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Results, Details, Photos, Video & More From 2018!

PCW's "New Years Knockout - KorbaMania!

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

The London Dynasty defeated Jackie Lee & Scott Justice

Moses Luke & Jak Lydon & DRAGNEEL defeated Dick Blood & Kevin O'Doyle & JL Spiker

"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated Alix Vanna & Jay Walker

ATM defeated Antonio Scorpio - #1 Contender's Match

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) defeated Scott Justice(c) - Wins PCW CDN Championship - Title vs Title

***General Manager for the night: James Korba, Ring Announcer: Andrew Shallcross, Gentlemen's Club promo where Vanna blamed Scorpio for his losing the CDN title saying Scorpio was the "enforcer" of the group and needed to learn his place, London Dynasty won after a mis-cue where Jackie accidentally palm-striked Scott (Leo pulled Scott in front of him), Scott walked out on Jackie when he offered a hand shake, Scorpio came to ringside to encourage Vanna but he lost anyway, Londons attacked Schink and stole the Tag Team Championship belts, Vanna came to ringside to assist Scorpio but inadvertently distracted the referee leading to ATM low-blowing Scorpio for the win, Jackie beat Scott in a tremendous match with numerous near-falls and the crowd was going nuts for everything, Jackie became the first ever Duel Singles Champion, Scott tearfully announced he was stepping away from wrestling ***

January 13th, 2018

PCW's "Highway To Hell!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Sweet Daddy Soul defeated DRAGNEEL and Kevin O'Doyle - Triple Threat Match

Seeds of Evil (EZ Ryder & Trent Nash) defeated Billy Blaze & Dick Blood and Moses Luke & Josh Spiker - Triple Threat Match

Jay Walker defeated Alix Vanna

"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated ATM

The London Dynasty defeated Phil Deadly & Ella Blake

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) defeated James Beaver - PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championship match

***Jordan Garber made his PCW debut as an official, James Beaver congratulated Jay Walker and then attacked him, Royce called Shallcross a coward and dared him to come to the ring...Shallcross did not, Schink beat ATM when Jackie Lee's music played, distracting ATM, The London's had posession of the Tag Team belts until Schink returned and beat them up and took the belts back, ATM's music played during the main event to distract Jackie but he recovered to win, ATM & Royce attacked Jackie Lee until Jay & Schink made the save, Jay challenged Beaver to an I Quit Match next event***

February 17th, 2018

PCW's "Giver! Giver!"

Swan River, Mb

"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated "Social Media Superstar" Jay Walker - Canadian Title #1 Contender's Match

"Skyflyer" Jeff Tyler(c) defeated Shaun Moore - Non-Title HIW Central Canadian Championship

"Hotshot" Danny Duggan defeated "Tasty" Travis Cole

The London Dynasty defeated Bobby Schink(c) & Phil Deadly - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

"Kid Dynamite" Alix Vanna(c) defeated Mentallo - NXW Heavyweight Championship

***Debut of referee Rick Shwifty, following his victory over Walker...Schink was confronted by the London Dynasty and challenged to put his PCW Tag Team Championship on the line "tonight" rather then waiting until PCW's 16th Anniversary Spectacular later this month, Schink readily agreed...Duggan returned to PCW for the first since January 2008 while Cole made his PCW debut...Schink chose Phil Deadly as his tag team partner against the Londons...Vanna received a heroes welcome from his hometown Swan River fans...Mentallo power-bombed Vanna from the ring to the ramp and then followed him out and did it again, sending Vanna crashing through the ramp to the floor, leading to Vanna's mother attempting to enter the ring to attack Mentallo as officials and the crowd swarmed the scene...they fought all over the building in a tremendous match***

March 10th, 2018

PCW's "16th Anniversary Spectacular!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Moses Luke & Dick Blood defeated Ez Ryder & Trent Nash

Kevin O'Doyle defeated Jak Lydon

Jay Walker defeated James Beaver - I Quit Match

Mentallo & Travis Cole defeated Antonio Scorpio & Alix Vanna

Bobby Schink & Will Damon defeated London Dynasty(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Jackie "The Jet Lee"(c) defeated ATM - PCW Heavyweight & Canadian Championship

