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PCW's "Hellbound" Results & Analysis!

Friday, October 27th 2017

WINNIPEG, Mb - It was a chilly night outside but a hot live event inside Doubles Bar for PCW's annual Halloween extravaganza "Hellbound", this past Friday, October 27th!

Antonio Scorpio vs DRAGNEEL

There was a lot of emotion in this one as the young DRAGNEEL returned, not quite fully healthy to face a man he had admired for years.  At the last event, DRAGNEEL had confronted Antonio Scorpio when the latter announced he was joining the Gentlemen's Club.  DRAGNEEL explained to Scorpio that he had seen him wrestle when he was just a child and it had inspired him to train for a career in the squared circle himself.

He implored Scorpio to reject the Gentlemen's Club offer and stand on his own.  Scorpio responded at the time by Tombstoning DRAGNEEL and injuring his neck.

DRAGNEEL finally go a chance to get his hands on Scorpio in an official capacity and wasted no time in taking his youthful frustrations out on the would-be mentor he felt let him down.  They fought all around the ringside area in a heated contest.  But Scorpio, the wily veteran, countered a dive, hoisted DRAGNEEL into the air and, as the young man struggled, Scorpio executed a DDT.  One Tombstone later and Scorpio was victorious.

Winner: Antonio Scorpio

Post Match:  The rest of the Gentlemen's Club - PCW Canadian Champion Alix Vanna & The London Dynasty - entered the ring to celebrate with Antonio Scorpio.  Vanna said they'd be celebrating all night long when the London's won the PCW Tag Team Championship later in the evening.

Event Host "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein interrupted and introduced PCW Founder Andrew Shallcross.  Shallcross said he was there for two reasons.  First of all, he brought local radio broadcaster James Korba into the ring.  Korba was joined by his legal consultant Michael James Arnott.  Shallcross summarized the issue - Korba had exercised his right to praise and criticize local sports and wrestling events on his radio program, in particular, engaging in several scathing reviews of Leo London.  London had become incensed and, during a heated on-air debate, assaulted Korba.

Arnott had arranged a legal settlement that included cash, corporate shares and several other considerations, but Korba declined in favour of one thing - a match against Leo.

Shallcross produced the contract and both men signed.  He then drew the Gentlemen's Club's attention to a clause stipulating that PCW could appoint either man to appear in any capacity and announced Korba would be the special outside the ring enforcer for the night's Tag Team Championship match!  The Gentlemen's Club were incensed!

Shallcross then revealed that PCW's next live event at Doubles would feature the return of Kenny Omega!

Jack Lydon vs Kevin O'Doyle

PCW's Director of Talent Acquisition "Coach" Kelly Russel was out for the next segment.  He lamented his previous "acquisition", the Young Puks (from Pukatawagon, Manitoba) but said he had a bigger signing this month - the 36olb Kevin O'Doyle!

Making his PCW debut, O'Doyle was impressive, using his size and power advantage to bully the smaller Jack Lydon.  However, Lydon, quick and agile, countered a miss into the Rings of Saturn for the impressive tap out victory

Winner: Jack Lydon

PCW Canadian Championship

Alix Vanna(c) vs "Sweet" Bobby Schink

Alix Vanna said that he had heard all the rumours and speculation that Bobby Schink might cash in the Golden Ticket Open Contract on him and try to steal the Canadian Championship.  Vanna said he wasnt going to walk around looking over his shoulder waiting to be attacked by a coward - he was going to challenge Schink like a man, if he had to guts, to face him one time only!

The Golden Ticket holder, "Sweet" Bobby was happy to oblige and received a huge ovation as he entered the ringside area!  Schink had won the Golden Ticket in May by virtue of being the last man standing in a Premier Rumble match.  The Ticket gave him a contract to challenge any PCW Champion on any PCW live event for one full year.  It was, essentially, money in the bank.  But on this night, he did not need to cash in to challenge Vanna who attempted the strategy of facing his potential challenger head on.

