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The Twenty Greatest Tag Teams in PCW History!

We have assembled a committee of experts, insiders, observers & competitors to help put together this list of the very best PCW tandems of all time.  As of this writing, there have been 50 tag team championship reigns by 35 different duos, making the cut-down to only twenty a very difficult process.


Our criteria is simple and measured the following:

- Quality of Reign (length, total defenses, quality of opposition)

- Tag Team-iness (synergy, success, longevity)

- Individual Talent (talent/success of team members)

- Historical Significance

One caveat, to be included on this list, teams must have won the PCW Tag Team Championship so worthy duos such as Assisted Suicide or Kenny Omega & Nate Hardy do not qualify.

Of course, this is simply our list and yours might be different so don't beat us up too badly if you disagree.  Discuss, have fun & enjoy!

Tag Sciences Faculty

Mike Angels & Chad Tatum

There was a strong consensus among our team of expert observers and analysts that Tag Sciences Faculty would occupy the number one spot on this list.

Together, "Priceless" Chad Tatum & Mike Angels held the PCW Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions for a cumulative total of 518 days, good for second on the all-time days-as-champion list.  Their third and final reign clocked in at an impressive 350 days.

They had exceptional longevity as a duo with championship reigns that spanned a decade.  And would be considered by most to be a pure tag team with undeniable synergy combining athleticism and hard-hitting with a unique collective persona that made them both hated and beloved over their career.

Outside of Tag Sciences Faculty, both men had success in other tag teams.  Most impressively, Tatum was a member of Assisted Suicide with Rawskillz.  That team held several championships in the CWF and TRCW before entering PCW where they had a jaw-dropping Ladder Match against Perfect Balance at Commencement of Cool.  Their 2007 reunion saw them engage in many incredible bouts with the best duos of the day and narrowly miss capturing a PCW Tag Team Championship.

Angels was an early member of the legendary Team Impact in the CWF and entered PCW teaming with Dean Richtor as The Regulators where they had a great feature match at the initial Boiling Point against Kenny Omega & Mentallo.

Individually, both men rank among the greatest singles competitors in PCW history.  Both Tatum & Angels were PCW Heavyweight Champion & Canadian Champion.  Angels had a fourth PCW Tag Team Championship reign with his manager Vinko while Tatum held the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship making him one of only three Grand Slam Champions.

Not to be forgotten, in the early days of the duo, they were guided by their manager, Vinko The Ukrainian Sex Machine.  Undoubtedly, Vinko contributed in large part to their success.

Tag Sciences Faculty are the greatest tag team in PCW history!

The Experience

Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens

What more needs to be said about this duo than they held the PCW Tag Team Championship three times for a total of 448 days (and 1.5 hours), two of the top five longest reigns of the Monthly Show Era and one of the team members happens to be the best wrestler on the planet?

Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens combine talent and personality in a way rivaled only by our number one duo on this list, Tag Sciences Faculty.  When The Experience appears, fans know the match will be exceptional, dramatic, hilarious and highly entertaining!

Stevens may be over-shadowed by his famous partner but he more than holds his own as an in-ring talent.  Considered by many to be the best wrestler never to win the heavyweight championship, "The Canadian Idol" was a top contender from the day he debuted with PCW.

Trained by Don Callis, Stevens had memorable matches and feuds with a plethora of opponents.  He was also a part of another tremendous tag team, The Dynasty, where he and Ronnie Attitude had a brief reign as champion.

For his part, Omega excelled in tag team wrestling almost as much as singles competition.  He was a member of excellent duos with Mentallo, Nate Hardy & Rawskillz, where, as The Dream Team, they won the PCW Tag Team Championship.

Kenny held the PCW Heavyweight Championship a record-setting four different times, including a mind-blowing (and record) 1085 days.  While competing in PCW, Omega signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling where he held the IWGP Junior, Intercontinental, United States and World's Heavyweight Championships.

The Experience are the second greatest tag team in PCW history!

Team Impact

Anderson Tyson Moore(ATM) & "Showtime" Robby Royce

As difficult as it might be to believe, Team Impact being rated at Number Three on the list of Greatest Tag Teams in PCW history might be the most controversial selection due to how low they appear.