***The Big O accompanied Moses Luke to the ring and introduced his partner Dick Blood...Royce demanded Shallcross come to the ring and face him like a man so he could slap him but Shallcross declined...Commissioner Marxwell brought in Mentallo & Travis Cole to face Vanna & Scorpio...Scorpio was adorned in glittery suspenders, bow tie and top hat...a miscue led to their loss and they argued but Marxwell announced the Canadian title match next show was Schink vs Vanna vs Scorpio...Vanna said when the time came, Scorpio would do the right thing...Schink fought much of the match on his own until Will Damon arrived to be their partner...they won...ATm & Jackie were both counted out but Marxwell ordered the match to continue with no CO and no DQ...Royce interferred liberally...Royce climbed to the top but Shallcross shoved him off and he crashed through a table on the floor...ATM superkicked Shallcross who fell onto the floor...Jackie put ATM through another table and hit the curb stomp for the victory...ATM & Royce attacked them both and hit Shallcross with a championship belt...Shallcross was gushing blood as Royce beat on him***

March 24th, 2018

PCW's "Thunderstruck!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

SugarDick (Mike McSugar & Dick Blood) defeated Moses Luke & Billy Blaze

Jackie Lee(c) defeated Jay Walker - PCW Heavyweight Championship

London Dynasty defeated Bobby Schink(c) & Ella Blake - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Rick Matthews defeated JL Spiker

Team Impact(Royce & ATM) defeated Seeds of Evil (Nash & Ryder)

Jak Lydon defeated Kevin O'Doyle

Alix Vanna defeated Antonio Scorpio and Bobby Schink - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

***Moses Luke said he had been looking for a suitable partner for a year and Dick Blood was the best he ever had...Blood's regular partner Billy Blaze came out to object and demanded to know why Blood would team with Moses....Blood claimed neither man cared and just wanted him for his talent...he asked any one to join him as his partner...Mike McSugar returned and offered to team with Blood against Moses & Blaze...Gentlemen's Club was out, without member Scorpio...Vanna said Scorpio was part of the team and would do the right thing when it mattered...London's claimed that since Will Damon was retired, Schink should defend the tag titles alone, but Guest General Manager James Korba ordered Schink to find a suitable replacement...Schink chose Ella Blake due to her on-going issues with Leo...Vanna attacked Schink at ring-side and Leo pile-drove Ella twice...when Leo and David attempted a spike pile-driver, Korba threw in the towel, awarding the match to London's...Jackie Lee was confronted by CWE Heavyweight Champion Tyler Colton who challenged him to a Champion vs Champion match...After Team Impact beat the Seeds of Evil, Royce again challenged PCW Founder Shallcross and attacked him until a clearly-annoyed ATM stopped him...Royce argued and ATM threw his shirt at Royce...With Schink down, Vanna ordered Scorpio to do the right thing and lay down so he could win their triple threat match....Scorpio refused and struck Vanna, but before he could deliver a Tombstone, the London's attacked....Jackie seemingly saved but as Schink rose to his feet, Jackie struck him with the championship belt, allowing Vanna to get the pin...Jackie joined with Vanna & London's to celebrate together to end the event...Jackie suffered a fractured distal fibula***

April 28th, 2018

PCW's "Bash at the Bluff!"

Oak Bluff Rec Centre - Oak Bluff, Mb

Travis Cole defeated Jak Lydon

The Fabulous Creebirds *No Contest* Team Impact - Number One Contender's Match

Antonio Scorpio defeated Jay Walker

The London Dynasty(c) defeated Creebirds & Team Impact - PCW Tag Team Championship

"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated Alix Vanna(c) - Wins NXW Championship

***The Gentlemen's Club noted that Schink was originally scheduled to challenge Jackie Lee for the PCW Championship, but Lee suffered a fractured leg...Vanna brought Jackie out, being pushed in a wheelchair by JL Spiker...Vanna said Schink didn't deserve a shot at any title but would give him an NXW Championship match because it was No DQ...London's and Spiker interfered in Creebirds vs Team Impact, attacking both teams, resulting in a No Contest...London's claimed they then had the night off but Commissioner Marxwell live tweeted that he was making the match a triple threat...Scorpio forced Walker to tap out...London's defeated Creebirds & Team Impact...Jackie was at ringside in a wheel chair for the main event...London's interfered but Schink beat them back...Jackie interfered but Spiker protected him until Schink and Spiker faced off and Spiker was choke-slammed...Jackie tried to wheel away but Schink super-kicked him in the wheel chair...Schink hit a leg drop from the top of a ladder to defeat Vanna***

