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PCW's "Commencement of Cool" Shatters Records, Makes History!

Monday March 4, 2002

Winnipeg, MB - To call "Commencement of Cool" the most successful independent wrestling show in Canada in a long time, would be an accurate statement. To call it unexpected would be an understatement.

On Sunday night, Premier Championship Wrestling set a recent attendance record when 1531 fans converged on the Investors Group Athletic Centre on U of M campus to check out the launch of the young company. And the fans were treated to superstar performances and a calliber of entertainment never before provided to them in the wrestling circles.

Of course there were reasons for the success of the show. Namely Eddie Guerrero, Honky Tonk Man, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and a group of hardworking up and comers who laid it all on the line.

In the case of Guerrero it marked his first ever independent wrestling appearance in Canada. And while he is regarded in the industry as the best wrestler not currently with the World Wrestling Federation, Eddie and "Playboy" Will Damon engaged in a 30 minute classic, in which Eddie would ultimately score the pin.

One of the largest reasons for the success of the PCW venture, was their ability to market to everyone. Perhaps the most popular performer of the night was the Legendary Honky Tonk Man, who entertained the fans for close to ten minutes singing and dancing, and performing his gimmick like it was wrestlemania. On this night he would re-ignite his longstanding rivalry with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, only to find a bond with his former nemisis and make ammends.

It should not go unstated how hard the Premier Championship Wrestling roster worked in their first appearance as a company in the Winnipeg market. An outstanding TLC match between Perfect Balance and Assisted Suicide barely outshown the opening performance of Mentallo and Kenny Omega as the best performance on the show.

Premier Championship Wrestling intends to promote these shows on quarterly to bi-monthly basis, and judging by the success of their first show the sky is truly the limit.

Results from the show:
Premier Championship Wrestling "Commencement of Cool"
Sunday March 3, 2002

Investors Group Athletic Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba:

Kenny Omega pinned Mentallo.
The Axe, Sugar Daddy Dixon & Chris Stevens beat Ronnie Attitude, Pete Moss & Greg Romijn.
Shane Madison & Donnie Di Caprio beat Adam Knight & Darren Dalton.
Honky Tonk Man & Brutus Beefcake battled to a no-contest.
T.J. Bratt pinned Chris Parys.
Assisted Suicide defeated Perfect Balance in a TLC match.
Eddie Guerrero pinned Will Damon.

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