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PCW's "Boiling Point" Results & Analysis!

Saturday, July 29th 2017

WINNIPEG, Mb - It was an a hot, steamy, action-packed night of twists and turns at PCW's aptly-named "Boiling Point" this past Saturday Night at Doubles Bar!  While it might have been 38 degrees outside, the events inside the bar were scorching.


"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated "The Prodigal Son" Scott Justice

The evening began with a rematch from the Premier Cup even last month, a match many in attendance had called the best of the night.  While the accomplished Justice, a former PCW Champion, came out on top in that one, it was Schink's time to shine on this night.

The two men set a high standard for the night with a long athletic contest.  Numerous times, the fans thought it was over only for the nearly-beaten man to list a shoulder at the last moment.  In the end, it was Schink executing a picture-perfect Sweet Schink Music super kick that finally put Scott down for good.

Post match, in a sign of mutual respect, both men shook hands as the crowd gave them both a standing ovation.

The Seeds of Evil defeated David London & DRAGNEEL

Trent Nash and his young protege JL Spiker were out first but not for long as Nash gave Spiker a public scolding.  Nash felt Spiker wasn't there for him the previous month and felt his performance was less than inspiring.  He told the young rookie that he would be standing at ringside to watch and not wrestling.

Instead, Nash introduced his new partner, the returning veteran EZ Ryder!  The crowd erupted as Ryder, one of the most respected wrestlers and multiple-time former champion, entered the ring.

Event Host, "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein introduced their opponents, The London Dynasty, but only David and PCW Canadian Champion Alix Vanna entered.  Along with Leo London, the three men called themselves "The Gentlemen's Club"

David explained that Leo had been suspended due to an assault on a fan stemming from the same fan refusing to apologize for interfering in the Premier Rumble two months ago.  David said since Leo was suspended, this match was cancelled.

PCW Minority Owner Chris Marxwell entered the ring.  He confirmed Leo was, indeed, suspended and pledged to personally conduct an exhaustive internal investigation.  Regardless, the match was still on and Marxwell assigned David a new partner, DRAGNEEL!

DRAGNEEL entered to a surprisingly raucous ovation.

David did not look amused or impressed.  Neither did his partner for that matter.  Marxwell ordered Vanna banned from ringside.

The return of EZ Ryder proved to be a successful one as the Seeds of Evil pinned DRAGNEEL for the victory.

PCW Heavyweight Championship
Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) vs Mike Angels

Unusually, the champion was out first.  Although normally very jovial, Jackie appeared to be in a very serious mood.  He took the microphone and reminded the audience that two months ago, he had been attacked from behind by Robby Royce - who doesn't even work for PCW - and eliminated from the Premier Rumble.

Last month, Jackie had demanded Royce confront him man to man, eye to eye and had many disparaging things to say about the 26 year veteran.

On this night, Jackie pointed out that his demand had gone unmet.  He said it proved Royce was a coward.  The champion ended by sarcastically saying he didnt even know who Robby Royce was.

Mike Angels was out next.  He told Jackie that his reputation had preceded him, that Jackie was the talk of the business.  And Angels agreed, saying Jackie was very good.  But he had some advice for the young champion.  He said when you face a man of Angels' caliber and resume, to spend two minutes talking about someone else was disrespectful. 

Jackie retorted that he did respect him.  But "between Robby Royce and now Mark Angles, what is this, the seniors tour?"

This Heavyweight Championship match turned out to be the match of the night.  The crowd was boisterous and hung on every move, counter move and two-count.

Angels finally applied his patented Stomach Claw and nearly forced Jackie to submit.  A Palm Strike and Curb Stomp later and the champion was victorious.

As Jackie Lee celebrated his victory, suddenly, Robby Royce entered the ringside area.  He grabbed the mic from Hammerstein and finally addressed his actions.

He referenced Jackie having called him out.  Then Royce climbed into the ring and stood face to face with the PCW Heavyweight Champion.

He scoffed at the notion that Jackie didnt know who he was, so be educated him.  Royce said he was the man that paved the way 26 years ago for guys like Jackie.  That he was the X Division for the X Division was even created.  That he was the first man to wrestle a name superstar in Winnipeg and beat him in the ring.  He said no one who made a name for themselves in Winnipeg did so until they got in the ring with Royce first.  And he specifically mentioned Rawskillz, Mike Angels, Chad Tatum and Kenny Omega.

Royce admitted that Jackie was good, but "you're not great.  You wouldn't know greatness if it slapped you in the face".  The crowd buzzed...and Royce delivered a hard slap to Jackie's head.

Jackie responded with punches and the fight was on.  But the savvy veteran Royce took the advantage and laid Jackie out with the Angels' Wings.  He knelt beside the fallen champion and said "do you know my name now, kid?  I'm Robby F*****G Royce!".  As he delivered more blows, Scott Justice hit the ring.

