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Results, Details, Photos, Video & More From 2012!

***EVENT CANCELLED*** PCW's "New Years Knockout!"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb


The Outlaw Challenge Gauntlet Match

Antonio Scorpio vs Leo London

Chris Marxwell vs James Beaver

Jackie Lee vs Scott Justice vs Jay Walker - Triple Threat - PCW Canadian Championship

Seeds of Evil (EZ & Nash) vs Billy Blaze & Mystery Partner

***Event cancelled due to burst pipe at the venue, removal of women's washroom facilities - Venue wanted PCW to run the show but PCW refused without sufficient facilities for fans***

January 26th, 2012

PCW's "Thunderstruck"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated Prince Feurgo & Marty Labossier - Outlaw Challenge Gauntlet Match - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Billy Blaze Defeated Trent Nash

Chris Marxwell(c) Defeated Jay Walker - PCW Junior Championship

Mike Hammer Defeated Chris Marxwell(c) - Wins PCW Junior Championship

Scott Justice(c) Defeated Jackie "The Jet" Lee - PCW Canadian Championship

Leo London & James Beaver & Adam Knight Defeated Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens & Antonio Scorpio - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

***Will Damon's NWN group faced Omega/Stevens/Scorpio in a Six Man Match...Commissioner Arnott ordered Omega/Stevens PCW Tag Team Championship on the line in the match...London/Beaver/Knight won so London & Beaver became PCW Tag Team Champions...Mike Hammer, another member of NWN, won the Junior Championship***

February 23rd, 2012

PCW's "10th Anniversary Spectacular"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb

Eupope United (Leo & Beaver)(c) Defeated JP Kaos & David Dixon and EZ Ryder & Trent Nash and Billy Blaze & Big Cliff - Fatal Four Way Match - PCW Tag Team Championship

Scott Justice(c) Defeated Chris Marxwell - PCW Canadian Championship

The Honky Tonk Man Defeated Jay Walker

The Experience (Omega & Stevens) Defeated Europe United(c) and Jackie Lee & Camern Kross and Chad Tatum & Nate Hardy - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Antonio Scorpio Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) - Wins PCW Heavyweight Championship

Andrew Shallcross Defeated "Playboy" Will Damon - Last Man Standing Match

***Scorpio Tombstoned Damon after Shallcross had taken 5 steel chair shots to the head - Shallcross beat the ten count***

March 15th, 2012

PCW's "Defiance"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb

Jay Walker Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Billy Blaze Defeated Trent Nash

The Experience (Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens)(c) Defeated Europe United (James Beaver & Leo London) and Jackie Lee & Cameron Cross - PCW Tag Team Championship

Antonio Scorpio(c) Defeated Scott Justice - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Mentallo Won The Golden Ticket Premier Rumble

***Justice was PCW Canadian Champion and main event was Champion vs Champion***

April 26th, 2012

PCW's "Highway To Hell"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb

Jay Walker Defeated Leo London

James Beaver Defeated Marty Labossier

Billy Blaze Defeated Trent Nash

Antonio Scorpio(c) Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Scott Justice(c) Defeated Nate Hardy - PCW Canadian Championship

Mentallo Defeated Jackie Lee

May 31st, 2012

PCW's "Boiling Point"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb

EZ Ryder Defeated Shadow Xtreme

Marty Labossier Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Antonio Scorpio(c) Defeated Leo London - Non-Title PCW Heavyweight Championship

Adam Knight & James Beaver Defeated Antonio Scorpio & Marty Labossier

Mike Angels & Jay Walker Defeated The Experience (Kenny Omega & Jackie Lee)

July 12th, 2012

PCW's "Beat The Summer Heat"

The Marquee Event Centre - Winnipeg, Mb

Leo London & Mike Mission Defeated Trent Nash & Cory Diamond

Moses Luke Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Scott Justice(c) Defeated Jay Walker - PCW Canadian Championship

Antonio Scorpio(c) Defeated James Beaver - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Mentallo & Tyler Colton Defeated Mike Angels & Jackie Lee

***Final PCW event at the Marquee Lounge - PCW left Marquee due to dispute over insufficient facilities and services provided by the venue - Mentallo & Colton tied Angels to the ropes and beat up Jackie until Scorpio made the save - Mentallo challenged him to a title shot next month, cashing in his Golden Ticket for the opportunity***

August 16th, 2012

PCW's "Back To School Bash"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Jackie Lee & Marty Labossier Defeated Europe United (Leo & Beaver)

Moses Luke Defeated EZ Ryder

Trent Nash Defeated Cory Diamond

"Outlaw" Adam Knight Defeated "Enforcer" JP Kaos - with Troy Westwood as special Referee

The Experience (Omega & Stevens)(c) Defeated Nate Hardy & Tyler Colton - PCW Tag Team Championship

Mentallo Defeated Antonio Scorpio(c) Via Reverse Decision DQ - PCW Heavyweight Championship

The Honky Tonk Man & Jay Walker Defeated TJ Bratt & Scott Justice

***First PCW event at Doubles Bar - Return to PCW of TJ Bratt, Troy Westwood was special guest referee for Kaos vs Knight - Post match, Westwood punted Knight over the top rope***

September 20th, 2012

PCW's "Cool, Cocky & Bad Tour"

Veterans Community Hall - Swan River, Mb

Incomplete Results

September 21st, 2012

PCW's "Cool, Cocky & Bad Tour"

Conexus M.C.C. Centre - Moosomin, Mb

Incomplete Results

September 22nd, 2012

PCW's "Hellbound"

Doubles Bar - Winnipeg, Mb

Chris Marxwell Defeated Leo London Via DQ

Jay Walker & Chris Marxwell & Cory Diamond Defeated James Beaver & The London Dynasty

Adam Knight & Moses Luke Defeated Seeds of Evil (Trent Nash & EZ Ryder)

Scott Justice Defeated Antonio Scorpio(c) - Non-Title PCW Heavyweight Championship

Mentallo & Tyler Colton Defeated The Experience (Omega & Stevens)(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

October 25th, 2012

PCW's "Halloween Horror"


Incomplete Results

October 27th, 2012

PCW's "Road Rage 2"

Roadhouse Eatery & Lounge - Headingley, Mb

Incomplete Results

November 17th, 2012

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