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Results, Details, Photos, Video & More From 2017!

PCW's "New Years Knockout"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

London Dynasty b. Bobby Shink & Brett Evans

James Beaver b. Alex Anthony

Jay Walker b. Trent Nash via Count Out - Canadian Championship #1 Contenders Match

"Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum(c) b. Alix Vanna - PCW Canadian Championship

Antonio Scorpio b. Zack Mercury - Loser Leaves Town Match

Team Flex Appeal(c) b. Billy Blaze and Richard Blood via DQ - PCW Tag Team Championship

Scott Justice(c) with The Angel b. Jackie Lee - PCW Heavyweight Championship

***PCW owner Andrew Shallcross demanded Tatum cease his 'adult mannerisms' and surrender his kendo stick or surrender the Canadian Championship - Tatum reluctantly gave up the Kendo, which Shallcross snipped - Tatum had a second Kendo stick and blew his load in Vanna's face - Shallcross was incensed and Dixon appeared to attack Tatum at Shallcross' behest***

January 7th, 2017

PCW's "Highway to Hell"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Moses Luke(c) defeated Bobby Shink - Ringside Wrestling North American Championship

James Beaver defeated Trent Nash

Scott Justice(c) defeated Antonio Scorpio - Non-title PCW Heavyweight Championship

Dick Blood & Billy Blaze defeated London Dynasty & Ace Riveira & Brett Evans - #1 Contender's Match

Alex Vanna defeated Jackie Lee

"The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum(c) defeated Jay Walker - PCW Canadian Championship

***Scott Justice & Jackie Lee Pick Your Poison, chose opponents for each other - Scott challenged Jackie to a TLC Match next event - Beaver beat Nash when Jay Walker struck him with a wrench - Walker challenged Nash to a "Wrench Match" next event - Folowing man event, Shallcross attacked Tatum, Lomdon Dynasty turned, striking Tatum and their manager Hartford - Tatum challenged Shallcross to Fully Loaded match next event - Shallcross accepted but made it a handicapped match with Vanna as his partner***

February 18th, 2017

PCW's "15th Anniversary Spectacular"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Bobby Shink defeated James Beaver

The London Dynasty defeated DRAGNEEL & Jeremy Joseph

Billy Blaze & Dick Blood defeated Team Flex Appeal(c) and Team Impact - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

"The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum(c) defeated Andrew Shallcross & Alix Vanna - PCW Canadian Championship - Fully Loaded Match

Antonio Scorpio defeated Mentallo and AJ Sanchez - Triple Threat Legacy Match

Moses Luke defeated JL Spiker

Trent Nash defeated Jay Walker - Wrench Match

Jackie "The Jet" Lee defeated Scott Justice(c)  - Wins PCW Heavyweight Championship - TLC Match

***Jay Walker & London Dynasty accompanied James Beaver for his match - Londons complained that they were left off the show and were hijacking until they got a match - Following their match, Londons threatened to hijack the show again - Alix Vanna & Andrew Shallcross joined the group in the ring and Shallcross claimed he and Vanna would win because he was "the owner" - Filthy Josh reminded Shallcross he was the "minority owner" - Shallcross got angry until Josh introduced the majority owner, Tom "The Man" Manos - Manos warned the Londons not to try anything or else - Manos banned everyone from ringside for Canadian Championship Match and told Shallcross if he lost, he would be stripped of his common shares - Before Blaze N Dick vs Team Flex Appeal began, Manos said you cannot have a match to decide the best tag team ever without "these guys" and introduced Team Impact (Robby Royce & ATM) - Marty Gold inducted Chi Chi Cruz into the PCW Hall of Fame - Following Canadian title match, Manos presented Tatum with a new Canadian Championship belt and Tatum announced his retirement and surrendered the belt - Bobby Jay addressed the crowd and congratulated PCW on 15 years - The London Dynasty hijacked the show and refused to leave - they were confronted by "Playboy" Will Damon - London's tried to intimidate Damon until he was joined by "Mecca" Shane Madison - Madison & Damon beat up Londons - Scorpo, Sanchez, Mentallo wrestled a "Legacy Match", featuring former PCW Champions - Moses beat Spiker in his professional debut - Walker attempted to ignite a wrench on fire but it failed to light leading to his loss - "Outlaw" Adam Knight was guest ring announcer for the main event - With Scott poised to win the match, Jackie pushed over the ladder and Scott fell through two tables to the floor - Jackie began to climb the ladder until The Angel pulled him down and kissed him - Jackie responded by palm striking her in the face, climbed the ladder and won the title - Manos presented Jackie with a new championship belt***

