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15th Anniversary Spectacular - Results & Analysis!

Friday, March 31st, 2017

WINNIPEG, Mb - A record-setting crowd over-filled Doubles Bar for PCW's historic 15th Anniversary Spectacular on Friday March 31s 2017!

Bobby Shink defeated James Beaver

The "Cock-eyed Cockney" James Beaver was accompanied to the ring by James Beaver and the London Dynasty.  But that was not enough to overcome the onslaught of the increasingly-popular Shink who secured the victory following a "Sweet Shink Music" Superkick!

Following the match, Leo & David London loudly complained about not having a match on the 15th Anniversary Spectacular, especially glaring since they had pledged their loyalty to PCW's Minority Owner Andrew Shallcross at the previous event!

The London's claimed they were hijacking the event and would not leave the ring until they received a match.  After some time, tyhe young duo of Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL entered the ringside area to a loud ovation.

The London Dynasty defeated Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL

This contest was a terrific representation of the hot PCW tag team division with all four men displaying impressive skill and athleticism.  The brothers' London worked over DRAGNEEL much of the match.

Following a Spider Suplex by Leo, Joseph hit a coast to coast dropkick on him, planted David with a Skyhigh and placed DRAGNEEL on top for a near fall, broken up by the recovering Leo who executed a double stomp.  The Londons finally dispatched Jeremy and hit the Black Sunday for the victory.

Post Match, the London's maintained they weren't finished for the night.

Alix Vanna & Andrew Shallcross joined the large group in the ring, entering to the song "Final Countdown".  Shallcross said it was the countdown to the end of Chad Tatum's career since he had announced only days earlier that win, lose or draw, he would retire following this contest.

 Shallcross explained to the capacity crowd that he and Vanna would beat "The Grizzled Veteran and win the PCW Canadian Championship because they deserved it...and because Shallcross the OWNER!


PCW's live event host "Filthy" Josh Hammerstein kept interrupting Shallcross to remind him he was only the "minority" owner.  This finally incensed Shallcross who physically manhandled Josh, demanding to know if he saw any other owners there. 

Surprisingly, Josh said yes and introduced PCW's Majority Owner Tom "The Man" Manos!


Manos entered the PCW ring for the first time in almost ten years!  He told Shallcross that he was out of control and drunk with power.  Manos stated that he was happy to work behind the scenes and complemented PCW on their continued growth and success.  He immediately addressed the London's telling them to stop whining about their position and "work harder".  He warned them not to cause any further disruptions or they'd regret it.

But Manos was disappointed in Shallcross' attitude explaining the ring was no place for the owner and accused Shallcross of putting himself over at the expense of the boys.  He explained that he was barring everyone from ringside for the Canadian Championship match "or else".  And that should Vanna & Shallcross win, he'd increase Shallcross' stake in PCW but should they lose, he'd strip Shallcross of all his common shares and award them to a loyal employee that had felt Shallcross' wrath - Chris Marxwell.

Enraged, Shallcross made a move on Manos but reeled backwards when the imposing owner raised his right hand.

PCW Tag Team Championship

William Blaze & Richard Blood defeated Team Flex Appeal(c) & Team Impact

This match was originally scheduled as a two on two match between PCW Tag Team Champions Team Flex Appeal and William Blaze & Richard Blood.  Both teams, with their plethora of championship pedigree had upped the stakes by claiming this contest would truly show who was the greatest tag team in PCW history.

However, before the bell rang, PCW's "Majority Owner" Tom Manos returned.  He heavily complimented both teams but asked rhetorically, how can you have a match to determine the best tag team ever...without "these guys" the familiar strains of Team Impact's theme music hit and the crowd gasped!

"Showtime" Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore entered the ring to a huge ovation.  It had been nearly seven years since they had last stepped foot in a PCW ring.  Between the two men, they had held eleven PCW Tag Team Championships, two PCW Heavyweight Championships, the PCW Canadian Championship and multiple awards.

Blaze & Blood entered the match holding the CWA & RCW tag Team Championship while Team Flex Appeal had been PCW Tag Team Champions for a record-setting 545 days since previously unifying the PCW, HIW & Gold Dragon titles.