May 12th, 2018

PCW's "Defiance!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Kevin O'Doyle defeated Jay Walker

Robby Royce & Moses Luke defeated Alex Anthony and JL Spiker

The London Dynasty(c) defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight & Travis Cole - PCW Tag Team Championship

Alix Vanna(c) defeated ATM - PCW Canadian Championship

Jay Walker won the Golden Ticket Rumble

***debut of referee David Samson...Mike Arnott returned as the advisor for The Gentlemen's Club and hired O'Doyle as his personal security...Royce said if ATM wanted to throw away their friendship, that was fine because he was tired of carrying him and had a much better partner, Moses Luke...Adam Knight returned to team with Travis Cole...ATM was distracted by Royce watching his match and the inteference of Jackie Lee at ringside...Kevin Chevy entered the Rumble #1 and O'Doyle entered #2...Scorpio entered second last while the entire Gentlemen's Club was in and threw out the London's but they all attacked him and threw him out...Jay eliminated Vanna to win***

June 8th, 2018

PCW's "Great Canadian Bash!"

Sunova Centre - West St Paul, Manitoba

JL Spiker defeated Jay Walker & David London - Triple Threat Match

"Sweet" Bobby Schink(c) defeated Travis Cole - NXW Championship Match

Tyler Colton defeated AJ Sanchez via DQ

Tyler Colton & Travis Cole defeated Bobby Schink & AJ Sanchez

Trent Nash won a Battle Royle

***Jordan Garber & Matt Bloom were referees, Announcer Josh Hammerstein was Guest GM, EZ Ryder announced the surprise entry of West St Paul's own Trent Nash into the  Battle Royale, rookie Scott Barker debuted in the Battle Royale, a storm moved through creating two large downpours!***

FREE All Ages Family Fun Event!

July 1st, 2018

PCW's "Threat in Lorette II!"

Lorette Community Complex - Lorette, Mb

"Sweet" Bobby Schink & Jay Walker defeated Team Impact (ATM & Robby Royce)

JL Spiker defeated Travis Cole

AJ Sanchez & Kevin Odoyle(c) defeated Bobby Schink & Jay Walker - CWE Tag Team Championship

"Outlaw" Adam Knight defeated Leo London

Bobby Schink Won the 2nd Annual $25,000 Lorette Invitational Rumble

***ATM & Royce didn't get along, costing them the tag team match, Sanchez & O'doyle claimed as good as PCW was, they werent as good as CWE and challenged anyone to come out and face them leading to first ever PCW vs CWE title match in history, Event Organizer Alixon Fox was Outside Enforcer for Knight vs London and when in-ring official was injured, she took over, Leo berated her until she shoved him into Knight who laid him out for the victory, ATM & Royce eliminated each other from the Rumble, Marty Gold was a surprise entrant, eliminating Cole before being eliminated by O'Doyle, O'Doyle eliminated Jay Walker, Schink eliminated O'Doyle to win***

Post Event, Odoyle attacked Jay Walker while he was being interviewed by "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein.

September 7th, 2018

PCW's "Back To School Bash!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Robby Royce & Moses Luke defeated ATM & JL Spiker

The London Dynasty (c) defeated Sweet & Tasty (Bobby Schink & Travis Cole) - PCW Tag Team Championship

Antonio Scorpio defeated Kevin O'Doyle via submission

Shaun Moore(c) defeated Alix Vanna(c) via DQ - HIW Grand Championship vs PCW Canadian Championship

Bobby Schink & Travis Cole & Ella Blake defeated he Gentlemen's Club (London's & Odoyle)

