here’s what happened, In Case You Missed It!

It was a night of trickery and treats on this very special Halloween edition of PCW Live at the Stratosphere. PCW ring announcer Andrew Shallcross started the night, appearing in Team Canada hockey gear and slap shooting candy into the audience. He then introduced “The Mecca” Shane Madison as his first guest. Madison’s music played, but it was PCW Creative Director and Dynasty leader Michael Davidson who came through the curtain. Davidson was dressed as Madison, wearing a tank top and track pants and carrying a fanny pack and water bottle.

When Davidson got to the ring, he even spoke like Madison and then ripped off his tear-away track pants to reveal “The Mecca’s” small yellow tights. Moments later, Davidson’s music hit and Shane Madison came to the ring dressed as Michael Davidson, complete with long leather jacket over a fat suit.

The crowd loved every minute of it, but there was business to be taken care of. Davidson announced that Madison would be facing his former tag team partner “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio. After a thrilling back and forth match, the scantily attired Davidson interfered, helping Madison to a tainted victory.

That was not all for Madison and Davidson however. In the night’s main event, Shane Madison subbed for an injured TJ Bratt and teamed with Dynasty stable mate and RAW Champion Chi Chi Cruz to take on ECCW’s Vance Nevada and “The Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight.

Nevada, a former mainstay in the Winnipeg area and the man that broke Davidson into wrestling addressed the crowd earlier in the evening. “Mr. Beefy Goodness” had not always been a crowd favorite, but the fans supported his desire to defeat the Dynasty.

When Adam Knight was introduced, it was the music of WWE’s Triple-H that played. Knight appeared dressed as his favorite WWE superstar, complete with denim/leather jacket and water bottle. The fans cheered wildly but when Knight took the microphone, it was obviously the same popular “Karaoke Cowboy” as he sang a special Halloween rendition of ‘Ghostbusters’.

In an incredible match that had the fans on the edge of their seats, Cruz and Madison got the win. After the match, Davidson was verbally abusing Knight and his manager Tracy when a fan from the audience dressed in a full gorilla costume entered the ring. To the surprise of the audience, he grabbed Davidson and gave him the player’s drop. He removed his mask to reveal it was “Playboy” Will Damon, former SSCW Heavyweight Champion. Damon, making his return from a serious back injury suffered at the hands of Davidson and Madison, received a standing ovation.

Nevada and Damon were not the only superstars making surprise appearances to combat Michael Davidson. PCW Commissioner Tom “The Man” Manos announced that the commissioner’s office had conducted an investigation into Davidson’s claims that he was a creative genius. Manos stated that Davidson was a fraud and he introduced the real brains behind the operation, Davidson’s former best friend, “The Dynasty” Steve Stryker. Stryker revealed that he was responsible for many of the tremendous creativity that PCW was known for, including Bikini Twister, Perfect Balance and The Dynasty itself. He said he e-mailed Davidson all his ideas from his office in Grand Prairie, but enough was enough. The crowd was not impressed with Stryker, reigning down a chorus of boos, but Stryker said, regardless of fan opinion, he was going to kick Davidson’s ass. That match was signed for this coming Thursday!

In other action, ECCW’s Memphis Raines battled Kenny Omega. Omega came to the ring to the music of fellow PCW Superstar Mentallo and dressed in full Mentallo outfit, including mask. After a great highflying match, Omega got the win.

Rawskillz dressed as Kenny Omega for his match and Mentallo revived a former gimmick by donning his old Hysteria outfit.

PCW midget sensation Mike Hammer dressed as Kamala, complete with painted face and body and leopard print loin cloth. He was heading to the ring to be guest judge in the costume contest and used Kamala’s music, which just happens to be the same music used by PCW Superstar Pete Chee. Apparently thinking it was his cue, Pete Chee hit the ring, grabbed Mike Hammer and tied him to the ring post. After his match, Chee untied Hammer, threw him over his shoulder and took him to the back, apparently kidnapping the young star.

During the two costume contests, Sunshine Girl Tracy filled in for Mike Hammer as guest judge. In contest one, she was wearing a very revealing nurse’s uniform. In contest two, she wore sexy leopard print outfit.

A very special thanks to all those great fans that arrived in costume!

Here is the rest of what you missed:
Kenny Omega beat ECCW’s Memphis Raines…Dean Richtor defeated Pete Chee… “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude upset Rawskillz… “The Mecca” Shane Madison beat “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio… “Class Act” Chris Parys beat “Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens…Mentallo defeated ECCW’s White Tiger to retain the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship…RAW Champion Chi Chi Cruz & “The Mecca” Shane Madison beat ECCW’s Vance Nevada & “The Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight…

Given the multitude of choices on Halloween night, PCW wishes to thank the 200 awesome fans that came out to witness one of the most unique and fun events we have ever done.

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