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PCW's Top Cock! - Review & Analysis!

Friday, February 15th, 2019

WINNIPEG, MB - Premier Championship Wrestling presented their aptly named "Top Cock" event live at Doubles Bar, this past Friday Feb. 15th!  It was a night that will not soon be forgotten as controversy & adversity reigned supreme, but in the end, Top Cock was historic and successful!

Before the night even began, PCW Founder Andrew Shallcross took to the ring to address the fans.  First sending a heart-felt contraulations to home-grown talent Kenny Omega, on his signing with All Elite Wrestling, Shallcross next turned his attention to the Top Cock headliner, Dalton Castle.

Shallcross revealed that the former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion was experiencing ridiculous travel issues including three delayed flights, being re-routed to an unplanned city and a missing pilot.  The "Party Peacock" had sent a message for the fans - "I am on my way.  I will be there and we're going to kill it!"

Shallcross told the fans they were now as emotionally invested in the show as the promoters and wrestlers...that they were in it together and while they might all have a late night, they'd overcome the adversity together!

The Gentlemen's Club was out first to begin the event, notably absent were their business manager Michael James Arnott and his personal security Kevin O'Doyle.  The PCW Tag Team Champions, the London Dynasty, began by proclaiming themselves the most elite duo in wrestling.  They pointed out their record-tying four PCW Tag Team Championship reigns and claimed they had no legitimate contenders.  Which is why, they said, PCW was forcing them to wrestle Bobby Schink & Travis Cole - Sweet & Tasty!

Alix Vanna snatched the microphone from the London's and demanded they shut up.  This drew some cheers from the audience though most absolutely loathed Vanna.  He explained that "no one cared" about the tag team title, that the focus of the Club should be on him and the fact he was robbed of the PCW Canadian Championship by Schink.

Vanna offered no apology for his steel chain attack on Schink last month and claimed if he had the chance he'd do it again and put Schink down "for good."  He told the London's that they let him down and were never there for him or Jackie Lee, who hadn't been seen since losing the PCW Heavyweight Championship several months ago.  Vanna said he was always there for the London's and would always be there for the London's "whether they needed it or not."

And finally, Vanna brushed off the challenge of Dalton Castle, saying he was great, was a former world heavyweight champion, but was not the Top Cock because everyone knew he, Vanna, was the biggest cock in the business.

"Old School Wrecking Crew (Darren Dalton & Adam Knight) vs Team Impact (Robby Royce & ATM)

The veteran duo of "Outlaw" Adam Knight & Darren "The Bomb" Dalton were out first to a strong ovation from the fans.  But when their opponents were introduced, only Robby Royce appeared.  He explained that the scheduled street fight was off due to the fact his partners ATM & Moses Luke both had more important things to do.  But Royce explained, he had a hungry young partner ready to step in....Jack Pride!

The newcomer to PCW entered carrying his Real Canadian Wrestling Alberta Championship and although the fans didnt know what to make of him at first, they soon realized he someone to pay attention to!  In fact, Pride had both Wrecking Crew members back on their heels with his athleticism, but he also had arrogance to match his talent, walking out on Royce who was quickly swarmed and pinned.

Winners: The Old School Wrecking Crew

Post match, Knight expressed his outrage at Royce's partners not being there saying they were cowards and challenging them to show at next event and take part in the street fight they'd promised.

Top Cock Qualifier

"Sweet" Bobby Schink(c) vs "Old Towne Tyrant" Kevin O'Doyle

The other half of the hugely popular Sweet & Tasty", Bobby Schink received, perhaps, the ovation of the year upon his entrance.  

O'Doyle had done his best in December to take Schink out but it evidently, did not work.  The PCW Canadian Champion was back and looking better than ever.

This was a clash of power, though Schink had a decided speed advantage, O'Doyle muscled him around several times.  With a short 15 minute Time Limit for Top Cock Qualifying matches, these two beat each other right to the end.

Winner: Draw

As a result of the draw, both men advanced in the Top Cock Challenge!

PCW Heavyweight Championship

Antonio Scorpio(c) vs ATM

It was at December's Seasons Beatings event that ATM won a Christmas Wish Battle Royale to earn this title opportunity.  Coincidentally, it was one year ago at 2018's New Years Knockout that ATM defeated Scorpio in a #1 Contender's match.  Would history repeat itself?

No, it wouldn't.  But these two had a hell of a contest.  Scorpio has looked rejuvenated since opting out of the Gentlemen's Club a few months ago, successful running the Gentlemen's Gauntlet and beating Jackie Lee for his second PCW Heavyweight Championship.