It's true that Team Impact has been synonymous with tag team excellence for over two decades and its widely believed that this incarnation - "Showtime" Robby Royce & ATM - are the best of the various combinations.

Royce & ATM held the PCW Tag Team Championship a record-setting four times for a 383 total days.  Their initial reign kicked off PCW's Monthly Show Era and might have been their most impressive as they defeated such talented duos such as M-Assignment, Southern Comfort, Assisted Suicide, Omega & Hardy and more.  

Their team synergy and pure tag team-iness is unparalleled and their success as a duo crossed promotional bounds.

Individually, Royce is considered one of the greatest wrestlers ever to grace Manitoba's wrestling scene.  With multiple heavyweight championships in the CWF, RME, ICW, TRCW & CWE to go along with his two PCW Heavyweight Championships and the NWA North American Championship (for which he defeated Steve Corino to ignite their decade-long feud), there aren't many better resumes in the game.

ATM, trained by Don Callis, had a 154 day reign as PCW Canadian Champion before joining CWE and winning their Heavyweight title.

Remarkably, Team Impact appears on this list three different times but the common denominator in all three selections is the inclusion of Royce who would rank highly on any list of best individual tag team wrestlers.

Team Impact - Robby Royce & ATM - are the third Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Whoresmen

Chris Raine & "Mr Amazing" Shaun Houston

Perhaps unfamiliar to many current PCW fans, The Whoresmen - "Mr Amazing" Shaun Houston & Chris Raine - are undeniably one of the greatest duos of all time.

They are two-time former PCW Tag Team Champions for a total of 238 days, all of it during PCW's Weekly Show Era.  They had more successful title defenses than almost any other team and faced more past or future Heavyweight Champions in tag team competition than perhaps any other duo.

At times, their supreme confidence made them hated.  At other times, their incredible athleticism made them fan favorites.  For a time, even as the men boo'ed, women would fight each other for the opportunity to climb in the ring an experience The Amazing Moment - rubbing lotion all over Houston's body!

Raine & Houston were best friends since childhood and that gave them a synergy unlike most other teams.  But both men moved seamlessly between tag team wrestling and singles matches.

Raine also held the PCW Canadian Championship, most impressively doing so while also holding the PCW Tag Team Championship, making him the first dual title holder in company history.

Houston defeated Rawskillz to capture the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship during the golden age of that title and had a second PCW Tag Team Championship reign with "Red Hot" Ryan Wood in 2008.

They were also key members of the Four Whorsemen, a Shane Madison-led super-clique that dominated PCW for a time.

The Whoresmen are the fourth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

Team Flex Appeal

Mike McSugar & Michael Clark with Vinko

Team Flex Appeal hold the all-time record for longest PCW Tag Team Championship reign of 545 days, all the more impressive since it was their one and only time as champion.  The next three teams on the all-time cumulative  days list required multiple reigns to even approach Flex Appeals incredible mark.

Perhaps even more impressive, McSugar & Clark were the High Impact Wrestling tag team champions when they defeated the London Dynasty to capture the PCW Tag Team Championship and the GoldDragon Tag Team title, the first duo to hold three championships simultaneously!

Team Flex Appeal defended their championships all over Central Canada.  Their tag team prowess is almost unmatched and they were one of the most popular tandems in PCW history.

As individuals, both men have won numerous championships across Canada.

In Manitoba, Flex Appeal was represented by Vinko, The Ukrainian Sex Machine.  Incredibly, Vinko appears on this list as manager of the #1 and #5 duos.

Team Flex Appeal is the fifth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!


"Vicious" Donny Dicaprio & "Playboy" Will Damon

MVP - "Playboy" Will Damon & "Vicious" Donny Dicaprio - might be the most historically significant tag team on this list that far exceeds their obvious success.

With a PCW Tag Team Championship reign of 280 days, their inclusion on this list is a no-brainer.  But it's their accomplishments before winning the gold that truly set them apart.

When professional wrestling went from the child-oriented community centre era to the high drama, high athleticism smart adult era it was for two reasons - 1) Team Impact tearing the house down at Le Rendezvous and 2) MVP tearing the house down at The Palladium Nightclub.