***ATM chose JL Spiker as his partner after he was attacked and beaten by Royce & Moses at PCW's Defiance, ATM appeared to suffer a knee injury, leading to Spiker being pinned, Royce & Moses attacked both men until Darren Dalton made the susprise save, Dalton said he had teamed with Royce for years as Team Impact until being replaced by ATM but he would now stand with ATM as the real Team Impact...The Gentlemen's Club revealed new custom made PCW Tag Team Championships, Mike Arnott claimed he had a lot to say but they were interrupted by Antonio Scorpio who said talk was cheap and he wanted "his" PCW Heavyweight Champonship back...he said Jackie was avoiding him claiming an injury that was long healed...The London's & Alix Vanna all told Scorpio if he wanted Jackie Lee, he'd have to go through them first...Scorpio agreed but Arnott tried to calm everyone down and claimed Scorpio hadn't beat anyone to earn a title shot...he suggested Scorpio take on his personal security O'Doyle...The London's beat the incredibly popular duo of Bobby Schink & Travis Cole (Sweet & Tasty) when Leo low-blowed Travis and hit a running pile driver (banned move) behind the ref's back...Scorpio forced the huge O'Doyle to tap out but was attacked by the Gentlemen's Club with Jackie delivering the coup de grace Curb stomp....Vanna & HIW Grand Champion Shaun Moore were having an incredible match when the Club ran in and attacked Moore with Jackie once again hitting the curb stomp....Schink & Travis made the save and the Club dared them to face them right then and there...Cole said they would, but they weren't alone, introducing Ella Blake who had not been seen since Leo and David London took her out with two pile drivers, that match being stopped when acting General Manager James Korba threw in the towel....The Club cheated throughout the main event until referee Jordan Garberwas knocked down...Leo retrieved an axe from under the ring and attempted to strike Ella but Korba hit the ring to take the axe away, allowing Ella to roll Leo up for the pin***

Sept. 22nd, 2018

PCW's "The One!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

The London Dynasty(c) defeated "Sweet & Tasty" (Bobby Schink & Travis Cole) - PCW Tag Team Championship

The Old School Wrecking Crew (Darren Dalton & Adam Knight) defeated Moses Luke & Robby Royce via DQ

Kevin O'Doyle defeated Jay Walker

Tyler Colton defeated AJ Sanchez

Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens defeated Tag Sciences Faculty & The London Dynasty - Triple Threat Match

JL Spiker defeated David Dixon

Bobby Schink defeated Alix Vanna - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

***Michael Arnott announced the Gentlemen's Club would have the night off, but Commissioner Marxwell ordered the London's to defend the PCW Tag Team Championship against Sweet & Tasty, Vanna attacked Schink, allowing him to be pinned...ATM was injured but announced he had brought in the Wrecking Crew to take on Royce & Moses...ATM tried to hit Royce with his crutch but accidentally hit Knight...Vanna assaulted Jay, allowing him to be pinned by O'Doyle....Jay challenged O'doyle to a Casket Match next event...Commissioner Marxwell ordered Vanna to defend the Canadian title against Schink...Tag Sciences Faculty brought out Donnie Dicaprio with a birthday cake to celebrate Kenny Omega's birthday...they gave party hats to fans...they also brought out Don Callis who entered to a huge reaction...Tony Condello was sitting with Kenny's parents ringside...Callis said he had just flown in for Kenny's birthday...They all sang Happy Birthday until the London's Interrupted and said the fans should not cheer for Kenny who only shows up once a year or Tag Sciences who barely show up that much...Don berated the London's, eliciting a "Quit the Business" chant from the audience...Don put over Kenny and explained how he gave him his first break, then said it was the worst thing he ever did...and accused Kenny, along with the Young Bucks of "ruining the business"....Callis struck Kenny with the microphone and began kicking him....the match began....Stevens accidently super kicked Kenny who fell face first into his birthday cake...Kenny told Stevens he was a nice guy but "professionally, we're through"...Stevens blamed the "idiot who brought a cake to a birthday" and promised Kenny he had something better..."15 pies!"....the match broke down to a pie throwing melee before Kenny chokeslammed David onto several pies and then lifted Leo to his shoulders and Stevens hit him with several pies from the top turnbuckle for the "pie day device" and pinned him...Spiker was out with Marty Gold who said this was the first day of the rest of Spiker's career...Ella Blake was out for an interview...Josh Hammerstein explained that Leo had assaulted Ella, pile drove her and tried to end her career, calling himself the "big man in PCW"...Ella said there was nothing big about Leo and on behalf of all women who had the misfortune of meeting "that male chauvinist pig", she challenged him to a one on one match....Leo interrupted and admitted he DID try to end her career, but because he was not a male chauvinist, he was a male feminist....he wanted to dissuade all girls from following Ella's example and entering the wrestling business because it was a "man's world"...Leo said if he wrestled Ella, he'd beat her so bad she'd be begging to clean his house, cook his dinner and satisfy his every sexual urge but she wasn't his type because he liked "hot girls"....Ella slapped him, Leo slapped her back...Ella attacked, pounding on Leo until Leo could escape...The Club tried to interfere in the main event but Travis Cole, Jay Walker & Ella ran them off...Schink pinned Vanna to win the title***