In the best shape of his life and with the experience of nearly 17 years wrestling, Scorpio is easily the top guy in the territory.  But ATM was no slouch, a former multiple-time PCW Tag Team Champion, Canadian champion and former CWE Heavyweight Champion.  Plus, he makes a strong argument that he defeated Jackie in a disputed & controversial decision in 2017.

Not unexpectedly, this was a hard-hitting affair.  Scorpio was on the receiving end of an elbow that dropped him and nearly cost him the championship.  Though groggy, he recovered.  While trying to avoid some of the hardest chops in the game, ATM ducked out of the way, taking a knife-edge chop to the face that broke his nose and left him gushing blood.

Scorpio capitalized, forcing ATM to tap out.

Winner: Antonio Scorpio

Following a refreshing intermission, Dr. Marty Gold came out with an important update on the United States Political Asylum claim of young JL Spiker.

Marty, noting that the American Federal government was currently in the midst of a historically long shut down, had used his political connections to fast track the asylum claim and he was pleased to announce that Spiker's request had been granted!  He introduced the new "American Psycho" JL Spiker!

Spiker entered to new music (the acclaimed hit "America" by Neil Diamond), sporting a hot new eagle-motif singlet, 4th of July shades, MAGA hat and proudly waving the Stars & Stripes!

Marty looked a little surprised initially and definitely not thrilled when Spiker placed a MAGA hat on his head.  Marty angrily tossed the hat into the crowd and walked off.

PCW Tag Team Championship

"American Psycho" JL Spiker & DRAGNEEL vs The London Dynasty(c)

Even Spiker's own partner, the returning DRAGNEEL, did not look overly amused at his outfit.  Though DRAGNEEL was very popular, the fans were decidedly against Spiker.

They were also decidedly against The London Dynasty who were accompanied by their business manager Michael James Arnott.  Despite the lack of support, there really is no reasonable way to discredit the London's who have established themselves as one of the best duos in PCW's history.

Not only do their statistics support that, their work in this match was top notch.  As brothers, they have a connection few other tandems do and as veterans they've created a cooperative unity virtually unmatched.  

The match came about due to the London Dynasty's open challenge.  Although an odd pairing, the speed and agility of DRAGNEEL complimented the power of Spiker to create a difficult challenge for the champions.  But Leo & David were victorious in the end.

Winners: The London Dynasty

Post match, Spiker was not amused that DRAGNEEL had taken the match-losing pinfall and laid him out with a chokeslam before draping the American flag over him and proclaiming "God Bless America!"

He exited to a chorus of boo's.

"Outlaw" Adam Knight vs "Pissed Off Pitbull" Robby Royce

 Seinfeld was the top comedy, ER ruled the TV airwaves, Gangsta's Paradise, Waterfalls and Kiss from a Rose were on everyone's favorite mix tape and a young Adam Knight, not yet an "Outlaw" stepped into the ring for the first time.

It was 1995, in front of an enthusiastic crowd gathered for River City Wrestling - the young upstart wrestling promotion run by the incomparable Wayne Stanton - as Knight nervously adjusted his mask (a not uncommon way to protect the identity of a highly-touted prospect as he learned the ropes).

Staring across the ring at him with a cocky smirk was four-year veteran Robby Royce.  This moment was special for both men as it was Royce who helped train Knight for his pro career. 

Still just a youngster himself, Royce was one of the most talented in-ring performers in the territory and when the more established veteran "top guys" didn't have time for the "kids" that showed up to train, Royce was happy to step in. 

And so began one of the most endearing rivalries in Canadian wrestling history!  With 50 years of experience between them and many more championships than that won by both men, Knight & Royce would become the torchbearers, locker room leaders & watchdogs of the territory.

In PCW, these two engaged in a heated feud that saw Royce blow fire in Knight's face leaving him with temporary facial, but permanent psychological, scarring.  It saw Knight physically threaten Royce's family.  And it ended only after a violent iron man match, washed away by the copious blood spilled by both men.

But did it ever really end?   As gifted and lauded as both men have been as singles competitors, they hold nearly as many accolades in tandem action.  And so re-ignited their vicious rivalry when Knight's Old School Wrecking crew faced Royce's Team Impact!

If there could be a winner in such a taxing scenario it would be the fans.  And on this night, they could feel it.  There was a palpable electricity in the air as "Filthy" Josh announced the match, the fans erupting at the prospect of seeing these two legends go at it one more time.