This match was truly the gathering of the best tag teams in the country.  And when the smoke had cleared, Blaze & Dick were new PCW Champions and draped in gold!

Moses Luke hit the ring to celebrate with his two close friends and fellow champions as Luke was the holder of Ringside Wrestling's Heavyweight Championship. 

Moses Luke vs JL Spiker

The "German Juggernaut" faced a new man, the debuting J.L. Spiker.  And what a night to have your first ever professional wrestling match - in front of the sold out crowd! 

Spiker showed a lot of promise.  A big, strong man, he surprised the veteran Luke at times.  But there would be no miracle upset on this night, as Luke put the rookie down.


Hall of Fame Induction: Chi Chi Cruz!

Dr Marty Gold was out next to perform the induction of wrestling legend Chi Chi Cruz.  After a brief history and heart-warming introduction, Marty brought out the man known affectionately as "Cheech" to a tremendous ovation.

The first ever PCW Heavyweight Champion looked great as he accepted the induction plaque and expressed his appreciation to the fans!


PCW Canadian Championship - Fully Loaded No Holds Barred Match

Chad Tatum(c) defeated Alix Vanna & Andrew Shallcross

The champion entered first and for perhaps the final time, he vowed to blow his load!  Shallcross & Vanna tnered carrying a kendo stick and barbed-wire 2X4 respectively.

Shallcross wore the ring gear of his chort "Adorable" Dave Dixon and arrogantly demanded to start the match one on one with Tatum.  But ofcourse it was a ruse.  Before the could lock up, Vanna attacked Tatum from behind and the match was on!

But Tatum rallied and clotheslined Shallcross over the top rope, sending him flipping to the floor.  With a table set up at ringside, Tatum and Vanna fought on the apron.  Shallcross recovered and swung his kendo stick at Tatum who ducked and Vanna took the blow.

Tatum snatched the kendo stick and smashed it over the head of Shallcross who collapsed to the floor.  As Vanna went back after the champion, Tatum reversed and executed a Sliced Bread on the apron, driving Vanna through the table to the floor!

James Beaver hit the ring, climbing onto the apron after Tatum.  However, PCW Majority Owner Tom Manos pursued him, pulling Beaver down and ramming him into the ring post. 

Shallcross staggered to his feet, blood pouring down his face, and confronted Manos.  He took a swing but Manos blocked it and dropped Shallcross with a right hand.  He shoved Shallcross back in the ring where Tatum jumped him and slammed him to the canvas.

The near fall was broken up by Vanna who struck Tatum with a chair.  As Shallcross and Vanna double teamed Tatum, Vanna prepared to knock him out with a chair shot but Tatum blocked it, threw the chair in Shallcross' face and laid out Vanna.

Tatum set up a table outside the ring and laid Shallcross across it.  He then retrieved his trusted Kendo Stick "Jizzelda" and climbed up to the top of the upper bar railing.  He blew his load and leapt through the air, crashing down on Shallcross and driving him through the table to the floor.

Vanna took control of Tatum in the ring and roused Shallcross, demanding he execute "Plan T".  A bloody & broken Shallcross retrieved a box of thumbtacks and emptied it in the ring.  He slammed Tatum on the tacks but the champion kicked out.

Finally, Tatum grabbed both men and executed a glorious Double Sliced Bread and pinned Shallcross!

Post Match, Tatum announced this was his last match and that he was retiring as the undefeated and undisputed PCW Canadian Champion.


In a very classy moment, "Beautiful" Bobby Jay entered the ring and expressed his congratulations to PCW on their 15th Anniversary!


The London Dynasty then hit the ring and proclaimed they were hijacking the event!  They refused to leave until they were treated with respect.  Suddenly, the music of former PCW Heavyweight Champion and one of the original builders of the promotion, "Playboy" Will Damon hit...and he entered the ringside area to a huge ovation!

He berated Leo & David.  But the London brothers correctly pointed out that there were two of them and only one of Damon.  The Playboy complimented their counting skills before noting that he did not come alone.

