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The Commish gets Revenge; Davidson gets Shaved and Cruz Returns

December 9, 2002

Winnipeg, Mb – Premier Championship Wrestling presented another great live event in front of 203 boisterous fans at the Stratosphere Nightclub this past Thursday, December 5th! The even included the biggest main event ever as the Dynasty took on Team Bobby Jay in an eight-man tag team elimination match rife with stipulations. And in the end, it was Commissioner Tom “The Man” Manos getting his revenge, Davidson losing his hair, the legendary Chi Chi Cruz receiving a hero’s welcome upon his return from a serious injury and many faces from the past made their returns. Here is what happened, In Case You Missed It!!

Fans of PCW know the seeds were planted for the big eight man tag match back on September 26th 2002 at the much talked about Back To School Bash event when, in front of 451 people, PCW vice-president Michael Davidson aligned himself with “The Mecca” Shane Madison and formed the Dynasty, attacking guest referee Andrew Shallcross, requiring 14 stitches to close the wounds. In the weeks following, “Ultra Violent” Rob Stardom left PCW rival Top Rope Championship Wrestling and joined the Dynasty as well as the legendary and current RAW Champion, Chi Chi Cruz.

The Dynasty dominated PCW, first attacking “Playboy” Will Damon in the parking lot with a tire iron and putting him on the shelf indefinitely. Then Darren “The Bomb” Dalton was knocked out of action with a severely injured back. Finally it was “Class Act” Chris Parys suffering a broken kneecap in a tag match against The Dynasty. With injuries piling up, Commissioner Tom “The Man” Manos set his sights on cleaning up PCW.

In the past few weeks, long time Manos’ employee “Diehard” Greg Romijn and “The Mecca’s” former MVP partner “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio have been granted shots at Shane Madison and Chi Chi Cruz, but the end result was always the same – Dynasty interference leading to victory.

Two weeks ago, Beautiful Bobby Jay, former owner of the now defunct Top Rope Championship Wrestling, made his PCW debut in one of the strangest segments ever as he donned a too-small shirt and shorts, a beer can helmet, proclaimed himself a slob and hosted the “Drunk Tank” – an interview segment featuring guest Donnie Dicaprio. The segment degenerated into a brawl and the match was on with Dicaprio getting the victory via tap-out. Dynasty leader and former TRCW Creative Director Michael Davidson berated Bobby in the ring after the match, revealing he had only hired Bobby so he could humiliate him as payback for firing him a year earlier. He then fired Bobby and ordered him out of the building.

PCW backstage cameras caught Bobby on his way out of the building being stopped by Commissioner Manos. Bobby reminded Manos that he had told him never to trust Davidson. The Commissioner explained he had had enough of the Dynasty and had something special in mind. Later that night, the Dynasty showed how low they would sink as one of Bobby’s closest friends, Rob Stardom renounced his Dynasty membership to join Bobby, only to turn on him and lead a Dynasty beat down on the “Beautiful One”.

Things finally came to a head as Commissioner Manos order the eight-man tag team elimination match with the Dynasty on one side and TRCW’s “Beautiful” Bobby Jay as Captain of the opposing team. Jay selected “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio and “Diehard” Greg Romijn to be his teammates with Manos announcing he would appoint a surprise partner to complete the foursome. Manos also stated that the match would have a surprise special guest referee and the following stipulations: If The Dynasty lost, Mike Davidson would lose his hair and Bobby Jay could hire one person who formally worked for TRCW. If Bobby’s team lost, he would be gone from PCW forever!

Fast forward to this past Thursday as Davidson and “The Mecca” Shane Madison started the show by proclaiming their supreme confidence and promising that The Dynasty would be victorious again. Later in the show, Commissioner Manos made a long-awaited appearance, shedding some light on the historic main event. He announced that PCW vice-president and show host, Andrew Shallcross would be the special guest referee. This would be payback of sorts for Shallcross who still bears the scars from his brutal beating at the hands of The Dynasty in September – the last time he was a guest referee. Manos maintained that the surprise partner would be revealed immediately prior to the match.

As the fans waited in anticipation, guest ring announcer BOB FM’s, Paul McMullen, introduced Shallcross and The Dynasty members one by one – Mike Davidson, “The Mecca” Shane Madison, & “Ultra Violent” Rob Stardom. RAW Champion and Dynasty Member Chi Chi Cruz was the last to be introduced for his team and received a standing ovation (more on that later). Then, “Beautiful” Bobby Jay entered the ringside area, followed by “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio and “Diehard” Greg Romijn. The surprise partner turned out to be the Commissioner himself, Tom “The Man” Manos, who immediately attacked to Dynasty. At 6’4” and 250lbs, he was an imposing figure, breaking down Madison in a test of strength.

