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"The Bomb"

Dugald, Manitoba - 285 lbs - 6'1"

Trainer: Brian Jewel, Chi Chi Cruz

Pro Debut:  March 20th, 1998 -  (Canadian Wrestling Federation)

Won a Battle Royale - Lincoln Hotel - Winnipeg, Mb

PCW Debut:   January 26th, 2002

Defeated Shane Madison - Minnedosa, Manitoba


Signature Moves: Death Valley Driver

Affiliations: Team Impact, Tattoo'ed Terminators, Old School Wrecking Crew

AKA: Dr. Dalton - Certified Anger Management Counselor


Notable Distinctions:

PCW Tag Team Championship (2x) w/Robby Royce, w/Spyder

CWE Open Rules Championship (Canadian Wrestling's Elite)

CWF Heavyweight Championship (Canadian Wrestling Federation)

CWF Tag Team Championship (5x) w/EZ Ryder, w/Robby Royce(2x), w/Gene Swan, w/Axe

Headlined PCW's Boiling Point w/Adam Knight vs The Road Warriors

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