Royce slid to the floor, a huge smile on his face as he insulted Justice and reminded them both that he had won tag team gold with a lot of different guys.  And he'd bring one of them next event to face Scott and Jackie in the ring!

Mike McSugar defeated James Beaver

The hugely popular Mike McSugar returned to PCW to face James Beaver.  Conspicuous by his absence was Beaver's mentor Jay Walker.  Following the show, Walker indicated he had taken leave of PCW to find himself.

Beaver was, perhaps, more aggressive than we have seen in some time.  But the former PCW Canadian Champion looked impressive.  McSugar responded with a lengthy and unique "French Sleeper Lock", where he sealed his lips around the mouth of Beaver in such a manner as to slowly bring about unconsciousness.

The referee checked Beaver's right arm, which dropped twice, but the Cockeyed Cockney battled back to break the hold.

McSugar would ultimately prevail.

Post Match, an irate Beaver attacked McSugar.  As he was about to deliver a devastating blow, Bobby Schink ran into the ring and implored him to stop.  They engaged in a private conversation but whatever Schink said, it had a calming effect on Beaver and the two men left together.

Gauntlet Match
Moses Luke defeated Alex Anthony, Jak Lydon, Tyler Rose, Ace Riviera

The 400lb German Juggernaut entered the ring.  He had demanded more competition from PCW and the Minority Owner Chris Marxwell obliged, entered Luke into a Gauntlet Match!

Up first was Alex Anthony, the super athletic American wrestler used his superior speed and agility to keep Moses off guard.  But the veteran Luke used his size advantage to secure the pin.

Next was young rookie Jak Lydon.  He looked promising in the short time he was in the ring.  Unfortunately, the superior experience of Luke allowed him to deliver a massive lariat for the pin.

The small but tenacious Tyler Rose was out next.  He immediately attacked Moses!  Shockingly, he managed to get the big man off his feet and unleash several senton bombs.  But Moses kicked out, launching Rose six feet back.  One lariat later, and it was over.

Ace Riviera walked to the ring.  As he did so, he was serenaded by the fans with chants of "Mo is gonna kill you" and heckled about his impending demise at the hands of Luke.

But Riviera was no rookie.  The accomplished professional from Saskatchewan had faced big men before and sneered off the fans.  If Moses felt his earlier opponents were not overly challenging, he fund out quickly that Ace was something different.

Although Moses managed to throw Ace around seemingly at will, Riviera came back aggressively and took the fight to Luke.  This fall went longer than the three previous combined as Ace refused to lose.  Unfortunately, he refusal was moot as Moses finally wore him down and forced him to accept defeat.

An exhausted Moses stood victorious, cementing his claim as a top contender to the PCW Championship.

PCW Canadian Championship
Alix Vanna(c) vs Antonio Scorpio

The PCW Canadian Champion Alix Vanna was accompanied to the ring by David London who held Vanna's Premier Cup trophy high in the air.  Antonio Scorpio entered to a strong reaction and looked incredibly focused.

Before the match began, PCW Minority Owner Chris Marxwell returned, announcing that David was banned from ringside and he was personally replacing referee Lenny as the in-ring official for the match.

Vanna was irate.  Marxwell claimed he understood why Scorpio had been so angry for so long, feeling he had been screwed by the company.  But Marxwell vowed that no one would interfere in this match on his watch!

The two men engaged in a thrilling contest and Scorpio appeared poised for victory.  He had a painful submission locked on Vanna in the middle of the ring.  However, a "fan" at ringside pulled Vanna close enough to the ropes to force a break.

An incredulous Scorpio had no idea what had happened.

Vanna took advantage of the situation to recover and force Scorpio on the ropes.  As Marxwell backed Vanna up, the "fan" superkicked Scorpio.  He staggered backwards and Vanna laid him out for the pin.

Post Match, the "fan" was revealed to be an incognito Leo London!  He and David hit the ring to celebrate with Vanna and threatened to assault Scorpio.  However, the Seeds of Evil ran in and began brawling with the Gentlemen's Club.

A still-seething Scorpio only watched....and then struck Marxwell from behind.  The fans were stunned.  Scorpio grabbed JL Spiker and tossed him from the ring.  As a confused and concerned Nash & EZ tended to Spiker, Scorpio stood alone in the ring.

He delivered a devastating Tombstone Piledriver to Marxwell before taking the mic and declaring that he was sick of this BS and that "If you can't beat em, join em".  He held up a Gentlemen's Club shirt and draped it over Marxwell's prone body.


Scorpio left the ring alone, and the Gentlemen's Club re-entered to celebrate over an unconscious Marxwell.

Quick Results:

Bobby Schink defeated Scott Justice

The Seeds of Evil (Trent Nash & EZ Ryder) defeated David London & DRAGNEEL

Jackie Lee(c) defeated Mike Angels

Mike McSugar defeated James Beaver

Moses Luke defeated Alex Anthony, Jak Lydon, Tyler Rose, Ace Riviera

Alix Vanna(c) defeated Antonio Scorpio

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