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Back To School Bash - Results & Analysis

Saturday, October 1st 2016

WINNIPEG, Mb - The Jimmy Hart tour continued as PCW returned home to Doubles Bar this past Saturday Night, October 1st!  It was a night of debuts, returns and surprises with another large boisterous crowd taking it all in.

James Beaver & Jay Walker vs Trent Nash & Shao Ming vs Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL

It was the beginning of what would prove to be a busy night for Jay Walker as the Social Media Superstar teamed with his AntiGen minion James Beaver in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.  Nash & Shao received a huge response upon their entrance and Ming in particular, was determined to get his hands on Walker.

Last show, Ming lost his last shot at Jay's Canadian Championship under dubious circumstances when Walker got himself intentionally counted out. While Shao would never be able to challenge him for the title, he could enact a physical toll.

The rapidly improving rookie duo of Joseph and DRAGNEEL were, perhaps, the wild card in this match.  They continued to look impressive.  But it was the power and experience of Nash with the speed and desire for revenge of Shao that was ultimately victorious.


Zack Mercury vs Antonio Scorpio

Michael Arnott led Mercury to the ring and verbally lambasted the fans and PCW.  He explained that their issue with Scorpio began in Primos Wrestling and Scorpio couldn't accept the fact he had been beaten for their TV Championship by Merc.  Arnott once again said there were no cameras at Doubles so his man wasnt going to defend the championship.

Scorpio entered to a mixed reaction.  Long considered a "loner", a large segment of the fans supported him for his talent and effort.  Scorpio had defeated Mercury last show and looked to cement his superiority tonight.

Zack used his leverage advantage, placing his long legs on the ropes to score the controversial pin.


"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart was introduced next as the Guest Commissioner for the evening.  Hart welcomes everyone to the show and said he had heard about Jay Walker getting himself intentionally counted out last show and was not going to allow it.  He ordered the Canadian Championship match to be No Countout!


PCW Canadian Championship

Jay Walker(c) vs AJ Sanchez

Former Canadian Champion Sanchez did not look too worried as he made fun of Walker to start the match.  Frustrated and angry, Jay demanded they lock up...and promptly slapped the referee resulting in an immediate DQ.  Although he lost the match, Jay would retain the Canadian Championship.

Walker took the mic and once again vowed to remain Canadian Champion forever!  He was suddenly interrupted by Jimmy Hart!  Jimmy said he would not allow this match to end that way and was ordering it re-started with No Countout, No Disqualification!

Walker was irate!  Sanchez attacked.  And the two brawled all over the building.  The No DQ stipulation may have prevented Jay from getting out of the match but it allowed his cohort Beaver to interfere at will.

In the end, Walker nailed Sanchez with a low blow and a pedigree and pinned him with the 400lb Beaver providing the assistance.

The Canadian Champion again bragged to the fans that he would never lose the title and would be champ "forever!".

Walker was interrupted by "The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum who was sporting his familiar kendo stick AND the Golden Ticket Open Contract.  Much like Money In The Bank, the Golden Ticket grants its bearer an immediate opportunity against any PCW champion on any PCW show for one year.


Before Tatum could officially cash in, Beaver snatched the Golden Ticket from his hands and ate it.  But Tatum reached deep into his tights and produced a second ticket!  The match was on, with the same stipulations!


PCW Canadian Championship

Jay Walker(c) vs "The Grizzled Veteran" Chad Tatum

James Beaver immediately attacked Tatum and it became a defacto handicapped match for the majority of the contest.  Tatum fought back valiantly but whenever he'd gain an advantage, Jay would use dubious tactics to beat him down again.

Tatum was barely conscious as Jay set him up for the figure four.  But the Grizzled Veteran subtly took hold of his customized kendo stick.  Jay never saw it coming.  Tatum unleashed a stream of explosive fluid to the champions face.  As Walker struggled to wipe the foreign substance from his eyes and mouth, Tatum executed a picture-perfect Sliced Bread for the pin, becoming the new PCW Canadian Champion.

It was Tatum's third reign as Canadian Champ and the 7th time out of seven that the Golden Ticket has been cashed in successfully.