The two men engaged in a thrilling contest of near epic quality.  And while the London Dynasty was at ringside, Vanna seemed determined to fight a fair match...until a key moment.  With Vanna suffering, David London chose to conference with the in-ring official, Shane McLovin.  That allowed Leo London the opportunity to smash Schink in the face with the Canadian Championship belt.  Schink was busted open in multiple places and knocked almost completely unconscious, allowing Vanna the victory.

Winner: Alix Vanna

Post Match: Vanna watched as the London Dynasty continued to assault Schink.

PCW Tag Team Championship

William Jennings Blaze III & Richard Blood Esq(c) vs Moses Luke & JL Spiker vs London Dynasty

Special Outside Enforcer: James Korba

As The London Dynasty entered the ring, they were accompanied by their Gentlemen's Club associate Antonio Scorpio.  Alix Vanna, who had vowed they would add the tag titles to their stable was absent, but the Club looked ultra confident.

The PCW Tag Team Champions, Blaze N' Dick received a heroes welcome upon their return to Doubles Bar.  Blaze & Dick had been on an extended tour across Canada defending their gold and adding more championships to their impressive resume.  Celebrating their 210th day as champions, Blaze & Dick looked ready for more.

Across the ring from them was their friend and sometimes-ally, Moses Luke along with his apparent new protege, JL Spiker.  The young rookie was actually the protege of Trent Nash & EZ Ryder until Moses offered him a tag team opportunity.  Nash & EZ were both conspicuous by their absence on this night with Ryder still suffering the effects of a cheap shot from Moses last month.

The match was a wild brawl as all Triple Threat contests and all Blaze & Dick matches are!  Blaze & Dick looked in control as they laid out Spiker with their finishing manouver.  David pulled the official out of the ring as Moses went to his partner's defense.  As Luke brawled with the champions, the London's snuck in and covered the prone Spiker for the victory!

Winners and New PCW Tag Team Champions: The London Dynasty

Post Match:  The London Dynsasty stood tall in the ring as two-time PCW Tag Team Champions.  They raised their belts high and vowed they would be champions FOREVER!

They were immediately cut off by the music of "Sweet" Bobby Schink.

PCW Tag Team Championship

The London Dynasty(c) vs "Sweet" Bobby Schink

Golden Ticket Open Contract Cash In

As Schink entered the ringside area, holding the Golden Ticket aloft, it became clear what his intentions were.  But the London Dynasty was not waiting for the official cash in.  David leapt from the ring and charged at Schink who responded with a big boot to the face.  He then slid into the ring and laid our Leo with "Sweet Schink Music" superkick and covered him.  The bell rang to officially start the match as referee Shane McLovin counted 1..2...and was pulled to the floor by David!

David punched McLovin in the face and attacked Schink.  He and Leo double teamed the impromptu challenger and laid him out.  But the ref was still down.  Schink recovered, throwing David from the ring and dropping Leo again.  As he covered, special enforcer James Korba sprinted from the locker room, slid into the ring and counted three to end this historic match!

Winner and New PCW Tag Team Champion: "Sweet" Bobby Schink

If there was confetti in the rafters it would have been falling as the large crowd erupted into celebration.  Bobby Schink not only cashed in his Golden Ticket successfully but became the first man in PCW history to become tag team champion all by himself!  Schink made his way around the building, high-fiving, drinking beer and celebrating his incredible feat.  It was the first championship for the young Schink at the beginning of what promises to be a tremendously successful career!

Main Event - Special Challenge Match

Jackie "The Jet" Lee & Jack Lydon vs Team Impact (Robby Royce & Darren "The Bomb" Dalton)

The basis for this match started at the 15th Anniversary Spectacular in March when Robby Royce & ATM shocked the wrestling community by entering themselves into the PCW Tag Team Championship Match.  It was their first time in a PCW ring in seven years!  At the 15th Anniversary Spectacular, they were on hand to witness Jackie Lee regain the PCW Heavyweight Championship from Scott Justice and cement his status as Canada's best young wrestler!