As far as legendary and important venues to local wrestling go, there might be none greater than The Palladium which was widely referred to as The House that MVP Built. 


Damon & Dicaprio's rare-for-the-time combination of professional look, physiques, attire and presentation made them the clear draw for a new era of wrestling fan.  And it was on their backs that PCW was formed as they, along with the incredible junior division, drove the early success of the company. 

With MVP partner "Mecca" Shane Madison, they one of the greatest super-cliques of all time. 


Dicaprio would add a second PCW Tag Team Championship to his resume with partner Rawskillz as The Elite.   Damon would add a second reign with tag team partner "Sweet" Bobby Schink in 2018!

Individually, Dicaprio was a perennial contender for every singles championship and became one of the most decorated grapplers, wrestlers and MMA fighters from the local wrestling community with several appearances in major tournaments around the world.

Damon would add a PCW Heavyweight Championship to his long list of accomplishments in addition to main eventing PCW's debut event, Commencement of Cool, against "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero, an event that still holds the modern Manitoba Indy Wrestling attendance record of over 1700 fans.

MVP is the sixth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

Mentallo & Antonio Scorpio

Two of the most decorated singles competitors in PCW history combined forces to form one of the most successful Tag Teams of all time!

Mentallo & Antonio Scorpio are two of only three Grand Slam Champions in PCW history - holders of the PCW Junior, Canadian, Tag Team & Heavyweight Championships.  That historic honor cements their individual legacies in the annals of history.

But to be a truly great tandem, two singles must form a cohesive, synergistic and successful tag team.  Mentallo & Scorpio did just that.

With two PCW Tag Team Championship reigns for a combined length of 182 days, they certainly qualify, especially as their reigns came during PCW's Weekly Show Era.  

On top of that, their greatest accomplishment might not have been the championships, but what they did with them - their first reign came as PCW was invaded by rival CWF.  Mentallo & Scorpio stepped up to defend the company against the likes of Ernie Todd, Rob Stardom & the legendary "Pitbull" Kerry Brown!

Their tag team resume also includes a third reign by Mentallo, teaming with Tyler Colton and a third by Scorpio teaming with Nate Hardy.

Mentallo & Antonio Scorpio are the seventh Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Elite

Rawskillz & "Vicious" Donny Dicaprio

What happens when you take two members of legendary tag teams and put them together?  You get The Elite - Rawskillz & "Vicious" Donny Dicaprio!

In early 2005, Robby Royce assembled a super-clique to rival even his own Team Impact, bringing Antonio Scorpio, Rawskillz & Dicaprio together as The Elite squad.

Skillz & Dicaprio quickly won the PCW Tag Team Championship from the Whoresmen and held them for an impressive 103 days!.  Individually, both men were well known for their in-ring talent and there was perhaps no two better technical masters on this list.

Rawskillz is widely considered the most decorated champion in PCW history with a plethora of championships including three PCW Junior championships, two PCW Heavyweight Championships, the man who unified the PCW, ICW, TRCW and NWA Canadian X Division Championships and retired the Open Rules title.

Rawskillz was the top guy during arguably the top period for PCW.

He won three PCW Tag Team Championships with three different partners, none of whom was Chad Tatum, his partner in the legendary Assisted Suicide.  Undeniably, Skillz was one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time.

Dicaprio added a long reign as PCW Tag Team Champion with Will Damon in MVP and, most importantly, helped make history in 2001 & 2002 as the ascension of hard-hitting, athletic, dramatic wrestling that appealed to an adult audience was largely due to the work of MVP.

The Elite are the eighth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The London Dynasty

David London & Leo London

The current PCW Tag Team Champions, as of this writing, the London Dynasty - brothers Leo & David - have held the gold a record four different times for a cumulative total of 238 days!

Perhaps hurting their standing somewhat is the fact that two of the four shortest reigns belong to the London's, including a shocking 3 minute PCW Tag Team Championship reign, the result of a Golden Ticket cash-in by "Sweet" Bobby Schink.

But they've been one of the most prolific tandems of the Monthly Show Era, often meeting and defeating the very best teams including Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens, Tag Sciences Faculty, Team Flex Appeal and Blaze & Dick.

