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Athens, Greece - 166 lbs - 6'0"

Trainers: Rob Stardom, Adam Knight, Antonio Scorpio, Bucky McGraw

Pro Debut:  March 10th, 2010 (Steel Town Pro Wrestling) - loss to Matt Fairlane

PCW Debut: April 14th 2011 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

With Shadow Xtreme loss to Trent Nash & EZ Ryder

Signature Moves:  Lebell Lock, Calf Slicer, Double Stomp, Spider Superplex, Black Sunday

Affiliations:  Europe United, The Commonwealth, The London Dynasty, The Gentlemen's Club


Notable Distinctions:

PCW Tag Team Championship (5X) w/David London (4X)  w/James Beaver

NXW Heavyweight Championship

NBW Mid-Canadian Championship

C4W X-Division Championship

Gold Dragon Wrestling Tag Team Championship  -  w/David London

CWF Tag Team Championship

Member of the Gentlemen's Club

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