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The Dynasty Vows Revenge, Perfect Im-Balance & Woody Captures Gold

December 16, 2002

Winnipeg, Mb – Premier Championship Wrestling presented another tremendous live event from the Stratosphere Nightclub this past Thursday, December 12th, 2003. Coming off of the biggest main event in PCW history – the huge eight-man tag team elimination match - just one week earlier, PCW vice-president Mike Davidson and his Dynasty vowed revenge for their stunning defeat, Moses Luke and The Big O nearly come to blows, the legendary Mentallo is finally upset and Pete Chee establishes himself as one of the industries biggest stars! Here’s what happened, In Case You Missed It!

One week previous, Thursday December 5th, it was The Dynasty VS Team Bobby Jay in an eight-man tag team elimination match. Commissioner Tom “The Man” Manos, fed up with actions of Davidson and his Dynasty made PCW vice-president Andrew Shallcross the guest referee and donned the tights himself as Team Bobby Jay defeated The Dynasty. As per the stipulations, Davidson’s head was shaved in the ring and Bobby Jay, the owner of the now-defunct Top Rope Championship Wrestling, announced that he would be bringing a former TRCW star to PCW.

Fast forward to this past Thursday. Prior to the show beginning, the 15-foot Stratos-Tron came to live to show “The Mecca” Shane Madison arriving at the building. He was approached by Mike Davidson, waving a video tape, who announced he had evidence that he had defeated Team Bobby Jay a week earlier and had procured a court-order barring Bobby Jay from hiring anyone and from even appearing at the Stratosphere. Madison was happy but expressed concern over the huge positive ovations the fans had been giving Dynasty teammate Chi Chi Cruz. “The only thing that matters is the Dynasty,” he exclaimed. “Not the fans”. Davidson agreed, noting he wasn’t sure with Cruz’s head was at as he seemed to enjoy the fan’s responses.

Later in the show, Davidson and Madison made their way to the ring and Mike ordered the production team to play a video he had selected from the eight-man tag team elimination match that had taken place a week earlier. The video, he said, would prove he had won the match. The 15-foot Stratos-Tron came to live again and took the fans back to a week previous, late in the match as it had come down to Davidson VS Manos. Mike struck the Commissioner with Cruz’s RAW Championship Belt and covered him for the pin. It was an incredibly close count and Davidson announced that guest referee Andrew Shallcross’ hand struck the mat for the three count before Manos could kick out. The fans in attendance were not convinced, but it was the video that allowed Davidson to get a temporary court-injunction against ‘Beautiful” Bobby Jay and TRCW.

Davidson went on to vow revenge against Manos, in a shockingly intense moment. He said he would destroy the Commissioner’s life. Madison agreed stating he was going to steal Manos’ fiancé make his life a living hell. In the big tag team main event, Madison teamed with Dynasty teammate and Real Action Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Chi Chi Cruz to take on “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio & “Diehard” Greg Romijn. In a tremendously fought match, The Dynasty got their signals crossed as Cruz accidentally delivered a stunning lariat to Madison who was then covered by Romijn for the easy three-count. After the match, Cruz and Madison argued vehemently with Mike Davidson desperately trying to keep the peace. Cruz finally encouraged Madison to put their differences aside for the good of the team, but “The Mecca” continued to blame Cruz for the loss. The RAW Champion finally walked away in disgust.

In other action, newcomer “Red Hot” Ryan Wood upset Mentallo to capture the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship. Mentallo had been a fighting champion and appeared unbeatable since capturing the title from Rawskillz in a fatal four-way match at the famous Back To School Bash on September 26th, 2002. Ryan Wood had only recently joined PCW after a long and successful career with Top Rope Championship Wrestling. He had formed an uneasy alliance with PCW Superstar Ronnie Attitude. Attitude, who had won a number one contenders match over two months prior but had never received his shot at the title, was extremely upset as he appeared on the 15-foot Stratos-Tron to berate Wood for receiving the championship match before him. He even confronted Commissioner Tom Manos in the ring, demanding a title match. Manos, unhappy with Attitude’s incessant swearing and tantrum-like behavior agreed to give him Mentallo next week, but only after he paid a $5000 fine.

Unfortunately, for Attitude, his match with Mentallo next week will not be for the Junior Heavyweight Title as Ryan Wood defeated the champion and captured his first PCW gold.

Premier Championship Wrestling’s longest serving tag team, Moses Luke and The Big O – Perfect Balance – have appeared to be having problems in recent weeks. An incredibly popular duo, the fans have been confused as to what to make of their constant arguing. This past Thursday, December 12th, 2002, Moses Luke took on Dynasty member “Ultra Violent” Rob Stardom. As Luke’s partner The Big O looked, Stardom defeated Luke. A stunned crowd then watched as O slapped Luke across the face and stormed out of the ring.

There is a new hero in professional wrestling and his name is Pete Chee! The masked man began appearing for Premier Championship Wrestling some time ago, but never said a word. Several weeks ago on October 31st, he attacked little Mike Hammer, tied him up and took him as his ‘prisoner’. He would drag poor Hammer to ringside for his matches, tying him to the ring post and beating him unmercifully. The fans were not appreciative, until Chee began speaking his mind. In an unrecognizable accent, Chee began sharing his thoughts with the fans. Almost instantly, they embraced this young, troubled man as their own. One week earlier, as Chee beat his helpless prisoner, The Crimson Sheik attacked him and announced that he was stealing Hammer as his own prisoner. He handed Mike a keno stick and the now-free Hammer struck Chee several times.

This past Thursday, December 12th, 2002, Pete Chee explained to the fans that he was very sad to have lost Mike Hammer and vowed to get him back, saying 2003 would be the year of the Chee. Later in the show, The Crimson Sheik announced that he has set his sights on Chee because he could be easily outsmarted and would fall to defeat at the hands of the Sheik. He then brought out the prisoner who was wearing a child’s cat suit and made him dance for the fans. As the embarrassment continued, Pete Chee hit the ring to a massive ovation and confronted the Sheik. As the fans chanted Y2Chee! Y2Chee!, they agreed to meet one-on-one two weeks later. As Chee left the ring, the fans rose to their feet to give him one of the loudest ovations in PCW history.

Here are the full results:
Mike Angels continued his winning streak by pinning “The Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight… “UltraViolent” Rob Stardom beat Moses Luke… “Right Stuff” Ronnie Attitude defeated Pete Chee… Dean Richtor pinned SugarDaddy Dixon… “Red Hot” Ryan Wood captured the PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship by upsetting Mentallo… “Vicious” Donnie Dicaprio & “Diehard” Greg Romijn defeated “The Mecca” Shane Madison & RAW Champion Chi Chi Cruz.

In upcoming event news, PCW Live at Rookies Sports Bar continues to garner strong crowds and rave reviews. Held every Monday night in the Central Hotel in Transcona, these events are extreme and not for the faint of heart. This Monday, December 16th, 2002, “Ultra Violent” Rob Stardom takes on Rookies Manager Rob in a Bag of Thumbtacks on a Pole match and “The Mecca” Shane Madison goes one on one with “Diehard” Greg Romijn in a foreign object on a pole match. Start time is 10:30 PM.

Visit for more details.

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