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Results, Details, Photos, Video & More From 2009!

PCW's "New Years Knockout!"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Sabertooth Defeated Scotty Raver

"Average" Joe Dixon Defeated Chris Marxwell and Ludicrous - Triple Threat Match

The Suicide Kings (Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier) Defeated Southern Comfort (Knight & Kaos)

Antonio Scorpio Defeated Mentallo

Team Impact (Royce & ATM)(c) Defeated Suicide Kings - PCW Tag Team Championship

January 15th, 2009

PCW's "Thunderstruck"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Ludicrous Defeated Chris Marxwell

Southern Comfort (Knight & Kaos) Defeated Chris Marxwell & Scotty Raver

Antonio Scorpio Defeated "Enforcer" JP Kaos

"Average" Joe Dixon Defeated Mentallo

Antonio Scorpio Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Team Impact (Royce & Ozz)(c) Defeated Suicide Kings (Nate & Marty) - Hardcore Match - PCW Tag Team Championship

February 5th, 2009

PCW's "7th Anniversary Spectacular"

Dykan's On Pembina

"Average" Joe Dixon Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight - #1 Contender to PCW Canadian Championship

Ludicrous Defeated Scotty Raver

Sabertooth Defeated Kraven Sicario

Kenny Omega(c) & Mentallo Defeated Antonio Scorpio & Michael Arnott

"Average" Joe Dixon Defeated "Priceless" Chad Tatum(c) Via DQ - PCW Canadian Championship

Suicide Kings (Nate & Marty) Defeated Team Impact (Royce & ATM)(c) - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

March 11th, 2009

PCW's "Defiance"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Kraven Sicario & Deranged Defeated Team Impact (R0bby Royce & ATM)

"Priceless" Chad Tatum Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight - PCW Canadian Championship

Kraven Sicario & Deranged Defeated Suicide Kings (Nate & Marty)(c) Via DQ

Suicide Kings(c) Defeated Team Impact Via Reverse Decision

"Canadian Idol" Chris Stevens Defeated Chris Marxwell

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Mentallo - PCW Heavyweight Championship

April 1st, 2009

PCW's "Highway To Hell"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Suicide Kings (Nate & Marty)(c) Defeated Team Impact and Los Lucha Locos (Kraven & Ludicrous) - Triple Threat Match - PCW Tag Team Championship

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Chris Marxwell - Non-Title - PCW Heavyweight Championship

Antonio Scorpio Jr Defeated "Canadian Idol" Chris Stevens

Tag Sciences Faculty (Tatum & Angels) Defeated Southern Comfort (Knight & Kaos)

Sabertooth Won A Battle Royale

April 22nd, 2009

PCW's "High Voltage"

Dylans On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

"Enforcer" JP Kaos Defeated Nate Hardy

"Average" Joe Dixon Defeated Ludicrous and Marty Labossier - Triple Threat Match

Mike Angels Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight

ATM Defeated Chris Marxwell

"Showtime" Robby Royce Defeated Sabertooth

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Antonio Scorpio Jr

May 20th, 2009

PCW's "Premier Cub: Honor Bound"

Dylans On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Robby Royce Defeated Chad Tatum - Premier Cup Quarterfinal Match

Mike Angels Defeated Adam Knight - Premier Cup Quarterfinal Match

Kenny Omega Defeated Antonio Scorpio - Premier Cup Quarterfinal Match

El Generico (Sami Zayn) Defeated ATM - Premier Cup Quarterfinal Match

El Generic (Sami Zayn) Defeated Robby Royce - Premier Cup Semi Final Match

Mike Angels Defeated Kenny Omega Via Submission - Premier Cup Semi Final Match

Suicide Kings(c) Defeated Ludicrous & Pete Chee and Remarkably Kaotic and Joe Dixon & Sabertooth - Fatal Fourway - PCW Tag Team Championship

Mike Angels Defeated El Generic (Sami Zayn) Via Submission - Wins Premier Cup Tournament

***Angels vs Generico was a wild brawl, including fight in the parking lot - Angels won via the stomach claw***

June 24th, 2009

PCW's "Boiling Point"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Antonio Scorpio Defeated ATM

Remarkably Kaotic (Chris Marxwell & JP Kaos) Defeated Pete Chee & Ludicrous

"Red Hot" Ryan Wood Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight

Joe Dixon & Sabertooth Defeated Marty Labossier & Nate Hardy(c) Via DQ - PCW Tag Team Championship

"Priceless" Chad Tatum(c) Defeated Robby Royce - PCW Canadian Championship

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated Mike Angels - PCW Heavyweight Championship

July 22th, 2009

PCW's "Beat The Summer Heat"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Team Impact (Royce & ATM) Defeated Remarkably Kaostic (Marxwell & Kaos)

Ludicrous Defeated Pete Chee

Mike Angels Defeated Kraven Sicario

Joe Dixon Defeated Nate Hardy

"Outlaw" Adam Knight Defeated "Priceless" Chad Tatum(c) - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

August 27th, 2009

PCW's "Back To School Bash"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Mike Angels Defeatd Kraven Sicario

Pete Chee Defeated Ludicrous

Joe Dixon Defeated "Pricless" Chad Tatum

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated "Enforcer" JP Kaos - PCW Canadian Championship

Scott Justice Defeated Chris Marxwell

Team Impact Defeated Suicide Kings and Kenny Omega & Donny Dicaprio & El Generico (Sami Zayn) & Kevin "Owens" Steen - Fatal Four Way - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

***Scott Justice PCW Debut***

October 1st, 2009

PCW's "Halloween Special: Hellbound"

Dylans On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

"Showtime" Robb Royce Defeated Mike Angels

Kory Kinkade Defeated Kraven Sicario

Joe Dixon Defeated ATM

The Brothers' Chee (Pete & Ron) Defeated Remarkably Kaotic (Marxwell & Kaos)

Scott Justice Defeated Sir Bradley Charles (SBC)

Moses Luke & Sabertooth Defeated Team Impact (c) and Suicide Kings - Triple Threat - Wins PCW Tag Team Championship

Robby Royce b. Mike Angels, Kory Kinkade b. Kraven Sicario, Joe Dixon b. ATM, Brothers’ Chee b. Marxwell/Kaos, Justice b. SBC, Moses/Tooth b. Team Impact & Suicide Kings in 3-Way.

November 5th, 2009

***NON-PCW EVENT*** Kerry Brown Tribute Show

Skyview Ballroom, Marlborough Hotel - Winnipeg, Mb

Chi Chi Cruz Defeated Team Impact (Royce & ATM) - 2 out of 3 Falls - Handicapped Match

La Sombra Won A Battle Royale

"Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) Defeated Nate Hardy & Scott Justice - PCW Canadian Championship

***Incomplete Results***

***All Manitoba-basd promotions sent talent to represent them***

November 10th, 2009

PCW's "Season's Beatings"

Dylan's On Pembina - Winnipeg, Mb

Suicide Kings (Marty & Nate) Defeated Remarkably Kaotic (Marxwell & Kaos)

EZ Ryder Defeated Kory Kinkade

Scott Justice Defeated "Priceless" Chad Tatum

Moses Luke & Sabertooth(c) Defeated The Brothers' Chee (Pete & Ron) - PCW Tag Team Championship

"Average" Joe Dixon Defeated "Outlaw" Adam Knight(c) - Wins PCW Canadian Championship

SBC Defeated ATM

Kenny Omega(c) Defeated "Showtime" Robby Royce - PCW Heavyweight Championship

December 11th, 2009

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