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Beat The Summer Heat - Results & Analysis!
Saturday August 27th, 2016

WINNIPEG, Mb - It was standing room only as the largest crowd of 2016 packed Doubles Bar to witness PCW's Beat The Summer Heat!  The event was not without controversy as the famed Mentallo cut a scathing promo following his main event loss to PCW Heavyweight Champion Jackie Lee and seemingly quit the promotion.


Main Event - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) vs Mentallo

The main event was a tremendous match with all the fireworks the fans expected  as simmering issues between Lee and Mentallo finally hit a crescendo.

Those issues date back over a year to the tournament to crown a new PCW Champion at 2015's "Boiling Point".  While Jackie defeated Zack Mercury & Chad Tatum en route to the final round series against Antonio Scorpio, Mentallo faced Kenny Omega in the opening round in a match up of the top two seeds in the tournament!

That match, as expected, was as evenly contested as predicted and under the time constraints of a tournament format, ended in a DRAW, eliminating both men.

The drama continued at last year's Back To School Bash.  Jackie defeated Scorpio to capture the vacant PCW Championship while Mentallo earned a hard fought victory over Omega to become the number one contender.

One month later at PCW's "Unforgettable", the outcome was just that, as the young Jackie defeated the veteran Mentallo in what many considered a shocking upset.  It was a memorable first title defense for "The Jet" and a narrow loss for the exhausted Mentallo who had to beat Alexander Prime earlier in the evening.

Both men spent months attending to other issues before Mentallo once again earned a championship opportunity at this past June's "Highway To Hell" event, and the veteran vowed to regain the title he held three times previously.  But if their previous matches could be describes as dramatic, this one was positively cinematic. 

Enraged rookie Alix Vanna had spent much of the evening causing havoc, seemingly systematically attacking and checking off a bucket list of those he felt wronged him.  During the main event, Vanna brutally attacked Jackie.  When Mentallo actually came to the champion's aid, Vanna exchanged blows with him also.  Refusing to let his golden opportunity slip away over the antics of the upstart Alix, Mentallo resorted to a tactic he hadnt used in many years - the dreaded mist!

He blew a cloud of toxic green mist at Vanna who just barely ducked out of the way, allowing special guest referee Vinko, The Ukrainian Sex Machine, to take the full shot to his face.  Mentallo immediately tended to Vinko who writhed in pain, pawing at his green-encrusted eyes while Jackie and Vanna brawled all over the building.

The match officially ended in an unsatisfactory disqualification victory for the champion.

At PCW's 15th Annual "Boiling Point" in July, the Tag Team Champions Team Flex Appeal were outraged over a disappointing medical prognosis for their manager Vinko and laid the blame squarely at the feet of both Jackie and Mentallo.  The angst forced the two men to put their differences aside and team up to challenge the vengeance-seeking Flex Appeal.

During the match, Jackie appeared to accidentally strike Mentallo.  But what happened next was clearly no accident as Mentallo super-kicked his partner allowing him to be pinned by the PCW Tag Team Champions. 

"Filthy" Josh Hammerstein invaded the sanctity of the locker room, demanding answers from Mentallo who confirmed that what happened to Vinko was an accident...but his attack on Jackie was a receipt - the wrestling term for payback.  Mentallo refused to expand on his remarks, throwing Hammerstein out of the building.

The stage was now set for the climactic encounter between Jackie Lee and Mentallo...and the fans packed Doubles to see the result!  Before the match, Vinko returned to a rousing ovation but the news wasnt good as he revealed he was suffering blindness with no concrete prognosis for recovery.
















Vinko refused to blame anyone, but Mentallo was less gracious, telling Vinko the fault was Alix Vanna's for interfering but mostly Jackie's for not "taking care of his own business".  Vinko implored Mentallo not to take what happened to him personally and asked to be at ringside to witness, auditorily, the main event.

But Vinko's presence proved to be a distraction.  As Mentallo regularly checked on his friend's status at ringside, Jackie fought with aggression in an effort to be victorious.  Unfortunately, at one point, while Jackie went after Mentallo, he struck Vinko.  The fans - and Mentallo - were stunned, allowing the champion to hit a Superman Punch for the three count.

