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Results, Details, Photos, Video & More From 2019!

PCW's "New Years Knockout!

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Alix Vanna b. Travis Cole - Top Cock Qualifier

Bobby Schink DRAW Kevin O'Doyle - Top Cock Qualifier

Antonio Scorpio(c) b. ATM - PCW Heavyweight Championship

The London Dynasty(c) b. JL Spiker & DRAGNEEL - PCW Tag Team Championship

Robby Royce b. Adam Knight

Alix Vanna b. Jay Walker, Bobby Schink & Kevin O'Doyle - Top Cock Challenge Four Way

***PCW announces Dalton Castle coming to PCW in February, Gentlemen's Club Promo, Angry Vanna demanded to know where Michael Arnott was when he was suspended, Arnott stormed out, Vanna blamed O'Doyle for he and Jackie Lee losing their championships & warned him tonight was his last chance to prove himself, Scorpio tapped out ATM, ATM suffered broken nose, Marty Gold revealed JL Spiker's US Asylum claim was accepted, Spiker was decked out in Americana gear and presented Marty with a MAGA hat, much to Marty's dismay as he threw the hat into the crowd, DRAGNEEL was pinned and Spiker was angry, laid him out and draped the US flag over his body, yelling "God Bless America", Royce won when ATM interfered and Royce was able to low-blow Knight, Royce strained his hamstring and was helped from the ring, Knight & Dalton challenged Team Impact to a street fight next event, Vanna won four way when he hit O'Doyle with a chain to the back of the head causing O'Doyle to splash Schink, Vanna hit Schink with the chain for the pin, Vanna went wild, shaved head of Shane McLovin and destroyed Schink with chain, even London's tried to calm him down but were shoved away and left, Vanna proclaimed himself the Top Cock***

January 12th, 2019

PCW's "Top Cock" Featuring DALTON CASTLE!

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Adam Knight & Darren Dalton b. Robby Royce & Jack Pride

Jay Walker b. Kevin O’Doyle

Envy b. Ella Blake - RCW Women's Championship

Bobby Schink & Travis Cole b. London Dynasty - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Jack Pride b. Sam Davidson - RCW Alberta Championship

Shaun Moore DRAW Danny Duggan - HIW Grand Champion vs CWE Heavyweight Champion

February 15th, 2019

PCW's "17th Anniversary Spectacular featuring Kenny Omega!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Leo & David London b. Jack Pride & Damian,

Dragneel b. JL Spiker,

Moses Luke b. Ella Blake

Adam Knight & Darren Dalton b. Robby Royce & ATM,

Don Callis & Bobby Schink & Travis Cole b. Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens & Donny Dicaprio,

Antonio Scorpio bAlix Vanna & Jay Walker - Triple Threat - PCW Heavyweight Championship

***Donny Dicaprio was inducted into the PCW Hall of Fame by Omega***

March 30th, 2019

PCW's "May The 4th Be With You"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

DRAGNEEL b. Sam Davidson

Alix Vanna & Kevin O'Doyle b. Leo London & Ella Blake

JL Spiker b. Adam Knight via Count Out

Sweet & Tasty b. Robby Royce & ATM - PCW Tag Team Championship

Jay Walker b. Moses Luke

Antonio Scorpio b. Pride - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Alix Vanna b. Bobby Schink - Dog Collar Match - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

Jay Walker b. Alix Vanna - Golden Ticket Cash In - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

May 4th, 2019

PCW's "Any Way You Want It"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

David London b. Kevin O'Doyle

Jay Walker(c) b. Leo London - PCW Canadian Championship

Old School Wrecking Crew b. JL Spiker & James Hawk

Antonio Scorpio(c) b. Danny Duggan via tap out - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Team Impact b. Sweet & Tasty(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

JL Spiker won the Golden Ticket Premier Rumble

***Alix Vanna did not show up, O'Doyle said Vanna was depressed and would not return, David Dixon returned and proclaimed himself "James Hawk" providing security services for Spiker, Scorpio issues an open challenge which was answered by Duggan, Royce had his career on the line but Team Impact was victorious, Walker eliminated Hawk but Hawk interfered and allowed Spiker to eliminate Walker to win, Spiker attacked Walker and draped him in the US Flag, EZ Ryder returned in the Rumble as did Marty Gold who received a huge ovation***

