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Results, Details, Photos, Video & More From 2010!

PCW's "New Years Knockout!"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Kraven Sicaprio Defeated Kory Kinkade

EZ Ryder Defeated Darien Karisma

"Priceless" Chad Tatum Defeated Jon Falcon

Remarkably Kaotic (Chris Marxwell & JP Kaos) Defeated Brothers' Chee (Pete & Pon)

Suicide Kings (Nate & Marty) Defeated Moses Luke & Sabertooth(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

"Average" Joe Dixon(c) Defeated Scott Justice - PCW Canadian Championship

"Showtime" Robby Royce & Steve Corino Defeated Adam Knight & ATM

***Corino Turned on Royce, Joined Knight & ATM as the Alliance of Defiance***

January 21st, 2010

PCW's "Thunderstruck"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

"Remarkable" Chris Marxwell Defeated Marty Labossier - Junior Champonship Tournament Quarterfinal

Scott Justice Defeated Prince Feurgo Jr - Junior Champonship Tournament Quarterfinal

Nate Hardy Defeated Darien Karisma - Junior Champonship Tournament Quarterfinal

Kory Kinkade Defeated Pete Chee - Junior Champonship Tournament Quarterfinal

"Average" Joe Dixon(c) Defeated Mike Angels - PCW Canadian Championship

"Priceless" Chad Tatum No Contest ATM

Scott Justice Defeated "Remarkable" Chris Marxwell - Junior Champonship Tournament Semi final

Kory Kinkade Defeated Nate Hardy - Junior Champonship Tournament Semi final

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Kraven Sicario - PCW Heavyweight Championship

February 18th, 2010

PCW's "8th Anniversary Spectacular: Culmination of Hate"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Mike Angels Defeated Kraven Sicario

Darien Karisma Defeated Jon Falcon Via DQ

Kory Kinkade Defeated Scott Justice - Wins Vacant PCW Junior Championship

Remarkably Kaotic Defeated Suicide Kings(c) and Moses & Sabertooth - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Davey Richards - PCW Heavyweight Championship

ATM Defeated Joe Dixon(c) and Adam Knight and Chad Tatum - Fatal Fourway - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

"Showtime" Robby Royce Defeated Steve Corino - No Holds Barred Steet Fight

***PCW Junior Championship was re-activated after nearly 7 years***

March 25th, 2010

PCW's "Defiance"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Shadow Xtreme Defeated Kraven Sicario

Antonio Scorpio Defeated Los Pollo Loco

Remarkably Kaotic(c) Defeated Seeds of Evil (EZ & Nash) Via DQ - PCW Tag Team Championship

Kory Kinkade & Darien Karisma Defeated Scott Justice & Jon Falcon

"Canadian Idol" Chris Stevens Defeated "Suicide King" Nate Hardy

"Outlaw" Adam Knight Won The Golden Ticket Premier Rumble - One Year Open Championship Contract

***Debut of the Golden Ticket Premier Rumble***

April 22nd, 2010

PCW's "Blaze of Glory"

Somerset, Mb

Sabertooth Defeated Prince Feurgo Jr

Kory Kinkade Defeated Kraven Sicario and Darien Karisma - Triple Threat Match - PCW Junior Championship

Remarkably Kaotic (c) Defeated Scott Justice & Moses Luke  PCW Tag Team Championship

Sabertooth Defeated Moses Luke Via DQ - Bodyslam Challenge

Mike Angels Defeated "Priceless" Chad Tatum

Nate Hardy Defeated ATM(c) - Non Title - PCW Canadian Championship

"Showtime" Robby Royce Won a Battle Royale

May 1st, 2010

PCW's "Highway To Hell"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

"Outlaw" Adam Knight Defeated Marty Labossier

Trent Nash Defeated Shadow Xtreme

Chris Marxwell & JP Kaos & Sabertooth Defeated EZ Ryder & Moses Luke

Antonio Scorpio Defeated Kraven Sicario

Jon Falcon & Scott Justice NO CONTEST Darien Karisma & Kory Kinkade

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Chad Tatum - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Suicide Kings (Nate & Marty) Defeated Alliance of Defiance (Adam Knight & ATM)