Post Match, Mentallo unleashed a tirade.  He called Jackie a disrespectful punk and a "piece of shit" for hitting a blind man.  He refused to believe it was an accident.  He called out PCW's promoter Andrew Shallcross and spewed verbal venom at him, accusing him of loading PCW's roster with "these young punks who have no respect for the veterans". 

Mentallo said he was sick of the politics and Shallcross' "bullshit rules".  He even lambasted Hammerstein, saying he was a kiss-ass and implying he was a member of the Illuminati.  Mentallo reminded everyone that he had wrestled all over the world and would continue to do so "wherever I want for whomever I want" with the seeming exception of PCW as he finally said he was so sick of it, he quit. 

A stunned Jackie attempted to calm down the veteran and pay him respect, but Mentallo slapped him across the face and stormed out.


Before shocked fans could even comprehend what was happening, Vanna attacked Jackie, assaulting him and leaving him barely conscious.

That wasnt the only drama of the evening!

The night began with palpable electricity in the air, the capacity crowd primed and ready for live PCW action.  But it was the Primos Wrestling Canada contingent that made their way to the ring, sans their promoter Marc Merric who was mysteriously absent.

Trent Nash vs Rob Mass


Michael Arnott lead Rob Mass and Zack Mercury to the ring and regaled the fans with stories of Primos' superiority, reminding the audience to tune into SHAW TV to witness Mercury "rescuing" the Primos Television Championship from the clutches of PCW by defeating Antonio Scorpio in a Steel Cage Match.

Trent Nash was out next for his one on one match with Mass, accompanied by Manitoba legend EZ Ryder.  Nash looked incredible, in the best physical condition of his life and was eager to match strength with the powerhouse Mass.

It was fortunate that Ryder was in his corner to thwart some attempted Primos' shenanigans, allowing Nash to secure the victory, to the delight of the crowd.

PCW Canadian Championship - Last Chance To Dance Match
Jay Walker(c) vs Shao Ming

This was to be Shao Ming's last opportunity to regain the PCW Canadian Championship from Jay Walker and intended to end their two-plus year feud.  Ming had defeated Walker October 3rd 2015 to win his first championship, while Walker regained the title at the 14th Anniversary Spectacular this past March.

The fans were solidly supportive of Ming and he appeared poised for victory, if not for the ingenuity (or cowardice) of the champion.  With both men battling on the floor, and Walker the victim of a suicide dive, the referee began his count.  Knowing the championship could not change hands on a count out, Ming attempted to throw Walker back into the ring.  But a battered and exhausted Walker clutched the ringside barricade, wrapping his arms and legs around it.

Ming frantically tried to pry him loose to no avail and the official counted ten...and declared the match a double count out.  Fans were irate, boo'ing the decision loudly and demanding a re-start.

Walker relished the outcome promising everyone that he would be PCW Canadian Championship "Forever!".

Next was the moment many fans had been waiting for - the return of Kenny Omega!

One week removed from becoming the first North American to win New Japan Pro Wrestling's famous G1 tournament and earning a match against IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 in January, Omega returned home to PCW!

Ring announcing duties were handled by special guest James Korba of Loose Ropes Wrestling Podcast!


The fans errupted as Kenny and his "Experience" Tag Team Partner "Canadian Idol" Chris Stevens entered the venue.  Omega expressed his pleasure in being back home and said he and Stevens were issuing an open challenge to any duo.

Angry Alix Vanna confronted them saying everyone thinks Omega is a big deal but he's nothing until he does something in WWE.  He further said he was confused because Kenny was introduced as the leader of the Bullet Club, but Vanna watched the leader of the Bullet Club every Tuesday night on WWE's Smackdown Live!  Vanna also said he could take both members of "The Experience" himself.

That brought out the return of former PCW Heavyweight Champion Mike Angels to a huge ovation.  Angels addressed Vanna, asking him if he was crazy.  Angels, who had also toured Japan in his career, said he was there because he would never pass up the opportunity to be in a ring with the best wrestler in the world (Stevens assumed he was referring to him).

Angels wanted to wrestle Omega one more time...even if it meant teaming with Vanna.  Kenny said that was cool but maybe they could make it a six man match since he has a close personal friend here too....