June 8th, 2019

PCW's "Bash At The Bluff 2"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

London Dynasty b. Kevin O'Doyle & DRAGNEEL with Marc Merric

EZ Ryder b. Tyler James

Danny Duggan b. AJ Sanchez via tap out

JL Spiker b. Jay Walker(c) via Count Out - PCW Canadian Championship

Sweet & Tasty b. Team Impact(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

***Spiker attacked Jay outside the venue and stole his belt***

June 13th, 2019

PCW's Back to School Bash!

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

"Outlaw" Adam Knight defeated "CheetahBear" Jude Dawkins

David London defeated Davey O'Doyle

Team Impact defeated Shaun Martens & Lumberjack Larry

Jay Walker(c) defeated JL Spiker via DQ - PCW Canadian Championship

Sammy Peppers & Ella Blake defeated Moses Luke & Josh "Cheeks" Peterson

Mike Quackenbush defeated Leo London - 2/3 Falls

Sweet & Tasty(c) defeated Kevin O'Doyle & Dean Richtor - PCW Tag Team Championship

Antonio Scorpio(c) defeated Jack Pride - PCW Heavyweight Championship

***Prior to the event, the entire roster paid tribute to Alex Rain who passed away in August...Dixon & Spiker assaulted Walker and Spiker was about to cash in his open contract but Knight made the save, saying Jay will be champion as long as he has any say...Moses Luke attacked the young Cheeks Peterson following their loss...Following Scorpio's victory, he was met by Jason Geiger who appeared to congratulate him before attacking...Geiger claimed he was Kenny Omega's best friend but Omega wasn't his best friend...he said they all used to hang out playing video games, but now he's there to be his own man....Geiger said he was the only wrestler with a black belt in BJJ...he said he'd take the PCW Championship...Shallcross ring announced...***

September 21st, 2019

PCW's "Hellbound"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Dean Richtor defeated Josh "Cheeks" Snow

"Outlaw" Adam Knight defeated Kevin O'Doyle

Sweet & Tasty(c) NC London Dynasty - PCW Tag Team Championship

Jason Geiger defeated Sammy Peppers via Submission

Antonio Scorpio(c) defeated ATM - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Robby Royce Won a Battle Royale - #1 Contender PCW Canadian Championship

Nov 2nd, 2019

PCW's "Season's Beatings!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Sydney Steele defeated Travis Cole

Moses Luke defeated Josh Cheeks Peterson

Kylie Morgan defeated Angelica

JL Spiker & Kevin O'Doyle defeated Sweet & Tasty(c) - New PCW Tag Team Championship

Jay Walker(c) defeated Robby Robby - PCW Canadian Championship

Jason Geiger & Jackie Lee defeated Antonio Scorpio & Sammy Peppers

***Bobby Schink, in Cole's corner was attacked by Spiker & O'Doyle, leading to Steele, making his PCW debut, scoring the victory...Dixon, with Spiker & ODoyle, claimed the London Bros. were the "Loser Brothers" and weren't here so they were challenging Sweet & Tasty for the Tag Team Championship....Cheeks challenged Moses for attacking him at the Back to School Bash...Moses brutalized him, leading to Marty Gold coming to ringside to implore the official to stop the match, to no avail....Moses finally defeated Cheeks, but the young man called Moses back and was laid out again...Making their debuts, Kylie Morgan defeated Angelica...Dixon interred liberally, fans hated Spiker & Odoyle, but they were victorious when they used brass knuckles to score the pinball...Jay defeated Royce when ATM shocked the crowd by attacking his own partner and best friend...Fans erupted when Geiger revealed as his partner, Jackie "The Jet" Lee...Scorpio countered with young Peppers....A hard hitting match but Geiger eventually forced Peppers to tap out...***

December 7th, 2019

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