Individually, Leo & David are talented but have been primarily a unit.  As brothers, their synergy and cohesiveness is unmatched.  They've competed all over Central Canada and held various tag team championships.

Impressively, Leo has a fifth PCW Tag Team Championship reign with James Beaver and a non-title victory over PCW Heavyweight Champion Jackie Lee!

Mostly hated by the fans, the London's are committed to winning at all costs.  Not just sneaky, Leo & David are sneaky good, often rising to their level of their opponents and the challenge at hand.  They're consumed with being recognized as the greatest duo of all time and are intent on rising on this list.

The London Dynasty are the ninth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Old School Outlaws

"King of Old School" Steve Corino & "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Any time a tandem includes a multiple-time former World's Heavyweight Champion, they will rank highly.  Combine that with a veteran the calibre of "Outlaw" Adam Knight and you've got one of the best tag teams of all time.

The Old School Outlaws - Knight & Steve Corino - defeated the top two tandems on this list to capture the PCW Tag Team Championship!  Though Corino's intense schedule prevented them from making many defences, their reign of 364 days is second only to Team Flex Appeal's record-setting mark of 545.

Synergistically, Knight & Corino wrestled a similar style, hit similarly hard, moved similarly fast and embraced an old school mentality.  

Individually, they are almost unmatched on this list.  Corino is a former ECW, NWA & AWA World's Heavyweight Champion to go with his slew of titles from a career that spanned the globe.

Knight is undoubtedly one of the most revered wrestlers ever produced by the Canadian Independent scene holding numerous titles including the TRCW, CWE and PCW Heavyweight Championships.  He held the PCW Canadian Championship twice and won the tag team title two other times with partner "Enforcer" JP Kaos!

Had Knight & Corino been able to team more frequently, the sky was definitely the limit for a tandem with the chance to be an international revelation.

The Old School Outlaws are the tenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Suicide Kings

Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier

If victory is only as sweet as the thrill of the chase, the Suicide Kings - Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier - had two very sweet reigns as PCW Tag Team Champions!

Nate & Marty were initially dismissed as simply young pretty boys, but their intense feud with Team Impact throughout 2008 & 2009 showed them to be as tough as anyone.  They engaged in several hardcore matches, TLC and multi-man contests and faced some of the very best, including a thrilling match that included Kevin Owens & Sammy Zayn!

Their 267 days combined as champions is good for sixth all time on the cumulative list and their first reign of 204 days is the 9th longest in history.

The young Labossier learned quickly from Hardy and they two combined speed, agility and quick striking.

Individually, Nate was one of the best homegrown superstars in PCW.  He won the Canadian Championship on three separate occasions, a record he holds with Jay Walker, and competed for the PCW Heavyweight Championship several times.

Hardy also teamed extensively with Kenny Omega, forming one of the best duos to never capture the gold as well as forming a great young tandem with Jon Cutler.

The Suicide Kings are the eleventh Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

Team Impact

"Showtime" Robby Royce & Darren "The Bomb" Dalton

The second of three entries on this list for duos named Team Impact, that amazing fact proves the super-clique was one of the all time greats.

This incarnation of Team Impact - "Showtime" Robby Royce & Darren "The Bomb" Dalton ran roughshod over PCW when they held the Tag Team Championship for 105 days during the Weekly Show Era!

Dalton & Royce had one of the highest successful title defence counts on the list, routinely beating such notable tandems as Assisted Suicide, The Big Sexy Beats, various incarnations of M-Assignment, Shock & AWE and many more!

Closer than brothers, the two veterans had long been a unit, dominating the CWF & TRCW before conquering PCW.

Dalton had another tag team reign with partner Spyder while Royce won the PCW gold 7 times with four different partners, an unparalleled feat.  In addition, both men had multiple tag title reigns in many promotions over the years.

As singles competitors, Royce is one of the best ever, holding the PCW Heavyweight Championship twice to go with numerous ICW, TRCW, CWF and CWE titles and defeated Steve Corino to capture the NWA North American Championship!

Dalton teamed with Adam Knight in the main event  of the inaugural Boiling Point, facing the legendary Road Warriors in front of over 1200 fans!  He was a perennial top contender to the PCW Heavyweight Championship throughout his career.

