2018: The Year In Review

December 24th, 2018


What a year for "Sweet" Bobby!  He entered 2018 as the first ever One Man PCW Tag Team Champion, lost the gold and regained the title at the 16th Anniversary Spectacular.  His battle with the London Dynasty spilled over to a war with the entire Gentlemen's Club, namely Alix Vanna.  In May, Schink defeated Vanna to become NXW Champion, and in October, he beat him again to capture the PCW Canadian Championship!


Schink narrowly beat out two very worthy candidates, Antonio Scorpio & Jackie "The Jet" Lee. Scorpio left the Gentlemen's Club and put forth a career performance by running the Gentlemen's Gauntlet, culminating in a victory over Lee for the PCW Heavyweight Championship.  Jackie made history by becoming the first & only Dual Champion when he defeated Scott Justice for the PCW Canadian Championship.

"Sweet" Bobby Schink

Wrestler of the Year


If the London Dynasty spent the last few years fighting for respect, 2018 was the year they cemented themselves in the history books.  The won the PCW Tag Team Championship on two occasions, the latter their record-tying fourth!  That reign, currently active as the year came to a close, will be top five for longevity early in 2019.  

Leo & David raised eyebrows with a tremendous triple threat victory over legendary duos, Team Impact & The Fabulous Creebirds.  

The London's were the best of a solid class of tandems in 2018.  "Sweet & Tasty" became extremely popular, Team Impact reconstituted with Royce, ATM & Moses Luke and The Old School Wrecking Crew returned to PCW.  While 2019 presents a grave challenge to the London Dynasty, their incredible 2018 proves if any team can stay on top of the mountain, it's them!

The London Dynasty

Tag Team of the Year


Perhaps no two wrestlers were tailor-made to do battle more than Jackie Lee & Scott Justice.  Their two-year odyssey began in 2016 and saw them fight across the Country, crossing promotional bounds and swapping championships.

Justice, then-RCW Champion, defeated Jackie to capture the PCW Heavyweight Championship in Calgary, Ab as 2016 came to a close.  Their war returned to PCW in Winnipeg , climaxing in a phenomenal TLC match at the 15th Anniversary Spectacular in March 2017.    As that year expired, Justice won the PCW Canadian Championship, creating an historic showdown for 2018.

At New Years Knockout, their incredible feud finally ended as Scott & Jackie faced off in a Title vs Title contest.  When the smoke had cleared, PCW had its first-ever dual champion in Jackie Lee...and a bonafide Match of the Year!

It was a close call with many great matches to choose from, including the incredible Casket Match, Kenny Omega's return and so many others.  But for in-ring brilliance, high stakes and historic value, Jackie vs Justice set the standard in 2018.

Jackie Lee vs Scott Justice - New Years Knockout!

Match of the Year


Perseverance, dedication,  over-coming adversity and a willingness to never quit.  Those are the qualities that inspire us the most.  And they are the foundational values of Jay Walker.

2018 was perhaps the worst year in Walker's career.   It began with such promise as Walker competed for a shot at the PCW Canadian title, a championship he had worn more than anyone else.  A victory over Alix Vanna and an eye-opening shot at Jackie Lee's PCW Heavyweight Championship were highlights.

At the Anniversary show in March, Jay literally refused to Quit when beat James Beaver in an "I Quit" match, chasing Beaver from PCW.    But he was never quite the same, earning the ire of young behemoth Kevin O'Doyle, who attacked Jay at every opportunity.  Walker refused to back down from his much larger opponent, culminating in a ground-breaking Casket Match.  

It was the direct involvement of Alix Vanna that allowed O'Doyle to bury Walker and though he has not been seen in PCW since, Jay's motivational resurgence on social media leaves little doubt that 2019 will be a year of renewal.  

2018 saw many examples worth celebrating, including Jackie Lee & Robby Royce each returning from a broken legs, Scorpio's revival and defeat of the Gentelemen's Club and others.  But it was Jay Walker who's character and determination inspired so many through his professional and personal efforts.

Jay Walker

Inspirational Wrestler of the Year


When PCW announced the return home of Kenny Omega, tickets sold out in a matter of hours.  400+ people jam-packed Doubles Bar for the homecoming - and birthday celebration  -  of the best wrestler in the world!

But fans received much more than they expected when Don Callis himself showed up for the festivities.  The Impact Wrestling Vice President & New Japan Pro Wrestling commentator received a standing ovation from the shocked, but joyous audience as he entered the ring and addressed his former protege Omega.

There were many moist eyes as Callis greeted Kenny's parents and told the story of being mentored in wrestling by Kenny's Uncle The Golden Sheik, and of the advice Callis gave to a young Omega just breaking into the business.  

The emotional heartwarming turned to shock...and then anger as Callis berated a solemn Omega that he "...and your friends the Young Bucks ruined the business!".  At Don's behest, the London Dynasty attacked Kenny and the fight was on.

Though the evening ended well for Omega as he and Chris Stevens were eventually victorious, no one will ever forget Don Callis' shocking appearance that had the entire wrestling world talking!

Don Callis Betrays Kenny Omega

Impact Moment of the Year


This was a close call as PCW's Commissioner & Minority Owner Christopher Marxwell received a lot of consideration for his "Big Balls, Right Calls" mantra over the past year+.

But our team of analysts gave the nod to young Shane McLovin who returned to PCW full time in 2017 and brought with him a veteran calmness and consistent quality that was much needed throughout the chaos of 2018.

The honour is shared by the naming of the award for long-time Manitoba referee Lenny Travis who passed away only weeks ago.  The unanimously respected Lenny was very much missed in the ring in 2018 and will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of working with him.

His core pillars of enthusiasm, consistency, character and positivity are the cornerstones of any great official, qualities McLovin demonstrates on a nightly basis.

Shane McLovin

Lenny Travis Memorial "Eagle Eye" Official of the Year