As the match progressed, Team Bobby Jay got the first pinfall, as Dicaprio pinned Stardom with a small package. As the two men argued at ringside, Madison rolled up Dicaprio from behind at got the pin. Next to be eliminated was Greg Romijn, leaving only Bobby Jay and Tom Manos against Davidson, Madison and Cruz. With the fans going wild, Jay got the pin on Madison. As referee Shallcross attempted to get Madison to clear the ringside area, Cruz began beating down Bobby with his RAW Championship belt. Shallcross turned around in time and promptly disqualified him.


However, the damage was done, as Bobby was knocked unconscious and pinned by Davidson. It was now one on one, Manos Vs Davidson and the fans were chanting, “shave his head” in anticipation of Davidson losing. But Madison continued to make his presence known and as Shallcross struggled to get him to leave the ringside area, Davidson struck Manos with Cruz’s belt and covered him for the pin. In an excruciatingly close count, Manos powered out and the fans went crazy. With the Commissioner on his knees, Davidson threw a series of right hands. Manos shook them off and rose to his feet. The two men exchanged punched with Manos taking the advantage. He booted Davidson in the gut, picked him up over his shoulder and delivered a thunderous powerslam and scored the pin.

As the fans went wild, Manos and Bobby shaved Davidson’s head and Bobby Jay announced that TRCW would be coming back one by one starting this Thursday, December 12th!

Fans who attended the event two weeks ago witnessed a very scary moment as Real Action Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz was thrown from the ring and landed on his head and neck on the concrete floor. He lay motionless for several minutes as wrestlers and fans rushed to his side.


This past Thursday, he headed to the ring to address the fans. As soon as he was introduced, the fans rose, giving his a standing ovation. Cruz explained that it was one of the scariest moments of his life. As he recounted the incident, he said he suffered paralysis, unable to move or feel his legs for several minutes. Although he managed to walk to the back under his own power, he said he had to be taken from the building in an ambulance. He was ordered not to wrestle for three months, but he stated that he had never backed down from a challenge and wouldn’t start now, so he was going to be in the main event as scheduled.


Cruz went on to thank the fans for their support citing the ovation they gave him when he finally got to his feet as a truly emotional experience. He said that no matter what happened, having that kind of support made it all worth it. As he left the ring, Cruz received another massive ovation from the fans.

In other news, Perfect Balance – Moses Luke and the Big O – took on PCW’s newest tag team of “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude and “Red Hot” Ryan Wood. Ronnie & Woody have quickly established themselves as two of the most arrogant and hated men in wrestling and did not win any support from the fans by defeating Perfect Balance in an exceptional tag team match. After the match, the dissention between Moses and O that had been evident in the last few weeks flared up again as the two men nearly came to blows.

“Priceless” Chad Tatum made his surprise return to PCW by challenging Mentallo for the Junior Heavyweight Championship. In an awesome athletic display, the champion retained his belt with a pinfall over Tatum.

The Priceless One was not the only returning superstar of the night as Mike Angels, looking to be in the best shape of his life brutalized Rawskillz en-route to a submission victory.

In one of the most entertaining segments ever, Pete Chee dragged his ‘prisoner’ Mike Hammer to the ring for his match with Joey Royale and threatened him with unspeakable acts of violence and violation if he did not win. Midget sensation Joey Royale got the victory and Pete Chee began beating his helpless prisoner. To the shock of the fans, The Crimson Sheik made his return, saving Hammer and announcing that he was laying claim to Chee’s prisoner. He presented Hammer with a kendo stick and watched on as he repeatedly struck his former ‘master’.


Here is the rest of what you missed:

PCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Mentallo defeated “Priceless” Chad Tatum to retain his championship… “Mr. Sports Entertainment” Chris Stevens beat “The Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight…Mike Angels forced Rawskillz to tap out…”Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude & “Red Hot” Ryan Wood defeated “Perfect Balance”… Joey Royale beat Mike Hammer… In the main event, Team Bobby Jay (“Beautiful” Bobby Jay, “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio, “Diehard” Greg Romijn and Commissioner Tom “The Man” Manos) defeated The Dynasty (Michael Davidson, “The Mecca” Shane Madison, “Ultra violent” Rob Stardom and Chi Chi Cruz) when Manos pinned Davidson in the final fall. The order of elimination was as follows: Rob Stardom pinned by Dicaprio, Dicaprio pinned by Madison, Romijn pinned by Madison, Madison pinned by Bobby Jay, Cruz DQ’ed, Bobby Jay pinned by Davidson, Davidson pinned by Manos.

Rookies Sports Bar, December 2nd:
SugarDaddy Dixon beat Moses Luke…Pete Chee & Joey Royale lost to The Big O & Mike Hammer… PCW Junior Heavyweight Champion Mentallo defeated “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude to retain his title…”The Mecca” Shane Madison beat “Diehard” Greg Romijn… Rookies Manager Rob beat “UltraViolent” Rob Stardom…

Stay tuned to for huge developments within Premier Championship Wrestling!!

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