Team Impact - Robby Royce & Darren Dalton - are the twelfth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

Southern Comfort

"Enforcer" JP Kaos & "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Perhaps one of the more unlikely duos on the list, "Outlaw" Adam Knight & "Enforcer" JP Kaos formed Southern Comfort and quickly became one of the best duos in PCW History!

They exploded into the history books by beating Team Impact for the PCW Tag Team Championship in a Total Annihilation Match, their first of two reigns for a combined total of 112 days.

Together, they employed a style best described as speak softly and kick ass.  While Knight held the PCW Tag Team Championship on a third occasion with Steve Corino, Kaos quietly became one of the most prolific tag team wrestlers ever.  "The Enforcer" won five PCW Tag Team Championships with four different partners, one of the most impressive accomplishments of all time.

Individually, Knight was one of the greats, capturing the PCW Heavyweight Championship and Canadian Championship twice each, as well as holding the top gold in TRCW and CWE.

Kaos was a two-time former PCW Canadian Champion and challenged for the heavyweight title several times.

Southern Comfort are the thirteenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

William Jennings Blaze & Richard Blood

Fans were shocked when, on July 16th 2016 Billy Blaze & Dick Blood attacked Team Flex Appeal, signalling their invasion into PCW!

In very short order, Blaze & Blood established themselves as one of the all-time great duos, making history and leaving a trail of broken bodies in their wake.

When they won the PCW Tag Team Championship, they went on a quest for belts across Canada, simultaneously holding four different promotions' titles.  Their 210 day reign as PCW champs was the 7th longest reign of all time.

As a duo, their success across promotional bounds is almost unmatched.  Individually, the both had success as singles competitors, Blood holding the RME Heavyweight Championship several years ago and Blaze competing for numerous championships.

Billy Blaze & Dick Blood are the fourteenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!


Perfect Balance

Moses Luke & The Big O

Perfect Balance - Moses Luke & The Big O - would be deserving of recognition on this list simply by virtue of the historical nature of their accomplishments.  But they were so much more than that.

As one of the feature duos in TRCW in 2001, Perfect Balance helped create the scenario for PCW's creation.  Moses & O were original invitees to PCW and it was no surprise when they won a battle royale to become the first ever PCW Tag Team Champions!

While their initial reign was only 14 days, they quickly regained the titles for their second reign and finished with a cumulative total of 70 days as champion.  

One of the longest-tenured duos, the opposites-attract nature of Moses & O gave them a unique synergy.

Luke would earn two other PCW Tag Team Championship reigns, one with Sabertooth and one with EZ Ryder as well as being a former RME Champion.

Perfect Balance are the fifteenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Big Sexy Beasts

Kevin Chevy & AJ Sanchez

The Big Sexy Beasts - AJ Sanchez & Kevin Chevy - burst upon the local scene as mainstays of River City Wrestling.  Combining huge size with jaw-dropping agility, they did moves in the ring that men half their size could't do.

Their 49 day reign as PCW Tag Team Champions was exemplified by victories over such tandems as Southern Comfort, Team Impact and more!  The BSB's promising reign came to an abbreviated end when they were stripped of the gold after Chevy was dismissed.

When they returned to PCW, they went their separate ways.  Sanchez became one of the best singles competitors in the Province, setting a then-record as PCW Canadian Champion and adding a PCW  & CWE Heavyweight Championship to his resume as well.  

Chevy would form an excellent team with "Stefan Epic" Don Douglas, capturing the PCW Tag Team Championship as the Fabulous Creebirds.

The Big Sexy Beasts are the sixteenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

Los Aprendices de Mentallo

Nate Hardy & Antonio Scorpio

The commonality between Antonio Scorpio & Nate Hardy was that they were the first two students to train with PCW and were trained by Mentallo, adding a heavy weight of pressure to two young men with skys-the-limit potential.

And reach those lofty goals they certainly did.

Their 77 day reign as PCW Tag Team Champions might have been relatively short but boasted impressive victories over Southern Comfort, Team Impact and the Fabulous Creebirds!

From their time training together, Scorpio & Hardy knew each other well and worked together expertly.  Both men had two additional tag team titles on their resumes, Nate with Marty Labossier and Scorpio with Mentallo.

