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Brandon, Manitoba - 192 lbs - 5'11"

Trainer: Gene Swan & Robby Royce

Pro Debut:  Summer 2000 (Canadian Wrestling Federation)

PCW Debut: January 26th, 2002 - Minnedosa, Manitoba

with Chad Tatum defeated Kenny Omega & Mentallo

Signature Moves: Screaming Toe Hold, Sheer-drop Brainbuster

Affiliations: Assisted Suicide, M-Assignment, The Elite Squad


Notable Distinctions:

PCW Heavyweight Championship (2X)

PCW Junior Heavyweight Championship (3X)

PCW Tag Team Championship (3X) w/Kenny Omega ,  w/Donny Dicaprio, w/Chris Klassic

PCW Open-Rules Championship

TRCW Heavyweight Championship (Top Rope Championship Wrestling)

TRCW Tag Team Championship (3X) w/Chad Tatum

CWF Tag Team Championship (3X) w/Chad Tatum

ICW Heavyweight Championship (Impact Championship Wrestling)

NWA Canadian X Division Championship (National Wrestling Alliance)

Unified the PCW, TRCW, ICW, NWA Canadian X Division & Open Rules Championships

Wrestler of the Year (2005)

Most Popular Wrestler of the Year (2005)

Match of the Year (2005 vs Kenny Omega)

Feud of the Year (2005 w/Mentallo)

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