"Mecca" Shane Madison suddenly entered the ring, having not been in PCW for nine years!  The fans roared as Madison & Damon were reunited but the Londons were irate.  After the Mecca & the Playboy dished out further insults, the Londons violently attacked.

But Madison executed a Tomikazi and Damon hit the Player's Drop to leave Leo & David laying on the mat as the MVP music sounded to the delight of the fans!


Championship Legacy Triple Threat Match

Antonio Scorpio defeated AJ Sanchez vs Mentallo

In this unique match, celebrating 15 years of championship legacy, the participants were all men who had held the PCW Tag Team, Canadian & Heavyweight Championships!

None of the men in this contest were known beforehand and the fans erupted at each introduction!  Scorpio secured the victory via pinfall on Sanchez.


Wrench Match

"TNT" Trent Nash defeated "Social Media Superstar" Jay Walker

A first ever in pro wrestling! Walker leaped off the apron and smashed Trent Nash in the face with a toolbox to begin the match in a very violent manner. Thinking his cheap shot would allow him to finish Nash quickly, Walker charged Nash in the ring with a wrench but was met with a massive choke slam!

Both men, understanding the lasting effects and danger of a vicious blow from a wrench, did everything they could do avoid contact with the blunt object.

It would be Jay Walker who emptied the contents of a toolbox into the ring, littering it with dozens of wrenches and attempted to pedigree Nash face first into them! Nash however, was able to avoid the dangerous situation. Walker then attempted to leap off the middle rope with a wrench and was met with a mid-air ace crusher!

With Walker struggling to his feet, Nash performed a Death Valley Driver, slamming Walker's spine onto the hard steel wrenches scattered across the ring! And in sweet poetic justice, Nash was able to grab a massive pipe wrench and smash it across the face of Walker to score the pinfall victory!


PCW Heavyweight Championship - Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match

Jackie "The Jet" Lee defeated "Prodigal Son" Scott Justice(c) w/Angel

Prior to the match, a surprise guest ring announcer was introduced, former PCW Heavyweight Champion "Outlaw" Adam Knight!

He expressed his profound respect for both young wrestlers in the main event and said Scott & Jackie were the future of wrestling and "the future is now!"

The challenger Jackie Lee looked to be in the best shape of his life, his muscular physique ripped to shreds as he prepared to become a two-time champion.

The champion, Scott Justice, was accompanied as always by his mysterious and beautiful "Angel".  The PCW Championship belt was strung high above the ring!

This contest was unreal.  Both men put forth a display of athleticism, reckless abandon and desire that only comes when competing for a championship with the 15 year history and respect  of the PCW Heavyweight title.

As Scott climbed the ladder, poised to win, Jackie shoved it over and Scott fell out of the ring, through two tables to the floor.  With nothing stopping him now, Jackie began climbing the ladder.  But the Angel slid into the ring and pulled him down. 

As she had done before, she grabbed "The Jet" and planted a passionate kiss on his lips, the "Kiss of death" in past encounters.  But this time, a determined Jackie responded with a solid palm strike to her face, sending the Angel to the canvas as the fans exploded in cheers. 

Jackie quickly ascended the ladder and pulled down the championship, winning the match, the title and becoming a two-time PCW Champion!

Post Match: PCW Majority Owner Tom Manos congratulated Jackie Lee and presented him with a brand new championship belt, signalling the beginning of a new era!

Full Results:

"Sweet" Bobby Shink defeated James Beaver

The London Dynasty defeated Jeremy Joseph & DRAGNEEL

William Blaze & Richard Blood defeated Team Flex Appeal & Team Impact

Moses Luke defeated J.L.Spiker

Chi Chi Cruz Hall of Fame Induction

Chad Tatum defeated Alix Vanna & Andrew Shallcross - Fully Loaded Match

Will Damon & Shane Madison beat up The London Dynasty

Antonio Scorpio defeated AJ Sanchez & Mentallo

Trent Nash defeated Jay Walker - Wrench Match

Jackie Lee defeated Scott Justice - TLC Match

Next Event:

Friday May 5th 2017

Doubles Bar - Travelodge Hotel

20 Alpine Av

Doors Open: 8PM, Bell Time: 9PM

Tickets: Only $15

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