Both men were former PCW Canadian Champions and Scorpio also held the PCW Heavyweight Championship and Junior Championship, making him a rare Grand Slam Champion and one of the most decorated competitors in the history of the promotion.

Nate Hardy & Antonio Scorpio are the seventeenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Dream Team

Rawskillz & Kenny Omega

The sum of the parts of this tandem were two of the most decorated wrestlers in PCW history!  Put them together and you have a Dream Team - Kenny Omega & Rawskillz!

The team they beat, the Whoresmen, were insistent that no "makeshift tag team" could defeat them, but the abundance of talent on the Dream Team propelled them to victory.

Omega & Skillz held the PCW Tag Team Championship for 42 days, defeating MVP (Dicaprio & Madison), Nate Hardy & Mask of Honor and others before losing the gold back to Shaun Houston & Chris Raine.

The championship resumes of Omega & Skillz are almost too long to mention. 


As tag team wrestlers, Omega would add four additional titles with partner Chris Stevens while Skillz would end up as a three-time PCW Tag Team Champion, holding the gold with three different partners.

Individually, Skillz was considered the most decorated champion in PCW history, holding the Heavyweight Championship twice, the PCW Junior Championship three times, the NWA Canadian X Division title, the Open Rules Championship and unified the PCW, TRCW & ICW Heavyweight Championships!

Omega simply became the very best wrestler in the world. 


His 4 PCW Heavyweight Championships is a record as is his single reign of 1085 days.  He'd go on to dominate New Japan Pro Wrestling, capturing the IWGP Junior, Intercontinental, United States and World's Heavyweight Championships.

Singles glory kept Rawskillz & Kenny Omega from teaming for long, but had they remained a tandem, its likely they'd have shot to the top of this list.

The Dream Team is the eighteenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

Team Impact

"Enforcer" JP Kaos & "Showtime" Robby Royce

Incredibly, Team Impact makes their third appearance on this list, this time the incarnation of "Showtime" Robby R0yce & "Enforcer" JP Kaos.

Royce had responded to he and Alex Rain losing the PCW Tag Team Championship to Mentallo & Antonio Scorpio by recruiting Kaos in his effort to regain the gold.  They accomplished that goal on March 25th 2004, holding the title for 63 days.

Their reign was a busy one with both men maintaining a singles schedule as well and having qualified for the tournament to crown a new PCW Heavyweight Champion.  To that end, Kaos actually relinquished his spot in the tournament to "Outlaw" Adam Knight in return for Knight's help in ensuring Royce qualified.

The Outlaw/Enforcer relationship would later see them team up for two tag team championship's themselves.  

Royce's accomplishments as a singles and tag team wrestler have been well documented but Kaos was often under-rated.  He held the PCW Tag Team Championship 5 times with 4 different partners and added two Canadian Championship reigns as well.

Team Impact lost the title in May to The Whoresmen, ushering in the historic PCW careers of Shaun Houston & Chris Raine.

The Whoresmen are the nineteenth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

The Fabulous Creebirds

Stefan Epic & Kevin Chevy

What happens when you take the less prominent member of two highly regarded duos like the Big Sexy Beasts and Shock & AWE?  You get the Fabulous Creebirds, a team that, in many ways, surpassed the exploits of the aforementioned.

Stefan Epic (then known as Don Douglas) & Kevin Chevy were both former PCW Tag Team Champions with Danny Duggan & AJ Sanchez respectively but as the Creebirds, they defeated legendary tandem Assisted Suicide (Chad Tatum & Rawskillz) to capture the vacant gold on July 19th 2007.

The victory came less than three weeks after Epic and Chevy embarrassed Tatum in his hometown of Brandon, defeating him in a handicapped match and dishing out a severe beating.

The Creebirds held the championship for 98 days before being defeated by Team Impact (Royce & ATM).

Both men were primarily tag team wrestlers but Chevy was highly regarded as a shockingly athletic big man while Epic would go on to compete for the PCW Canadian Championship and become a renowned Podcaster as proprieter of the Ever Sick Podcast!

The Fabulous Creebirds are the twentieth Greatest Tag Team in PCW History!

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