March 31st, 2017

PCW's "Thunderstruck!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

The London Dynasty b. Trent Nash & JL Spiker (with EZ Ryder)

"Sweet" Bobby Shink b. Moses Luke

William Blaze & Richard Blood(c) b. Jay Walker & James Beaver via DQ - Non-Title 

Jackie Lee & Chad Tatum b. Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens

Blaze & Blood & Moses b. Walker & Beaver & Shink

Alex Vanna b. Antonio Scorpio

***Shane Mclovin returned full time...Londons attacked Spiker & EZ on way to the ring and challenged them to tag match but EZ brought out Nash...Vanna called out Shallcross who said he was a great talent and there was no shame they lost to Tatum last event but Vanna said he didn't lose, Shallcross did and attacked him with a kendo stick...Chris Maxwell returned as Minority Owner and announced he was appointing himself Senior Official and brought out Chad Tatum to surrender the PCW Canadian Championship...Tatum said he was truly retired and there would not be "one more load" and gave up the Canadian belt...Omega & Stevens insulted Tatum which brought out Jackie Lee to defend him...Omega & Stevens vs Jackie until Tatum ran in for "one last load"...Vanna beat Scorpio where winner got last entry in Golden Ticket and loser got the first***

May 5th, 2017

PCW's "Golden Ticket Rumble"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

William Blaze & Richard Blood(c) defeated Trent Nash & JL Spiker - Non-Title - PCW Tag Team Championship

Moses Luke defeated James Beaver

Jay Walker defeated Bobby Schink

Jackie Lee(c) defeated David London - Non-Title - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Alix Vanna defeated Mike McSugar

Bobby Schink Won the Golden Ticket Premier Rumble

***Blaze & Blood and Nash & Spiker all shook hands after their match - Walker cheated to beat Schink - David put forth a career performance in a losing cause to Jackie - Marxwell had banned all members of the Gentleman's Club from ringside - Schink eliminated multiple men in the Rumble - When Jackie eliminated Marty Gold, Robby Royce ran in from the audience and attacked him and threw him over the top rope - Royce ran from the ring as officials & security gave chase, dropping Shallcross with a left hook - Schink had eliminated Jay but when Beaver entered, he gave his spot to Jay - Schink battled both Jay & Beaver at the end, finally super kicking Jay over the top rope to win the Rumble***

e Golden Ticket Rumble!

May 26th, 2017

NXW Live!

Somerset Community Hall - Somerset, Mb

Alix Vanna vs Jay Walker - Ladder Match

May 27th, 2017

PCW's "Premier Cup"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Alix Vanna defeated Trent Nash via submission

Antonio Scorpio defeated David London

Jay Walker defeated James Beaver via Count Out

Scott Justice defeated Bobby Schink

Moses Luke defeated JL Spiker

Antonio Scorpio defeated Jay Walker

Alix Vanna defeated Scott Justice

Leo London defeated Jackie Lee(c) - NON-TITLE 

Alix Vanna defeated Antonio Scorpio - Wins PCW Canadian Championship & Premier Cup

***Londons attacked Nash and injured him before his match with Vanna, James Beaver was not in the building so Jay Walker could win, Roy DRAGNEEL thought he was in the tournament but Marxwell offered him a spot refereeing the main event, Jackie Lee demanded Robby Royce face him like a man saying "I dont even know who Robby Royce is", but Royce was not there, Leo challenged Jackie who agreed to a non-title match, Royce's music played allowing Leo to roll up and pin a distracted Jackie, London's interfered throughout the tournament and allowed Vanna to pin Scorpio while holding the ropes***

