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Monday April 1, 2002

Winnipeg, Mb - After completing his recent tour with Premier Championship Wrestling which included a record attendance of 1531 people for one show, former WWF Superstar Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake was interviewed from his Florida home by sports newsletter Sports Scene.

Following is a portion of that interview that will appear in their April edition:

S.S.: What happened after your time in the WCW???
BRUTUS: I started to wrestle independently and I also got hired to work in public relations for a business in Florida. I enjoy working with people and everyone knows me so it's worked out well.
Since September 11, the wrestling business had slowed down, but I was happy to get the call to come to Winnipeg for a Premier Championship Wresting card.

S.S.: What were your thoughts on the card recently held at the Investors Gym at the University of Manitoba?
BRUTUS: I thought it was a great production. For an independent group to pull in a crowd over one thousand people is outstanding. If they can keep it going for one or two more shows, wrestlers and wrestling fans are really going to take notice. They e-mailed me an invitation to come to Winnipeg and wrestle my old buddy from the WWF days, the Honky Tonk Man. I've always enjoyed wrestling in Canada and in fact, I even shot a movie up here. The people in charge at the PCW seem to have things well in control and I'd love to come back for another card if we can work all the details out.

Sports Scene is a sports newsletter that goes out to about 130 locations with 20 thousand published on a monthly basis.

For more information on Sports Scene, please visit them on-line at

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