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"Dark Angel"

Winnipeg, Manitoba - 125 lbs - 5'5"

PCW Debut:  March 13th, 2003 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

PCW Results: 

March 13th, 2003 - w/Chi Chi Cruz, loss to Adam Knight & Mad Man Williams

April 3rd, 2003 - loss to Ryan Wood - Stratosphere Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

April 7th, 2003 - loss to Greg Romijn - Rookies Sports Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

May 8th, 2003 - loss to Chris Stevens - Stratosphere Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

November 4th, 2004 - defeated Chi Chi Cruz - LID Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

November 11th, 2004 - loss to Robby Royce - LID Nightclub - Winnipeg, Mb

Signature Moves: Tiger Bomb, La Tapatia, Camel Clutch


PCW Notes:

Filmed WWE try-out tape at PCW events

Notable Distinctions:

TNA Women's Tag Team Championship (2X) w/ Rosita, w/Taylor Wilde

Wonder of Stardom Championship

CMLL Bodybuilding Competition Winner (8X)

FILL Women's Championship

Nuevo Leon Women's Championship

Graduated with Honours from University of Manitoba

Speaks Three Languages

WWE Developmental Trainer

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