June 24th, 2017

PCW's "Great Canadian Bash"

Sunova Centre - West St Paul

Ella Blake defeated Jay Walker

Trent Nash defeated Brett Evans

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) defeated Leo London - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Trent Nash, JL Spiker & Ella Blake defeated Jay Walker, Leo London & Brett Evans

***Canada Day Extravaganza! - **FREE** Outdoor Event!***

July 1st, 2017

"Private Function"

Winnipeg, Mb

James Beaver defeated Bobby Schink

Jack Lydon & DRAGNEEL defeated AJ Sanchez & Kevin O'Doyle

Ella Blake defeated Jay Walker

Prince Akeem defeated Leo London

Prince Akeem won a Rumble

***Ref: Mathew McGregor, Ring Announcer: Andrew Shallcross***

July 2nd, 2017

PCW's "Boiling Point"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated Scott Justice

Seeds of Evil (Trent Nash & EZ Ryder) defeated David London & DRAGNEEL

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) defeated Mike Angels - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Mike McSugar defeated James Beaver

Moses Luke defeated Alex Anthony, Jak Lydon, Tyler Rose & Ace Riviera - Gauntlet Match

Alix Vanna(c) defeated Antonio Scorpio - PCW Canadian Championship

***Justice shook Schink's hand following their match, Nash was going to team with JL Spiker but was angry at him for his previous performance and introduced the returning EZ Ryder, Leo London had been suspended for assaulting a fan so David said the match was off but Minority Owner Chris Marxwell replaced Leo with DRAGNEEL, Beaver attacked McSugar but Schink implored him to stop and successfully calmed him down, Marxwell made himself special guest referee for the main event and banned David from ringside, Leo was sitting in the audience incognito and interferred, leading to Vanna's victory, Gentlemen's Club were poised to attack Scorpio but Seeds of Evil made the save, Scorpio attacked Marxwell & tombstoned him saying "If you can't beat em, join em" and laid a Gentleman's Club shirt over Marxwell, Scorpio left alone while Gentlemen's Club celebrated over Marxwell's unconscious body***

July 29th, 2017

PCW's "Threat In Lorette"

Family Fun Days, Lorette, Mb

Trent Nash defeated AJ Sanchez via disqualification

Trent Nash & JL Spiker defeated AJ Sanchez & Kevin O'Doyle

Antonio Scorpio defeated Bobby Schink - Number One Contender's Match

Jay Walker defeated Jack Lydon

Jackie Lee(c) defeated Antonio Scorpio - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Schink Won A $25,000 Battle Royale

***Ref: Lori Lavis (debut), O'Reilly attacked Nash to lead to tag match, Scorpio immediately attacked Jackie following his victory but Schink made the save, the locker room emptied and a battle royale was ordered, final five were Scorpio & Schink & Jackie & Sanchez & Nash, Scorpio eliminated Jackie and Schink eliminated Scorpio to win, very boisterous crowd***

September 8th, 2017

PCW's "Back to School Bash"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Antonio Scorpio defeated "Sweet" Bobby Schink

The London Dynasty defeated The Young Puks (Shadow Xtreme & Jack Lydon)

Jackie Lee(c) defeated Alix Vanna(c) & Scott Justice via DQ - Triple Threat Match - Title vs Title

Moses Luke & JL Spiker defeated Seeds of Evil (EZ Ryder & Trent Nash)

The Gentleman's Club & Robby Royce defeated Jackie Lee, Scott Justice, Bobby Schink & DRAGNEEL
***The Gentlemen's Club was out first to hear Scorpio's 'decision', Scorpio announced he was joining the club, Dragneel confronted Scorpio explaining that he had been watching Scorpio since he was a kid and was inspired to become a wrestler and implored Scorpio not to join the GC, Scorpio powerbombed Dragneel through a table, Marxwell made Scorpio face Schink immediately, Coach Kelly Russel was PCW's new Talent Coordinator tasked with recruitment, Russel introduced the Young Puks from Pukatawagon, Mb, Jackie revealed that Royce had not showed up and called him a coward and dared him to show up tonight, GC attacked Jackie when he was poised to pin Vanna setting up 8 man main event, Moses Luke's new Juggernaut Challenge was taking a green rookie and guiding him to victory, Moses cheated to beat the SOE but unclear if Spiker was in on it, Spiker scored the pin on his mentor, During main event, Scorpio was 'injured' and replaced by Robby Royce who got the pin on Jackie and said the tag team match would happen next event (Royce & Mystery Partner vs Jackie & Scott)***

