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Davidson shows his True Colours, Stardom and Parys part II, Mentallo gets Gold

September 30, 2002

Winnipeg, Mb- Over 400 fans took in the live wrestling action of PCW’s Back To School Bash on Thursday night setting a new attendance record for live pro wrestling in that building. Mike Davidson proved to be no friend of Andrew Shallcross, Rob Stardom and Chris Parys engaged in a dangerous hardcore match, and Mentallo solved Rawskillz and the PCW Junior Heavyweight Division gets even hotter, here’s what happened In Case You Missed It.

For months, many fans supported PCW Vice President of Talent and Creative Mike Davidson in his war with top PCW star “The Mecca” Shane Madison. On July 25, Shane intentionally stepped out of the creative direction given by Davidson and defeated “Playboy” Will Damon. Davidson was irate and immediately began holding Madison accountable by making him wrestle guys with very little notice, and in matches that were designed to make him lose, such as a hardcore match on August 7 against Rob Stardom.

It was during that time, that Davidson announced that he would make a comeback on September 26, at BTSB. The man he wanted to face was who fans believed was his most hated enemy Shane Madison, who the fans believed hated Davidson.

Fast forward to last Thursday in front of a capacity crowd of 451 fans, and in the main-event of the highly anticipated event. With special guest referee Andrew Shallcross; a stipulation requested by Davidson, all hell broke loose. Davidson and Madison got into an immediate shoving match, and Madison slapped Davidson. Davidson took a second to compose himself and then returned the favor by slapping Andrew Shallcross! The crowd was stunned, and that was just the beginning. While Shallcross confronted Davidson, Madison cowardly attacked him from behind.

An ugly attack ensued, and Davidson and Madison cut open Shallcross by breaking beer mugs over his head and hitting him with a chair. Davidson grabbed the mic, and told the crowd that he built PCW and that Shallcross and Manos, and John Nguyen were just a supporting staff. He warned Shallcross that the worst was yet to come, as he was creating a “Dynasty” within PCW and Shane Madison was only the first of his accomplishments. In sickening fashion, the two embraced sending 451 fans home angry and disgusted.

But that wasn’t all that happened on this record setting night. On a night where The Crimson Sheik, representing another promotion, was to try and take “Ultraviolent” Rob Stardom home, he ran into a hurdle. Using “Class Act” Chris Parys, this was a re-match to the hardcore match of the century in Canada from fall of 2001. With a lot to live up to, Rob Stardom came out ready.

While Parys used the Crimson Sheik and manager Frank Fiedler, both stationed at ringside, to score a considerable advantage, Stardom still managed to absorb a considerable beating. At the 15-minute mark, Stardom appeared to be out of commission after Parys power bombed Stardom through an inverted table of light bulbs and thumbtacks. Stardom crashed his head on the cement floor and it appeared the match was over. But after throwing Stardom back in to the ring and pinning him the crowd was pleasantly shocked when Stardom kicked out on two. He continued to survive like a man possessed and shocked Parys a short time later with a quick small package for the three count.

The most exciting division in Canadian Professional Wrestling has been the PCW Junior Heavyweight division. After dominating his foes for nearly four months Rawskillz met his match on Thursday night, as he entered a fatal four-way match against Mentallo, Kenny Omega, and the newest rule breaker Ronnie Attitude.

This match was another 20-minute classic, and it showcased the work ethic of the hardest working trio in Independent wrestling, Rawskillz, Omega, and Mentallo. After it appeared that Skillz was on his way to victory while pinning Ronnie Attitude, Attitude’s new manager Frank Fiedler distracted the ref and Rawskillz thus thwarting a clear win. Mentallo seized the opportunity and about two minutes later scored the pin on Attitude and became the new PCW International Junior Heavyweight Champion.

PCW is releasing on home video The Best of PCW Junior Heavyweights VOL 1. on VHS, more on this in the next two weeks. After the success of the Commencement of Cool video distribution, PCW is excited to offer this to the fans.

What is up with “Vicious” Donnie Di Caprio? After agreeing to a Karaoke challenge with the “Karaoke Cowboy” Adam Knight at BTSB and performing such classics as Think It Over and Livin’ La Vida Loca, the fans now seem to love DiCaprio. A week before that he impressed the fans that once despised him when he accepted the opportunity to wrestle his MVP allies Shane Madison. He went on to tap out Madison in the middle of the ring.

Here’s the rest of what you missed:
Perfect Balance beat Chris Stevens & Pete Chee… Sugar Daddy Dixon defeated Greg Romijn… Rob Stardom beat Chris Parys in a hard-core match… Chi Chi Cruz pinned Darren “The Bomb” Dalton after using brass knuckles… Mentallo captured the PCW International Junior Heavyweight Title by defeating Ronnie Attitude, Kenny Omega & Rawskillz… Mike Davidson and Shane Madison attacked Andrew Shallcross, and their match was ruled a no-contest.

Here’s what is coming:
PCW and continue to partner on an entertaining series of wrestling webcasts. You can check out episode three at or the In The Media section of our news page.

PCW is negotiating with one of the top names in wrestling business to appear in Winnipeg in the very near future. This guy might be bigger than Eddie Guerrero…

PCW and will be releasing a video available on VHS and VCD, which will feature all the episodes of PCW on As well they will be releasing a video of the best of the Strat in the New Year.

Stay tuned to all the latest on PCW by logging onto

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