Next out was Vinko The Ukrainian Sex Machine.  Still suffering blindness as a result of mist accidentally blown into his eyes by Mentallo several months ago, he was led to the ring by PCW Tag Team Champions Team Flex Appeal member Michael Allan Richard Clark. 

Vinko explained that he was there to set the record straight.  He referred to Mentallo quitting PCW last event and said he disagreed with his opinion on Jackie Lee.  Vinko didnt blame Jackie for striking him last show even though he felt it was deliberate.  He offered to be in Jackie's corner to watch his back in the main event.

But, to the business at hand, the other half of Team Flex Appeal, Mike McSugar was unable to be there.  But they were fighting champions and found a suitable replacement - International Women's wrestling sensation Gisele Shaw!

PCW Tag Team Championship

Michael Clark & Gisele Shaw vs Brett Morgan & Ace Riviera

The new-look Flex Appeal were defending the tag titles against rivals from Saskatchewan.  Gisele, making her PCW debut, quickly became a crowd favorite with her stiff kicks and athleticism.  She stood her ground against the larger Morgan and beat Ace down with kicks and strikes before securing the pin!

Gisele received a huge ovation from the fans!


Moses Luke vs Bull Bodnar

Another PCW return became evident as "The Canadian Loose Cannon" TJ Bratt accompanied Moses Luke to the ring.  Bratt expressed a very negative opinion of the crowd at Doubles and referred to himself and Luke as real men.  He alluded to a grander plan and it would quickly unfold as this match progressed.

Bull Bodnar was attacked by Luke as he was entering the ring.  Moses was stymied however as he did not have the decided power advantage he was used to.  Big and strong, Bull powered his way to an advantage.

Shortly thereafter, William Jennings Blaze III & Dr. Richard Blood Esq., colloquially known as Blaze & Dick, entered the ringside area.  While Bratt interacted with the official, Blaze & Dick made their presence known physically, assaulting Bodnar.  With the clear advantage, Moses was victorious.

Post match, Bratt, Moses, Blaze & Dick viciously attacked Bull.


The London Dynasty vs Billy Blaze & Dick Blood

Blaze & Dick didnt have far to walk as they were introduced for the next match.  Before they made it back to the ring, Leo & David London attacked them from behind.  Clearly furious over the assault they faced last show, they took the fight to their larger opponents.

It was uncharacteristic aggression from Leo & David, two men who usually demonstrated a pure wrestling style.  All four men traded blows as they brawled around the ringside area.  Blaze & Dick had the size and power advantage, but the heart belonged to the Londons as they refused to back down.

Blaze held Leo prone while Dick wrapped his steel chain around his fist.  He charged in with a strike, but Leo slipped out of the way and Dick struck his own partner.  Leo leaped off the top rope with a double stomp and covered for a sure pin, but Luke hurriedly slid into the ring and attacked. 

Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL followed and a wild four-way brawl ensued briefly before Moses, Bratt, Dick & Blaze retreated.  Leo challenged them to an 8-Man Tag Team Match immediately, but they refused.


PCW Heavyweight Championship

Jackie "The Jet" Lee(c) vs Alix Vanna vs Scott Justice

This match was originally to be a one on one encounter between Lee and Vanna, but "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart was out and said he had spent the last several days with the PCW roster and he knew a great talent that deserved to be in this match, even if the fans didnt love him - Scott Justice!

Justice entered the ring and immediately verbally assaulted Jackie, saying as he had all along, that he was there to save Jackie's career from his own bad decisions.  Scott said Jackie had forgotten where he came from and was trusting the wrong people and if the only way to show him the light was to strip him of all he had accomplished, then so be it.

Scott also had unkind things to say about Alix Vanna who was hated by the audience but cemented his position as a top contender with a pinfall victory over Jackie the night before in Swan River. 

Perhaps no three men in PCW know each other better than these.  All three were graduates of Storm Academy in Alberta and have trained together extensively.  Scott appeared in control aftr executing a One Winged Angel.  But Jackie recovered, dispatched Vanna and pinned Justice!

An irate Vanna glared at Jackie as he exited the ringside area.

Next event:

Saturday November 5th 2016

Doubles Bar

20 Alpine

Doors Open: 7PM - Bell Time: 9PM

Tickets: Only $15

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