September 16th, 2017

PCW's "Hellbound"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Antonio Scorpio defeated DRAGNEEL

Jack Lydon defeated Kevin O'Doyle via Submission

Alix Vanna(c) defeated Bobby Schink - PCW Canadian Championship

London Dynasty defeated Blaze N' Dick(c) and Moses Luke & JL Spiker - PCW Tag Team Championship - Triple Threat - Special Ref: James Korba

"Sweet" Bobby Schink defeated London Dynasty(c) - PCW Tag Team Championship - Golden Ticket Cash In

Jackie Lee & Jack Lydon defeated Robby Royce & Darren Dalton

***PCW's Director of Talent Acquisition "Coach" Kelly Russel introduced the 360lb Kevin O'Doyle, PCW's Founder Andrew Shallcross presided over the contract signing for a six man tag match between James Korba & Mystery Partners vs Leo London & Mystery Partners, Londons struck Schink with the CDN belt cutting his head open to allow Vanna to win the CDN title match, Londons won the PCW Tag Team Championship but Schink cashed in the Golden Ticket and Special Referee James Korba counted the three, Jackie Lee chose young rookie Jack Lydon as his partner & Robby Royce revealed veteran Darren Dalton as his partner, Royce went down with a serious injury in the match and was carried out, Jackie pinned Dalton but ATM attacked and laid him out and laid our Chris Marxwell, Josh Hammerstein and Andrew Shallcross***

FRIDAY, October 27th, 2017

NXW's "Family Friendly Live Event"

Somerset, Mb

Jackie Lee defeated Leo London

DRAGNEEL defeated James Beaver

Bobby Schink defeated DRAGNEEL

Jay Walker defeated Jackie Lee via Disqualification

Jay Walker defeated Josh Hammerstein via submission

***Ring announcer Andrew Shallcross, referee Matthew MacGregor***

November 4th, 2017

PCW's "Season's Beatings: Homecoming!"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Featuring the Return of Kenny Omega!

Billy Blaze & Dick Blood defeated Moses Luke & James Beaver 

Scott Justice defeated Alix Vanna(c) & Jay Walker - PCW Canadian Championship

James Korba & Bobby Schink & Shao Ming defeated Antonio Scorpio & The London Dynasty

Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens defeated Chad Tatum & Mike McSugar

DRAGNEEL won a Battle Royale

Jackie Lee(c) defeated ATM via Reverse Decision - PCW Heavyweight Championship

***Moses entered with JL Spiker but replaced him with Beaver, Moses assaulted Beaver post-match, Vanna assigned Scorpio to the Six Man Tag match and agreed to defend the CDN title against any former CDN Champ but Minority Owner Chris Marxwell made it TWO in a Triple Threat Match, Jay Walker made his surprise return to a large ovation, Mike Arnott confronted Korba and said he was cancelling the match but Korba fired him as his attorney and hit him, Korba brought out Bobby Schink & Shao Ming as his partners, Kenny pinned Tatum, DRAGNEEL elimited Sanchez, Royce laid out Jackie and ATM "won" and was announced as new champion, Marxwell took the belt and said he would not let the decision stand but was also laid out, Venue was sold out, standing room only***

November 25th, 2017

PCW's "The Birthday of Jericho" *Private Function*

Winnipeg, Mb

Jak Lydon defeated Kevin O'Doyle

DRAGNEEL defeated Jay Walker

Jay Walker & Bobby Schink defeated Leo London & DRAGNEEL

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight - PCW Heavyweight Championship

December 9th, 2017

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