May 20th, 2010

PCW's "High Voltage"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Antonio Scorpio Defeated Scott Justice Via Submission

Darien Karisma Defeated Kory Kinkade(c) - Wins PCW Junior Championship

Seeds of Evil (Moses & EZ) Defeated Remarkably Kaotic(c) and Jon Falcon & Sabertooth - Triple Threat - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Kenny Omega(c) Defeats Prince Feurgo Jr and Scott Justice, loss to Antonio Scorpio Via DQ - Omega Challenge Gauntlet Match - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Nate Hardy Defeates "Outlaw" Adam Knight

ATM(c) Defeats Marty Labossier - PCW Canadian Championship

***During Omega Challenge, Kenny Defeated Feurgo, then Justice but Scorpio was immediately attacked by Omega's partner Chris Stevens***

June 17th, 2010

PCW's "Boiling Point"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Natye Hardy NO CONTEST Marty Lobossier

Trent Nash Defeated Shadow Xtreme

Jay Walker Defeated Jon Falcon Via DQ

Moses Luke Defeated Sabertooth

Kory Kinkade Defeated Scott Justice

ATM(c) Defsated Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier & Adam Knight - Fatal Fourway - PCW Canadian Championship


July 22nd, 2010

PCW's "Beat The Summer Heat"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Scott Justice Defeated Jay Walker

Darien Karisma(c) Defeated Kory Kinkade - PCW Junior Championship

Remarkably Kaotic (Marxwell & Kaos) & Sabertooth Defeated Seeds of Evil (EZ & Moses & Nash)

"Outlaw" Adam Knight Defeated Antonio Scorpio

ATM(c) NO CONTEST Nate Hardy - PCW Canadian Championship

Adam Knight Defeated ATM(c) - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

***Adam Knight accompanied his Aliiance of Defiance partner ATM for his title defense against Nate but cashed in his Golden Ticket during the match, turning on ATM and winning the championship - ATM left PCW following this event***

August 26th, 2010

PCW's "Back To School Bash"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated Kory Kinkade - PCW Canadian Championship

Seeds of Evil (EZ & Nash & Moses)(c) Defeated Remarkably Kaotic (Marxwell & Kaos) - Handicapped Match - PCW Tag Team Championship

Darien Karisma(c) Defeated Scott Justice - PCW Junior Championship

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated Nate Hardy Via DQ

The Experience (Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens) Defeated Antonio Scorpio & "Vicious" Donnie Dicaprio

***Return to PCW for Donnie Dicaprio - Kenny Omega returned after an extended tour of Japan***

September 16th, 2010

PCW's "Unforgettable"

Dylans On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

"Enforcer" JP Kaos Defeated Nate Hardy

Chris Marxwell Defeated EZ Ryder and Trent Nash, Lost to Moses Luke - Gauntlet Match

MVP (Donnie Dicaprio & Will Damon) Defeated Seeds of Evil - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated Darien Karisma - PCW Canadian Championship

Antonio Scorpio Defeated Scott Justice

Nate Hardy & Chris Marxwell Defeated Adam Knight & JP Kaos

October 7th, 2010

PCW's "Hellbound: Halloween Special"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Kory Kinkade Defeated EZ Ryder

Trent Nash Defeated Scott Justice

Sabertooth Defeated Scott Justice Via Count Out

"Enforcer" JP Kaos Defeated "Remarkable" Chris Marxwell

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated Moses Luke - PCW Canadian Championship

Antonio Scorpio Jr NO CONTEST Nate Hardy

October 28th, 2010

PCW's "The Experience"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Darien Karisma(c) Defeated Chris Marxwell & Tyler Colton - Triple Threat - PCW Junior Championship

Kory Kinkade Defeated Sabertooth

Southern Comfort (Knight & Kaos) Defeated Moses Luke

Antonio Scorpio & Nate Hardy & AJ Sanchez & Mike Angels & Mentallo Defeated "The Experience" (Kenny Omega & Chris Stevens & Will Damon & Donnie Dicaprio & Scott Justice) - Ten Man Elimination Match - Scorpio Sole Survivor

November 25th, 2010

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