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Nagoya, Japan - 185 lbs - 5'8"

PCW Debut:  January 31st, 2008 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

PCW Results: Defeated Mentallo - The Lid Nightclub

Signature Moves: Asai DDT, Asai Moonsault, Dragon Bomb


PCW Notes:

Drew sell out for PCW's "Enter The Dragon"

Wrestled Kenny Omega for WFX the night before

Held seminar for wrestlers at the LID Nightclub

Notable Distinctions:

IWGP World Junior Heavyweight Championship (2X)

WCW World Cruiserweight Championship (2X)

WCW World Television Championship (2X)

WWE World Light Heavyweight Championship

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship 

All Japan World Junior Heavyweight Championship (2X)

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