Apparently, that did not sit well with Royce.

In May, during PCW's Golden Ticket Premier Rumble, Royce, who was not a participant, entered the ring and eliminated Jackie from the match!  Jackie returned the following month with some harsh comments about his attacker claiming he didn't even know who Robby Royce was.  The remarks sparked intense controversy and Jackie admitted they weren't exactly true but his point was clear - HE was the Champion now and Royce needed to respect him.

Truly, Royce was very well known.  The two-time former PCW Heavyweight Champion, seven-time former PCW Tag Team Champion, former NWA Champion, he had spent 20+ years trailblazing an athletic, fast paced and intense style of wrestling that has become famous around the world.

In July, Royce made another appearance, this time doing exactly as Jackie dared - going face to face and eye to eye in the middle of the ring.  Royce told him that he was the gatekeeper - that when guys like Jackie come along and think they are destined for greatness, they have to go through him first.  He pointed out that Kenny Omega was a young prospect until he feuded with Royce and then he became a superstar.

Royce said Jackie was now looking at greatness but wouldn't know it if it slapped him in the face.  And then he slapped him in the face!  The fight was on and the veteran Royce got the better of his younger foe who had just been victorious in a grueling match.

In September, Royce seemingly made a deal with the Gentlemen's Club who appear to have their hands on just about every shady development in PCW of late.  In the main event 8-man tag, Scorpio went down with an apparent "injury" and was suddenly replaced by Royce to combat Jackie's team.

The audience was abuzz at the development as Jackie & Royce finally locked up in a mostly-authorized wrestling match!  Perhaps surprising the young champion, Royce pinned Jackie to secure the victory for his team and challenged Lee to a tag team match where they'd each choose a mystery partner.

That brought us to this past Friday night at PCW's Hellbound.  Jackie admitted he'd have his best friend Scott Justice by his side if not for a concussion Justice suffered at the hands of Davey Boy Smith Jr in Calgary the previous week.  In choosing a new partner, Jackie said he'd show Royce what true leadership is, by giving a young talent an opportunity.  He selected the rookie Jack Lydon!

Royce was out next and anticipation was mounting.  Since Royce had previously held the PCW Tag Team Championship seven times with four different partners, it was anyone's guess as to whom he might select.  And it was a shocker!  Royce introduced his long-time friend, Darren "The Bomb" Dalton!

Royce & Dalton were original members of the famed Team Impact and had been team mates for nearly two decades!  They had even been PCW Tag Team Champions, having won the title on June 8th 2006!

The crowd stood as Jackie and Royce locked up to start the match.  Moments later, Royce went down, seemingly suffering a very serious injury.  As staff swarmed ringside, Dalton attacked Jackie from behind and continued the fight.  Royce was carried out but Jackie and Lydon took advantage of the 2 on 1 scenario.  Jackie delivered a double foot stomp and a curb stomp for the pin.

Winners: Jackie Lee & Jack Lydon

Post Match: Suddenly, Anderson Tyson Moore, another long time member of Team Impact, hit the ring and attacked Jackie!  He and Dalton brutalized the PCW Heavyweight Champion.  When Senior Official Chris Marxwell tried to intervene, he was attacked and subjected to a devastating power bomb!  Even event host, "Filthy" Josh was assaulted.  And when the chaos appeared to have subsided, ATM and Dalton attacked Shallcross and left him laying on the floor!

Quick Results:

Antonio Scorpio defeated DRAGNEEL

Jack Lydon defeated Kevin O'Doyle

Alix Vanna(c) defeated Bobby Schink

London Dynasty defeated Blaze N' Dick(c) and Moses Luke & JL Spiker

Bobby Schink defeated London Dynasty(c)

Jackie Lee(c) & Jack Lydon defeated Robby Royce & Darren Dalton

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