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New Years Knockout! - Results & Analysis

Saturday, January 7, 2017

WINNIPEG, Mb - An enormous crowd packed Doubles Bar as Premier Championship Wrestling kicked off 2017 and the road to the 15th Anniversary Spectacular with New Years Knockout!

The London Dynasty vs Brett Evans & Bobby Shink

The first match produced the first surprise of the evening as long time super fan and Loose Ropes Wrestling radio personality Mr Beautiful led The London Dynasty to the ring.  Fans were happy to see rookie Bobby Shink but decidedly less happy to see Brett Evans.

David & Leo put themselves right back into the running for a PCW Tag Team Championship match with an impressive victory.

Winners: The London Dynasty w/Mr Beautiful


Alex Anthony vs James Beaver


The young man from New Jersey Alex Anthony, made his PCW debut against the cock-eyed Cockney James Beaver in a clash of styles.  Anthony, quick & agile versus the brute force of the bruising Beaver.  As always, Beaver had his spiritual guide Jay Walker in his corner.


As a former Canadian Champion, Beaver was looking to get his singles career back on track.  Unknown on the local scene, Anthony had the advantage of never having been scouted.  But Beaver proved too much, scoring a decisive victory.

Winner: James Beaver


Jay Walker vs "TNT" Trent Nash

PCW Canadian Championship #1 Contender's Match

Walker remained at ringside following Beaver's victory and made it clear to the assembled audience that he considered himself the uncrowned and rightful PCW Canadian Champion.  Walker was in the midst of an historic title reign when he fell victim to "The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum, who cashed in his Golden Ticket Open Contract and captured the title several months ago.  But Walker didnt blame Tatum for being opportunistic.  He blamed Trent Nash for interjecting himself in Walker Family business.

Nash continued to look impressive with a new physique to go along with a new intensely focused attitude.  He immediately went nose to nose with Beaver, letting him know he was not at all intimidated.  Walker got things started with a suicide dive through the ropes but Nash came back with a choke slam on the solid ring apron.

With Nash in control on the floor, Beaver got involved once again leading to a less than satisfying Count Out decision.

Winner: Jay Walker Via Count Out

Post match, Jay made it clear he didnt care who the Canadian champion was, he intended to win his belt back at the next event.

PCW Canadian Championship

"The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum(c) vs Alix Vanna

Before the match could begin, PCW Minority Owner & Founder Andrew Shallcross interrupted.  He received a warm welcome from the fans, a reaction that would not last long.  Shallcross expressed his confidence in young Alix Vanna as a future superstar who could follow the path of Kenny Omega.  He also expressed his respect for long time veteran Chad Tatum, a man who had held every championship in PCW, and talked of their friendship.  But, Shallcross explained, business was business and he was very angry that Tatum continued to carry a phallic-ized Kendo stick to the ring and blew his load on opponents and ringside fans.

The fans seemed enthusiastic about Tatum's actions but Shallcross said there had been complaints received and that he didn't want Tatum to embarrass PCW or himself.  "Every year you tell me this might be my last," Shallcross said to Tatum.  "If so, do you really want to go out like this?"

Shallcross said he was doing this for Tatum's own good - The Tatum Ultimatum, surrender the Kendo Stick or surrender the Canadian Championship.  Tatum agonized over the decision while the capacity crowd roared for him not to do it.  But as a proud champion, Tatum had little choice - he handed his prized kendo stick, Jizzelda, to Shallcross.

In closing, Shallcross appointed a special guest referee to "ensure the right decision", PCW Commissioner Chris Marxwell.

Vanna immediately attacked Tatum and the match was underway.  Marxwell called it right down the middle making one wonder if Shallcross' stated intent - to do the right thing - was in fact the truth.

Vanna lived up to the pre-match billing with a strong showing against the veteran champion.  But with the official momentarily distracted by a loose turnbuckle pad, Tatum produced a second Kendo stick, emptying the load in Vanna's face before executing the Sliced Bread for the victory.

Winner: Chad Tatum

Post match, an irate Shallcross confronted Tatum in the ring.  As they argued, former Canadian Champion David Dixon returned to PCW and assaulted Tatum!  Dixon and Vanna continued to beat up Tatum as Shallcross looked on with a stupid grin.  He claimed the "Big Bastard" Dixon was there for his protection.  The Founder punctuated his unprofessional actions by saying "you dont cross the boss and you definitely dont cross Shallcross!"


Zack Mercury vs Antonio Scorpio

Loser Leaves Town

Perhaps the feud of the year in Canadian wrestling, the heated war between Mercury and Scorpio dated back to early summer 2016 and crossed promotional boundaries!  And now it would climax with finality as one man would win and one man would be forced to leave PCW forever.  