At that moment, the familiar strains of the entrance music of infamous Hong Kong General Xiou Ping were heard as the masked man, and close friend of Omega's, made his way to the ring.  But rather then embracing his "Experience" cohorts, he assaulted them with a kendo stick! 

Ping unmasked revealing himself as "The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum in a ruse clearly designed to challenge Omega & Stevens.  Vanna assisted Tatum in his fight and Angels reluctantly joined in...until the return of "Vicious" Donny Dicaprio!

Dicaprio, a former PCW Tag Team Champion on multiple occasions, had not wrestled for years.  He was here, in remarkable condition and ready to fight.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens & Donny Dicaprio vs Mike Angels & Chad Tatum & Alix Vanna

A routine match-of-the-year candidate as expected with this collection of talent in the ring.  "The Experience" was victorious, pinning Vanna.

Post Match, Omega said without PCW, there was no Kenny Omega and encouraged the fans to continue to support wrestling!

Following a much-deserved Intermission, Zack Mercury was out.

The huge crowd absolutely drowned out Merc when he tried to speak.  He was serenaded with boo's and easily the most hated man on the show.  He said that he was the Primos Television Champion which meant he was the star of SHAW TV...but since there were no TV cameras at Doubles, he could not, in good conscious, defend his title.  Therefore his match would be a "non-title" match.

Zack Mercury vs Antonio Scorpio

Though Scorpio had long stopped caring what the fans thought, a large segment of the audience cheered him, out of long-standing respect and a desire to see him beat up Mercury.

What Arnott had said earlier was true - Merc had regained the vacant Primos TV title a few weeks earlier, having defeated Scorpio in a steel cage match.  However, he left out the part where he blasted Scorpio in the skull with the belt!

This was a hard-hitting rematch with the fans' preferred outcome as Scorpio defeated Mercury.

London Dynasty vs AntiGen (James Beaver & Adrien Burton)

Smug PCW Canadian Champion Jay Walker lead his AntiGen team mates to the ring.  Leo & David London soon followed.  The audience applauded the Londons, happy to see the previously feuding brothers back on the same page.

With PCW Tag Team Champions Team Flex Appeal on tour, there was plenty of room for jockeying within the tag ranks and this became an important match in that respect.

Beaver and the London's were well acquainted having previously been friends and teammates as part of the CommonWealth team.

The entire AntiGen situation was unusual as Walker had assembled a group of men he engaged in intense feuds with.  In a cult-like manner, he twisted their minds to embracing his way of thinking and promised them success and rewards.  But it was not to be on this night.

Leo & David worked together like a well-oiled machine and seemingly never missed a beat since their prior stint together.  The London's were victorious.

Post Match: William Jennings Blaze III & Richard Blood, Esq. commonly known as Billy & Dick, who had been quietly observing the show and enjoying a few cold beers, hit the ring and attacked the Londons.  The vicious assault went on and on with officials and even Hammerstein desperately trying to talk them down.

The attack was so vile that ringside fans tried to shield the Londons from further attack, which only enraged Blaze & Dick who certainly took unprofessional liberties, primarily with the hosts of the Loose Ropes Wrestling Podcast, violently shoving James Korba to the floor.

Blaze & Blood angrily said they had done this same thing last month and would continue to beat people up until they got what they wanted - the PCW Tag Team Championship.  They said Team Flex Appeal weren't on tour, they were scared.  They said the London's were now retired. 

"Who will stop us?!" They demanded.

Young rookies Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL answered the challenge.  Blaze & Dick ordered the referee to call the match but there was no bell to start and no bell to finish as PCW refused to sanction this contest. 

Fans chanted "You dont even work here" as the fight began.  And while Joseph & DRAGNEEL put up a great fight, Blaze & Blood bullied their way to so-called victory.

Quick Results:
Trent Nash defeated Rob Mass
Jay Walker DBl Count Out Shao Ming
Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens & Donny Dicaprio defeated Mike Angels & Chad Tatum & Alix Vanna
Antonio Scorpio defeated Zack Mercury
London Dynasty defeated AntiGen
Billy Blaze & Dick Blood defeated Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL (Unsanctioned)
Jackie Lee defeated Mentallo

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