Hated, but respected, Royce was out first, accompanied by his long time best friend ATM (who carried a bag of ice against his deformed nose).  Next was Knight, beloved on this occasion and just as respected, accompanied by his partner Darren "The Bomb" Dalton.

Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Cher would have been proud as these two men appeared to turn back time on this night.  

Royce invoked thoughts of "Showtime" of lore as he bounded off the ropes like a man half his age, executed a picture-perfect hurricanrana and flew around the ring.  With the wind billowing through his hair, Knight was the "Outlaw" of legend, crushing every blow laid on his opponent.

With Knight in control, ATM pulled the official from the ring.  Dalton responded quickly and the match degenerated exactly as one would suspect with these four involved.   A wild brawl.  Royce, perhaps the sneakiest of veterans, took the opportunity to deliver a brutal blow to Knight's nether regions, and was able to secure the pin.

Winner: Robby Royce

Post Match: Knight challenged Team Impact to face them at Top Cock in a street fight!  Royce & ATM appeared to agree but were focused on Royce as it was learned he suffered a badly strained hamstring that required medical attention.

Top Cock Challenge

Alix Vanna vs Kevin O'Doyle vs Bobby Schink vs Jay Walker

Jay Walker was the Wild Card participant and the other three advanced from the Top Cock Qualifiers.  Alix Vanna's warning to O'Doyle was fresh on everyone's mind as they entered the ring together.  The fact Schink qualified rather then be eliminated earlier put a permanent scowl on the face of Vanna.

Battle lines were clearly drawn as Club members O'Doyle & Vanna stood on one side and sometimes-allies Schink & Walker stood on the other.  Jay was a big crowd favorite as he returned for the first time since being buried alive in a casket by the Boston Bruiser last October.

Vanna was a man possessed in this match, clearly determined to back up his vow to prove he was Top Cock and that he'd "settle all Club business".  He ordered O'Doyle around and the big man complied.  But a miscue resulted in Vanna being splashed by O'Doyle and all bets were off.

It worked both ways as Schink & Jay, cooperating early, squared off one on one, neither man gaining the advantage.  

"Sweet" Bobby hit a thrilling dive to the floor and as Vanna tried to cut off Jay on the top turnbuckle, the "Social Media Superstar" clobbered him, sending "Kid Dynamite" flying backwards into O'Doyle's waiting arms.

Back in the ring, O'Doyle had Schink up, preparing to powerslam him when Vanna produced a steel chain, wrapped it around his fist and shockingly struck his own man in the back of the head.  O'Doyle fell forward, splashing Schink.  Vanna then struck Schink with the chain and pinned him.

Winner: Alix Vanna

Post Match:  Vanna continued the beating with the London Dynasty joining him.  As referee Shane McLovin tried to stop them, Vanna attacked him too.  Blaming him for his prior loss, Vanna produced scissors and clippers and embarrassingly cut the luscious long locks of the young McLovin.  

As Schink tried to fight back, he was beaten down again and repeatedly struck with the chain.  Vanna then wrapped it around his neck and choked him unconscious.  Travis Cole hit the ring to a thunderous ovation, but was soon overwhelmed by the superior manpower of the Club.

Enraged, Vanna kept brutalizing Schink.  Even the London's tried to calm him down.  Vanna shoved them away and continued his attack.  Disgusted, The London's abandoned him and left the ringside area.

Vanna took the mic, held McLovin's hair and the chain aloft and declared himself the Top Cock and vowed to end Dalton Castle forever!

Quick Results:

Alix Vanna b. Travis Cole - Top Cock Qualifier

Bobby Schink DRAW Kevin O'Doyle - Top Cock Qualifier

Antonio Scorpio(c) defeated ATM - PCW Heavyweight Championship

The London Dynasty(c) defeated JL Spiker & DRAGNEEL - PCW Tag Team Championship

Robby Royce defeated Adam Knight

Alix Vanna defeated Kevin O'Doyle, Bobby Schink & Jay Walker - Top Cock Challenge

Next Event:

PCW's "Top Cock"

Featuring "The Party Peacock" Dalton Castle

Friday, Feb. 15th, 2019

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Doors Open: 8PM, Bell Time: 9PM

Food Menu, Full Liquor Service 

Tickets Only $20

Announced Matches:

Dalton Castle vs Alix Vanna 

Team Impact vs Old School Wrecking Crew - Street Fight

Plus Much More!

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