October 19, 2018

PCW's "Hellbound!!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Antonio Scorpio defeated David London

Antonio Scorpio defeated Alix Vanna via DQ

Robby Royce & Moses Luke defeated Darren Dalton & Adam Knight (Old School Wrecking Crew)

"Sweet" Bobby Schink(c) defeated Travis Cole & JL Spiker - PCW Canadian Championship Triple Threat

Kevin O'Doyle defeated Jay Walker - Casket Match

Antonio Scorpio defeated Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) - Wins PCW Heavyweight Championship

***Gentlemen's Club announced Leo was missing and thus, there could be no "Gentlemen's Gauntlet....Scorpio said the gauntlet began already and he was up 1-0, implying he did something to Leo...After Scorpio defeated David, Vanna attacked and immediately started his match...the rest of the Club attacked Scorpio for a blatant disqualifcation....Vanna tombstone'd Scorpio and he was helped from the ring...ATM turned on Knight & Dalton revealed his injury was all a ruse to screw with PCW...Schink chose his friend Travis Cole for his first title defense but JL Spiker interrupted, with Marty Gold to add himself to the match, claiming Spiker applied for refugee status in the United States because he could not receive a fair shake in Canada...he promised to win the Canadian Championship and "make it great again"...Spiker laid out Cole, but Schink super-kicked him from the ring and got the pin on Travis...Vanna attacked Schink and vowed to "kill him" for taking the Canadian title...Vanna was out of control and was restrained by several refs and his own allies....O'Doyle & Jay Walker had three caskets...O'Doyle missed a second-rope splash but Vanna attacked Jay with a steel chair allowed O'Doyle to roll him into the casket and seal it shut....Scorpio did not appear for the main event and Jackie bragged he was in the hospital and would not be seen again...but Scorpio arrived in a hospital gown and neck brace...London and Vanna interfered but were run off by Cole & Schink...Scorpio pinned Jackie following a Tombstone....Jackie & Scorpio expressed mutual respect***

Nov 3rd, 2018

PCW's "Season's Beatings!!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

ATM defeated Darren Dalton

Shaun Moore(c) defeated David Samson - Non-Title HIW Grand Championship

Adam Knight defeated Moses Luke via Disqualification

Sweet & Tasty (Bobby Schink & Travis Cole) defeated Kevin O'Doyle & JL Spiker

Antonio Scorpio(c) defeated Leo London - PCW Heavyweight Championship

ATM won a Christmas Wish Battle Royale to ears a shot at Scorpio in January

***Prior to the event, Marty Gold led the officials out for a ten bell salute to Senior Official Lenny Travis, who passed away several days beforehand...Michael Arnott lead Leo & O'Doyle to the ring...he said Alix Vanna being suspected for being too aggresive in wrestling was bullsh!t...he said Jackie had fallen into a deep depression after losing the PCW Heavyweight Championship and might never be seen again and David London was refusing to appear due to sympathy depression...Arnott was incredulous that Ella Blake had challenged Leo to a one on one match and said he would do her the favour of intervening by making her wrestler him first....he claimed he was a nationally ranked wrestler from his elementary school...Moses Luke & Robby Royce distracted and attacked Dalton allowing ATM to get the pin...David Samson made his in-ring debut in a losing cause to Moore but it was a great match...Knight was attacked but Dalton made the save and Royce challenged Knight to a one on one match...Knight said they had been beating each other up since 1995 and he was happy to do it one more time...JL Spiker is now "The American Psycho"... In a great match, Scorpio forced Leo to tap out...Marty Gold entered the Battle Royale and said opportunities like this gave veterans like him hope...he said he'd win the battle royale and challenge Scorpio next month....Marty was eliminated...Sweet & Tasty eliminated O'Doyle from the Battle Royale, ATM eliminated Cole and O'Doyle returned to viciously attack Schink, allowing ATM to easily throw him out to win...Scorpio and ATM engaged in a stare down....PCW announced they would be bringing a former World's Heavyweight Champion to Winnipeg in 2019***

Dec. 1, 2018

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