It all began last summer when PCW were invited to take part in Primos Wrestling Canada live events.  In a match to determine a new Primos Television Champion, Scorpio laid out Mercury allowed Rob Mass to capture the title.  An angry Merc challenged Scorpio and they battled throughout Primos.


The feud moved to PCW where Mercruy pursued Scorpio, defeating him at the Back to School Bash.  At PCW Hellbound, Scorpio returned the favour and as a result, Mercury's manager Michael Arnott was vanquished from PCW.

Mercury agreed to this Loser Leaves Town match under one condition: Should he win, Arnott would be reinstated.  The fans drowned Mercury out with resounding jeers while he tried to speak.

This was a violent match as one would expect given the stipulation and the men involved.  Power and strength was on display.  Merc with a large reach advantage, Scorpio with a technical knowledge second to none.

In an almost shocking result, Scorpio hoisted Merc up and delivered a devastating Tombstone Piledriver for the victory.

Winner: Antonio Scorpio

Post match, a dejected Merc argued with Arnott before kicking his former manager in the face and leaving the ring to a rousing rendition of "Hey Hey Good-Bye" by the audience.

PCW Tag Team Championship

Team Flex Appeal(c) vs William Jennings Blaze III & Richard Blood Esq.

Mike McSugar & Michael Clarke vs Billy Blaze & Dick Blood in a match long anticipated by the fans and several months in the making!  It was July 2016 at PCW's Boiling Point when Dick & Blaze made their shocking debut, attacking the PCW Tag Team Champions and injuring McSugar.

This night marked McSugar's return to PCW.  In his absence, Clarke was forced to work alone, even defending the tag titles with a substitute partner, Gisele Shaw, at the Back To School Bash.

Dick & Blaze had targeted Flex Appeal due to the latter's dominance across Canada.  Clark & McSugar had, at one point, unified the PCW, HIW & GoldDragon Tag Team Championships and laid claim to the best duo in the country.  Dick & Blaze had dominated their previous promotion as champions and correctly pointed out that Flex Appeal had never beaten them.  PCW would become the battleground to determine the best tag team in the nation!

Since last summer, Dick & Blaze had laid waste to everyone in their path while accusing the champions of ducking them.  Now Team Flex Appeal was back and as pretty as they are, they never back down from a fight.

This match was just that - a violent brawl.  A fight between two teams who not only despise each other but have become intently focused on proving they are the best tag team in the Country and perhaps, in the entire 15 year history of PCW.  But when the smoke cleared it was a disappointing end to a great fight as emotions led to a disqualification.

Winners: Team Flex Appeal Via Disqualification

PCW & RCW Heavyweight Championship

Scott Justice(c) vs Jackie "The Jet" Lee

Scott Justice entered with two Championship belts and The Angel at his side.  PCW fans were shocked when they learned Justice had captured the PCW title in Calgary this past November.  With these two championships being defended across the country, this was truly a match between two of the very best young wrestlers in the world.

Jackie entered the match as challenger, something he had not been since 2015 when his 420 day title reign began.  He had defeated every top star that stepped into the ring with him, some of whom left PCW and never came back after their loss.  "The Jet" had become the measuring stick.  But it was his best friend and fellow Storm Academy Graduate Scott Justice that finally put him down.

When Justice returned to PCW, he claimed he was there to save Jackie, to make him better, make him stronger.  But now Scott was the champion having taken Jackie's most prized possession.  Justice now implored Jackie to fully give him, to fall to him and his Angel.

Jackie was ready for the challenge, in tremendous shape and seemingly at the top of his game.  These two men knew each other better than anyone else and their familiarity in the ring created a rich dynamic of two men countering each other and pushing one another to mind boggling limits.

While The Angel mostly remained at ringside she did make her way into the ring at one point and plant a passionate kiss on Jackie.  Perhaps the kiss of death?  The challenger appeared disgusted, allowing Scott to regain the advantage.  As the match continued at a furious pace, it was Justice who muscled Jackie up for the One Winged Angel to secure the victory.

Winner: Scott Justice










Full Results:

London Dynasty Defeated Bobby Shink & Brett Evans

James Beaver Defeated Alex Anthony

Jay Walker Defeated Trent Nash via Count Out

Chad Tatum Defeated Alix Vanna

Antonio Scorpio Defeated Zack Mercury

Team Flex Appeal Defeated Dick & Blaze via DQ

Scott Justice Defeated Jackie Lee



Next event:

PCW's "Highway To Hell"

Saturday February 18th 2017

Doubles Bar

20 Alpine

Doors Open: 7PM - Bell Time: 9PM

Tickets: Only $15

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